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SO many good links for you today! Not even trying to toot my own horn here, but the internet was full of wonderful this week! This one is a doozy so be prepared! Just a heads up, too -- if you Ctrl + click on a link, you can open it up in a new tab or window! That way you don't keep losing the page... you know, because you have about 300 links to click through to and all ;) Happy Thursday, folks! 
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this is THE BEST! leaf blower portraits (click for dozens more, too!) ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this office is so great. ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this is awesome!
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this Tim Walker image ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
♥ oh hello, kitchen of MY DREAMS! ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this is the truth. ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
the kids section is kiiillling me! ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this picture is pretty awesome. ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
these = more awesome cake goodness ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
♥ i love well designed things. ♥
this! swoon city! ♥

♥ yesterday's batch of sign orders! ♥
Got 4 XL left! Guaranteed before V-Day (US only). Email me if ya want one!

// I unpacked the buckets of StickyGrams we have for our fridge yesterday! Ahh, I'm a little bit obsessed. You can save $2 off your first order with the code "FRIEND0WS5"!

// JULEP is offering you your first box for FREE! Just use the code "FREEBOX" at checkout! (Yes, it actually works!) -- Sidenote: I've been subbed to Julep for about ~2 months now + I love it! I got my first box for a penny + figured it was worth trying. I'm not even a nail polish girl but I am hooked. It's great quality stuff + it doesn't chip after 10 minutes! I don't feel like a total doof/failure at painting my nails now haha

// 23 year old Kim Suozzi lost her battle to cancer, but raised funds to be cryogenically frozen.

// Wishlist Wears: sequins + chiffon dress! // this dear creatures dress is perfect for a picnic! // these sunglasses ($9!) // florals! swoon! // shoes to match my new kitchen !!! // this dress makes me excited for spring! // this sweet gold pony ring // this dress has a freaking skull cut out of the back! // basically just go HERE and check out the Valentine's section... try and tell me you didn't die. Argh! It's my dream come true.

// 27 ways to make sure your groceries last as long as possible. This was seven shades of fascinating haha

// Susannah is giving away an HTC phone over on her blog!

// Foodie Finds: crispy baked onion rings // raspberry swirl rolls (dude!) // bruschetta chicken // conversation heart cheesecake (cutest thing i've ever seen) // tomato and basil pasta // the best way to bake a potato (like... ever) // (starbucks!) caramel frappucino cupcakes

// Chicago warehouse is encased in ice (!!!) after a fire. Seriously, SO cool. The pictures are insane!

// This girl is too friggin' cute.

// Praise Be, I'm Liberal -- And Just Like You. I think I love Connie Schultz. And HERE Connie notes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's key points when she addressed Congress last week. I also love Hillary. How can you not?!

// Smart Shoppin': Take 10% off at Julie Ann Art with code "KAELAH" (cutest Valentine's cards evz!) // Save 20% off Omerica Organic with rep code "KAELAH" // Save 20% off Karmaloop with rep code "KAELAH" + 10% off PLNDR, too (are you noticing a pattern here?) //

// Yesterday I shared my all time favorite poem. Seriously. I read it every morning. You should, too!

// I'll be drawing the winner of the iPad mini later tonight! Have you gotten your last minute entries in?!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Oh gosh, that photo on top of that building makes me feel so queasy! But it is pretty cool!


  2. Yikes - I'm getting vertigo just LOOKING at that picture.

  3. Lmao...seriously almost peed laughing over thw leaf blower portraits. Epic!

    Xo the rebel

  4. This is all so lovely and wonderful.

    Also, on stickygrams you can get 3 for 2 until feb. 3 using code LOVEGRAMS.

    1. thanks for sharing julie! i'll have to update the post when i get back to the computer to share that! such a good deal :D

  5. Kim Suozzi definitely lived on my floor in the dorms freshman year of college. I wouldn't have read that if it weren't for your blog. Crazy weird small world.....

  6. You weren't kidding that this is a lot of links! But so many good ones! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I seriously thought that cake was legit MAC products. That's amazing! And those leaf blower portraits are freaking hilarious.

  8. Thats MY dream kitchen too! I think you and I have ridiculously similar tastes in some things (same wedding dress to begin with!Haha). I'm fairly sure those cupboards are from Ikea, otherwise I know Ikea do do pink kitchen cabinets.


  9. I just showed my husband the pink kitchen and he said.... "wow that is nice" and he was serious! Hello pink kitchen of my future. :-)

  10. That office and Tim Walker image are just awesome!!

    I now know what me and my best friend are doing instead of going to prom....

  12. Those leaf blower pictures are HILARIOUS. And I love the poem and the 32 things :)

    xo Ashley

  13. I loved all the photos that you posted. I think I might be joining Julep and I found those leaf blower photos to be hilarious.


  14. That office and kitchen are seriously dreamy! And the list of under appreciated things... I <3 running hugs. I hope you are having a better week.
    Gracie B

  15. As usual, amazing finds! But that kitchen is the best!


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