Sponsoring is EASY!

Hey friends! Wanted to pop in on my recoup/research/recover day to let y'all know that I finally made the switch to Passionfruit ads and they're now available for immediate purchase + upload on the Sponsor page! Not only did I make it so much easier for you to buy a slot, but I also lowered the prices... like, by quite a bit. I want to make sure I'm still able to cater to the small business owner/blogger/Etsians that I used to promote. I think that's more in line with my blog's ethos and everyone can benefit from the lower rates! Get your name out to the nearly-half-a-million viewers we have a month!

Feel free to check it out and see if one of the spots would the right fit for you! I even made a "Giveaway only" advertising option. If you'd rather skip the sidebar ad and just get in on the giveaway goodies, snag you a spot! Medium + Large sponsors can snag an ad and a giveaway, too. I'm still happy to chat about product integration, reviews, or dedicated posts/giveaways. Just gimme a shout!

Best news of all? You can save 10% on the prices until Valentine's Day with the code HOLLA

Hope to see you on the sidebar soon!

PS; Please know that you can always email me! If you'd rather do it the old fashioned way, I'm a fan of that, too!


  1. Been wondering what this whole passionfruit was all about. Its so awesome to see the huge commitment to the little people honeybee! Thank you!!
    Xo the rebel

  2. Passionfruit makes ads so easy! Love it.


  3. I just wanted to say I think it's super cool you keep your ad prices so reasonable for people with blogs as hobbies, etsy stores, small businesses, or anyone really. You definitely have the stat numbers for higher prices, as you know. I'm going to be getting a spot again later in the year when I get my blog more organized. So yeah, just giving you a virtual high-five girl, what you're doing is very cool! :)


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