Things I Love Thursday

♥ it's true! ♥
this is pretty. (i'm guilty of shoe photos!) ♥
these cute pups! ♥
this is so true... ♥
this BB illo! ♥
this lemonade looks amazing! ♥
these well dressed gents ♥
this is hilarious ♥
this is the very best! ♥

// Rebel Wilson is clearly hilarious and I want to be her friend.

// Hasbro is retiring one classic Monopoly piece and they've launched a campaign for you to save your favorite! (Please keep the Scottie dog!) They've also released 5 new limited edition game pieces (including a robot, guitar and cat!) Which one do you want to see come/go?

// "People Positive" concept by 18 year old student Madeline Gonzalez. Takes the tricky part of explaining different lifestyles and appearances to your children. I would buy this the minute it went on sale. I'm so so in love with this.

// A few things I'm daydreaming about for the new house: these dishes -- these shelves (!!!) -- this branch lamp -- this bedding -- this side table -- this beautiful tufted chair -- this rug (favorite!)

// How well do you know Clueless? Take the quiz! (I got all but one right!) 

// Foodie Finds: (I'm 110% starving right now... so beware!) -- Oreo Cheesecake Cookies -- Butternut Squash Chili (!!) -- Banana Split Trifle -- Butterfinger Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars -- Baked Oatmeal To Go

// Don't forget to enter the iPad Mini giveaway + the JewelMint giveaway, too!

// Roxy's blog seriously is full of so much personality. I love reading it because it makes me smile!

// I'm still Jux'in in 2013! How about you? I can't wait for them to come out with the mobile app so I can update while away from my computer. Cortnie started her Jux this new year, so check it out :D

What are you loving this week?


  1. I thought I'd do so much better on the Clueless Quiz than I did! 17 in total!

  2. The tan lines were hilarious!!
    My clothes.. is always in all of those much easier than hanging. :)

  3. Now you've got me looking at West Elm furniture! haha I NEED a new nightstand, right?

  4. It seems as though we share a passionate love of West Elm! It's one of my very favorite stores. I have pretty much picked out an entire house's worth of beautiful furniture there for our new place. Fingers crossed that my furniture savings plan is as enthusiastic as I am!

  5. That chair! I've been collecting all sorts of inspiration for our way-into-the-future-because-England-is-super-expensive house and that chair is exactly what I picture, but can never seem to find!

  6. girrrl, thank you for the shoutout!! i'm totally with you on the "how i keep my clothes." xx

  7. I love that "people positive" link soooo much. Really goes to show that it's not that hard to explain these concepts to your kids!

  8. I saved the dog too! The dog is my favourite but I always used to fight with my dad over who got to use it!


  9. gahh i just commented about this post on the previous post by accident! ::facepalm::

    i look forward to this post every week <3 i do something similar on my blog, only mine is on fridays & i'm deffff linking up to that delish lemonaide you found! yumyumyum!

    xx, kara

  10. I lol'd at the tan lines. The tumblr one?! BAHA! I'm in ove with the people positive pictures <3 Such a good idea. Also, the smoking slipper flats are so cool! Check out my TiLT post today, if you want :)

    xo Ashley

  11. That picture of gents is so dashing! Do you watch the USA show 'Suits'? I recently got super into it and I think half of it is that I get to watch attractive men walking around dressed all nice...shhh don't tell anyone! :P That and Rebel Wilson is AWESOME. Love her so much. Such a cute collection of adorable things :]]]

  12. Haha the clothes one is the story of my life. I have a giant walk in closet ... yet my clothes rarely make it to the hangers!

  13. I always, always look forward to 'TILT'. It makes my Thursdays!

  14. UGHHH i hate piles of laundry but they are so unavoidable hahaha.


  15. The tan lines photo is hilarious and I agree - I'm also guilty of shoe photos! Cute picks for the week, as always. <3


  16. The clothes picture is definitely me! And I even have a laundry hamper!


  17. those dog pictures are THE best! omg.


  18. As promised yesterday, i'm back with my cup of coffee!
    The clothes drawings are simply me and thanks for recommending Roxy, her blog is just amazing!
    I also entered the mini ipad giveaway though judging from the number of entries, I don't think I stand many chances :/
    Keep up the great work honeybee <3


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