Wedding Wednesday!

Video version! I was linked to this first adorable video, and then found the related ones and knew I had to share them! They're so so sweet!

Max & Margaux Stop Motion from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

Max, Margaux, & The Marvelows from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

Max & Margaux from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

Max & Margaux's Sneak Peek from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

How precious, right?! The couple is so lovely. I'm in love with the videographer, too! Check out his channel!

So for this week's Weekly Wedding Question: Do you think it's foolish to shell out lots of money for an awesome photographer/videographer for your big day? Will you/Did you? Let's hear your thoughts!

My opinion: I hope we are in a financially stable place where we can hire a wonderful photographer/videographer. That's not to say that all great talent costs big bucks, because they don't! But I don't want to skimp out on the photos and videos because those will be a way to hold onto that wonderful day forever. I understand brides wanting to shell out big bucks for their dress and the cake and the decorations, etc, but to me, I really want to make sure I have photos and memories to last a lifetime!



  1. I loved those so much! I will definitely spend a as much as I need on a videographer/photographer, but I'm hoping our talented friends will help too! One of Chris's bffs is a professional photographer, and I hope I can convince him to carry his camera (even if he's in the bridal party).


  2. love these videos so much!!!
    i definitely will be spending big bucks on a photographer and videographer. not only do i want to remember that special day forever, but being a wedding photographer myself, i never really get photos taken of me, it'll be nice to be in front of the camera for once!

  3. i love your wedding posts! i am engaged and constantly searching for wedding inspiration...sometimes i see things i've seen but when you post something new to me i adore it!! we are planning a laid back wedding in our own style...we want to dress up and have a few formalities but we definitely fall on the non traditional side of things...a photographer
    (aside from saying "i do!") is the most important thing to me. save the money on the extras...and put it into a fantastic photographer...thats how we feel...we are photoholics though.

  4. that first video is so darling : )

  5. I knew you would love them, so glad you used my suggestion in your post :)


  6. I LOVE VIMEO! Agreed the couple is adorable! Also, yes yes & YES to the money on a photographer/videographer. My top points in my wedding are the location and the memories to view later! I've got a list of ones I'm willing to pay from out of state to shoot my weddding!

  7. its official that couple is adorable together! i love the videos they did watched them all about 4 times each!
    also i love the wedding posts you have they're so cool to look at and see how others have their wedding and such. keep 'em up because i can't get enough of them!

  8. i agree! i think good photos are definitely worth the extra bucks! im not engaged, but if i ever get married, i definitely want some great pictures.
    ps glad youre back in tn :) maybe we can chill soon!

  9. I have a high standard in the style of photography I'd like and I know that choosing one who is similar to my work would be the first issue. Same for video, the ones you have shown are very fashionable at the moment, and it would be getting the mix between classic and current. It is very important though.

  10. I love these videos. They are so darling together. This gives me so much inspiration. Not that I'm anywhere near being close to married but I'll store this away for future reference.
    Photos would be the most important thing to me as well. I want to make sure I look good in every photo that is taken of me hehe.


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