Honest To Blog -- Style Blogging

About a month and a half ago I wrote a blog post titled Getting Real... and in that post I shared some of my frustrations with blogging. So many of you left supportive comments, agreeing to the situations I pointed out, and maybe even recognizing some of that behavior in yourself (and  vowing to fix it!). The more I thought about your honest and interesting responses the more I wanted to open up on here. That's not to say all of my feelings and opinions will be popular, but they'll be mine. The Juno line "Honest To Blog" just felt too appropriate to pass up (and yes, I know how terribly annoying it is!) :P Each Sunday I'll be sharing something that's been on my mind. My first foray into Honesty: Style Blogging.

We all get dressed, right? Surely. So taking a few photos of what you're wearing that day really shouldn't be that hard. Or so you'd think. I'm not going to pretend it's rocket science (it's not), and I won't pretend that you really only have to shoot two or three images and they're all perfect (they never are*). I first really started documenting my outfits on LCH around February 2010 or so. I had spent many months snapping a picture of myself in my mirror-wall with my iPhone beforehand. A few shots here and there, Mike acted as my photographer. We were both unsure of how it would pan out. He enjoyed doing it and learning about cameras, and then his fascination with photography was born. It ended up being a good thing. We started making it a daily habit. We'd go out and find fun places to shoot and take all sorts of pictures (not just of me, and not of just my outfit!). I've noticed since moving to downtown Nashville that we don't really take many photos. We don't go on photo adventures and we don't really venture out like we did when we lived in Spring Hill. I think the urban surroundings really leave me feeling blah. Still, I've tried keeping up with outfit photos but I've just felt less than inspired. Again, I won't pretend like it's really all that hard to shoot a few photos (especially when you have someone taking the photos for you). Now a remote or timer for self-shots is totally different. I give props to all of the ladies who go this route (I went for iPhone in mirror!). But trying to schedule part of your day around loading up your stuff, going out, finding a place and shooting photos (often in public) can sometimes be more than you want to deal with. (And many people have real excuses like they have a full time job...I simply work from home/around Mike's schedule).

Another reason I'm feeling less than enthusiastic about my adventures in style blogging: I don't feel like I have anything new or interesting to offer**. I often feel as though style bloggers who are clad head to toe in designer gear aren't really relatable. I don't wear that stuff and most of you don't either. It's fun to look and daydream sometimes, but I read style blogs to get inspired about my own closet. Granted I wear almost solely fast fashion, with the occasional vintage piece thrown in, but it's nothing that a million other girls don't already own. That is both a good and bad (neutral?) thing. It's great that we might have the same items so we can get ideas from one another, but I'm pretty basic... a dress, a cardigan, tights and shoes. I don't get crazy with much of my clothing. Chances are highly likely each and every outfit will feature a dress, tights and cardigan... that's just my style. But is it even worth documenting? (Hypothetical question, don't worry! Not seeking praise here!)

I guess my boredom of it comes from my own insecurity of being unoriginal. Nothing is really "original" anymore, but my style is pretty much the same as a vast majority of young 20-something gals. Either I need to shake things up a bit or get over it (and let's be honest: why fix what isn't broken? I like the way I dress really.)

Then you've got the controversial "courtesy of" items style bloggers sometimes get. Not going to lie, it can be really fun to be "rewarded" for putting a lot of work into your blog, but it can also tarnish your credibility. I don't think there's anything wrong with getting c/o items, but I strive to make sure that each and every piece I acquire is completely my choice, my style, and something I would've bought with my own money. However I've recently started a new small business and all of my funds go to that (with the exception of some tattoo money that I save!). I honestly do not shop anymore (as I'm sure you can tell! Another reason outfit posts are lacking!). It's nice to be able to try new brands or items because it mixes things up on here, gives me a second wind, etc. But I never want my blog to become a giant "c/o c/o c/o" place. Businesses tend to benefit more from c/o items than bloggers, but if you can find the balance with a company you admire then I say go for it. I know a lot of people tend to start looking for new blogs to read when they start seeing "c/o" all over the place. How can you trust that that blogger is being legit? That they really actually like that piece and aren't being bought by a brand? I guess you really can't unless you know them well enough, but you have to put your faith in that person to make credible decisions. 

And last but not least, working from home. It's easy to get out of bed and head straight for my computer with a cup of coffee to knock out the day's to-do list. I can blog from the comfort of my entirely too dark loft and still be in my pj's when 3pm rolls around. Not a good idea. Getting dressed helps me be productive but when you're in a dark house with a tiny shower, getting all dolled up really isn't your top priority. I'm hoping I can find a better balance to dressing myself appropriately this Autumn and maybe forcing myself out of the house before 11am even if it's just to run to the post office. Every little bit helps right?! I'm not a style guru, expert, or know-it-all. I'm not a Fashionista and I'd never claim to be. I'm merely a girl who dresses herself daily (well, on most days). Sharing my outfits has helped my style evolve (even if just in the shoe department), so all of that credit goes to you fine folks!

Keep in mind this is all verbal diarrhea really. Just like the Getting Real post, I'm speaking straight from my thoughts, no filter. Please don't feel as though you have to console me or anything like that. I'm merely writing these things to get them off my chest. Outfit posts have been sporadic lately but I'm trying to get back into my groove and move past anything holding me back. You're all so wonderful and I hope  I can use my typically slow Sundays to spout all of this brain-feeling-goo all over your computer screens ;) Believe me, I've got opinions!***

All of you bloggers out there, do you ever feel limited in your outfit posts? Surely this frustration isn't limited to just me! Eep!

* When I say outfit shots are never immediately awesome, I'm speaking for myself. We've given in to maybe shooting 10 frames total and using 3-5 of them because sorting through 50 is just stupid. Sure, I might make a dumb face or show my double chin a little too much but whatever. I'm just glad I've never been someone to shoot 150+ frames! There have been days where it was heavily considered though... But if you're one of the lucky few who can take 4 pictures and have them all be perfect, well, I hate you. Kidding, kind of. ;)

** As far as nothing new or interesting to offer, I just feel very... typical. Not that typical/normal is a bad thing, but it's usually not what makes people read blogs. I don't want to fake it for pageviews. I've had some express their distaste for my predictable fashion in the past and that's totally fine, but I don't really feel the need to alter that to suit one or two people when this is really how I dress myself daily. Interesting or otherwise!

*** I promise I aspire to more than just outfit posts. They've taken a back seat for good/important reasons and my priorities have shifted. I'd really like to keep them on the blog because they can be a lot of fun, but they're not the end all/be all of LCH.


  1. i feel ya girl! I so badly want to document all my outfits, as I try to wear new stuff all the time, or mix and match it. When I was documenting it on instagram I was doing it a lot more. But my husband started getting bothered by me always needing a picture taken. I started taking them myself and just dipticing them. I am hoping to save enough to get a little remote for our camera so I can go out and do it on my own.And as far as living the urban life, it IS way harder to find spots to just venture out. I live downtown and know how that goes.
    Keep up the good work and spill all the goo you want!
    xxxo- S

  2. This post really spoke to me. I used to have a beauty blog about a year ago, with a fair amount of followers; however, I got so un-inspired and "meh" about it all that I ended up deleting it and starting over, mainly due to a lot of the issues you mention here! With fashion blogs, I don't mind so much if one or two items in an outfit is "c/o"... I view it as a perk of being a fashion blogger, and these girls deserve to be rewarded for the work they put in! However, that being said, when EVERYTHING in an outfit is "c/o" it starts to feel more like a billboard ad then a real girl, like myself, trying to express her sense of style... So, to sum up this manuscript of a comment, I guess I just wanted to say great post, very thought-provoking and insightful, and I look forward to reading more posts like this from you =).

  3. I love this new feature! :)

    A couple things -- first I totally agree about Designer clothes bloggers. I just can't read them ... I'm not a big fan of that style to begin with (I like quirky and offbeat more than Madison Avenue kind of style) but also because the stuff they wear is so unattainable. And then seeing c/o next to a $900 purse makes it even worse. I don't have a problem with complimentary items if they're just sprinkled here and there, and not too expensive to begin with, but an entire outfit that consists of c/o pieces from Donna Karan or Marc Jacobs is too much for me.

    Also, I LOVE your style so much! I'm a dress-cardigan-tights girl too so maybe that's why ;) But I think your outfits are really fun, and I love the way you mix and match different patterns. I'm ALWAYS inspired by your outfits. I personally love posts like yours and prefer them to wild runway styles or sleek couture kind of stuff. It's a reflection of your personality, which is awesome!! :) And it's not the least bit boring!

    Finally the working from home thing... I have the same problem (although I think I actually leave my house a LOT less than you do.. eek!) but I make an effort to get dressed each morning. I end up feeling so much better all day (and it makes me feel like I'm actually working, not just lounging around) Plus, there's nothing better than changing back into pajamas before bed at night! ;)

    Sorry for such a long comment!!!

  4. Kaelah, I've been feeling the same way lately. When I first start blogging about my style, it was so much easier, and I also had money to buy things. Now, though it's a little more difficult, while I still go thrifting, it's mostly just to find things that I want to reconstruct and put in my etsy shop. I haven't even had time to do that because I'm going to school full time and I have so many other projects that are happening. I feel like I'm a standstill sometimes and everyone has already seen what I wear, that I need to just revamp the way I dress with the clothes I already have. It's nice looking for inspiration from other bloggers, but I don't want to just copy other people. Also, I have a huge mess of clothes just piled everywhere that I really need to clean up and sort through. So, like I said, I totally understand where you are coming from. You are still a huge inspiration to me Kaelah, and I know that you don't want any praise, but I think your outfits are just wonderful. It doesn't matter how basic you think they are, I think that they are pretty unique to you, and you have so much going for you, and making your dreams come true with the Honey bean!? That's SO incredible. I really hope that you begin to find more motivation to get out and take more outfit photos. You are a lovely lady, and I know what it feels like to be in a slump. I also agree with the c/o things, while I've had a couple of those, they're only things that I truly love and would buy myself if they weren't offered to me, and I wear these items ALL the time, not because the brand wants me to, but because I want to and they go with all of my outfits.

    Anyways, I know this is a super long comment, but I really hope things pick up for you! :) I enjoy reading all of your posts, and you are just so real and down to earth, I wish we could be real life friends.

  5. @ Sandra: You should totally check Amazon or Ebay for remotes! I'm not sure what kind of camera you have but if it's something like a Nikon DSLR then you can get a remote for as cheap at $3! I got mine on Ebay (I'll be honest, I've bought a few because they're easy to lose) but it was only $4 (with shipping!) :D

    @ Nicki: Thank you so much for your sweet comment! <3

    @ Kate: You are such a gem. I love your outfit posts so much and I feel like we're total soul/style sisters :) <333333

    @ Meanz: You are a doll and I'd love if we could be friends IRL! Your enthusiasm is totally contagious through your blog! <3

  6. Well said! I really like the fact that you aren't afraid to post things like this on your blog. It shows that you are honest and truly a real person. Posts like these make you different from all the rest.


  7. I love these "geting real" posts. I have to admit, I'll read many fashion posts from my favorite bloggers and feel...I don't know, less awesome, more lazy Currently, I'm a stay-at-home girlfriend so my days consists of taking care of my cats, work on web design stuff, and whatever else to pass the time. I feel like I should be out and about more while being somewhat dressed up. But instead, I often find myself indoors, in my pajamas, and without make-up on all day. Only recently have I took a moment to realize that that's totally okay sometimes. You shouldn't compare yourself to other bloggers because you're right, you're a tights, dress, & cardigan wearing lady and that's your style (and you're stickin' to it! ;) )
    I hope you continue to do what makes you happy/comfortable. You're a very gorgeous, bright, and intelligent girl.

    xo, Samantha

  8. I very rarely do outfit posts because I'm super broke so I don't buy clothes often plus I've sold a lot of my clothing to pay rent... plus I always feel super awkward taking the pictures (people always stare!) and I end up not liking how I look in them. I will just leave it up to you ladies to bring the stylishness! I really like your style! I don't really mind the c/o so much, as long as it seems like something you would wear otherwise.

  9. i really like this new feature too! it's really refreshing to hear your honest thoughts straight from the heart. it also makes you very relate-able, since many of your readers are probably feeling/thinking the same things you are.
    one of the reasons your blog is my FAVORITE style blog is because what you wear is what i wear and it's fun to see someone else style the same dress or shoes differently. also, some blogs i feel like the blogger gets all dressed up JUST to take photos. even if you are just wearing a dress and a cardigan, it's REAL, i can tell you are actually wearing that out and about, and that in itself is inspiring to me.
    keep up the good work kaelah! :)

  10. There once was a time I was and felt original. Then everyone around me started to think it was cool as we grew up and became adults. Now everyone is pretty much the same but there are some of us out there that actually still are original in one way or another. And our beloved friends and family can recognize this, which is why they love us. I have always had cardigans and pea coats... oh and blazers. So I pretty much understand where you're coming from. I find you to be rather inspirational and also rather lovely! I am married with 2 small children and am trying to get my photography business'a rollin'. Anyyyway, life's a garden, dig it. ♥♥☺ \m/

  11. I love these raw and honest posts. :) it reminds us that the person behind the blog is an actual human being with actual relative feelings and comparable frustrations. One of the reasons why I started following your blog was because of your originality and down to earth senseness. Your absolutely right, I can't really relate to most fashion blogs when a tshirt is more than my rent. :\ just keep doing what you do because that's what makes you you. ^_^

  12. I love your style posts. And, my favorite part is that I know I could probably duplicate what you're wearing since it's not a $500 outfit. I mostly buy thrift. Anyway: you inspire this mama to get out of jammies!

  13. Well hey, if you ever come through Des Moines, IA with your Honey Bean! I'd love to meet you! :D

  14. "Honest to Blog", i love that line in Juno! Hahaha this is a really great post, I completely agree that taking outfit posts being a bit of a tough process, even though the physical act of taking some photos isnt that hard!
    I once got my mom to take some photos of me, and she just didn't take the shots the way I had hoped she would - I ended up with about 500 portraits of myself but none of my entire outfit! Oops!
    Can't complain though because she tried, its just a bit tough!

    Plus half the time I'm rushing off to class at 7:00 in the morning so my outfits aren't often the most inspiring :(


  15. i totally understand...i only do style posts about once a week, but it can still feel daunting. still, i do them because i'm inspired by so many other blogs (like yours!), and i enjoy the final product. but i often feel pressure to have a completely spectacular, "blog worthy" outfit, and it's not always possible. and yes, photo-taking can be inconvenient as well, depending on what's going on that week.

    personally, i don't mind when i see "c/o" a lot on other blogs. knowing how much work goes into blogging, they probably deserve it. i actually just got my first "courtesy" products last week, from a company i really admire, and which i'll be featuring in my style posts. personally, i'm thrilled. it's nice to feel recognized and rewarded for your hard work!

  16. I love these honesty posts,Kaelah. I find it annoying to read "c/o c/o c/o" on outfit posts,but I usually just ignore that part anyway. :P I don't really like taking pictures of myself to be honest,it makes me feel conceited. Like,"Hey,Look at me!" and I hate that. I hate being the center of attention haha. Whatever you decide to do (or don't) keep up the good work, regardless. I visit your blog because I like what you have to say,not because of pretty outfits,that's just secondary! :)

  17. Thanks for sharing this. I am kind of new to the fashion blogging thing and it is definitely putting yourself out there in a completely different way. I do a weekly outfit post...just so at least one day a week I can push myself to come up with something creative. I'm a mom, wife, and work from home most days, so that's what works for me.
    I'm not sure how these girls have time for daily outfit posts...that would totally stress me out!!!
    Love your blog and that you are so honest with your readers...something to behold these days!
    xo, Dawn

  18. I'm going to really love this new blog feature. I think that the blogs that are the most fun to read are real relatable people. People who express real feelings and wear real clothes. I like seeing what other girls are doing with a wardrobe similar to mine. I love remixes. I love people with a budget. It inspires me. It's not inspiring to see a blog that is almost 100% c/o products. It gets old. I feel happy for people with sponsorships and free items. It's got to be so amazing and rewarding to know people think your blog is important enough that they think that they will gain exposure through you. I don't think there's anything wrong with sponsorship. I do grow tired of corporate shills, though, and I grow tired of people with perfect lives and plastic faces and bottomless wallets.

    I wanted to do style blogging but every day I go to school and my commute is long, so everything I wear has to be carefully planned for the weather [Scotland is nonstop rain] and comfort [for walking 2 miles to and fro]. I feel uncool and unoriginal, and I feel like I have nothing to offer to the blog world right now. I want to try harder, but sometimes life gets in the way.

    Lauren @ Sea Parrot

  19. Also, seriously, I forgot to mention this, but your outfits really inspire me. They really really do. You may think you look like everyone else, but you really are a unique and beautiful person and while your outfits brought me here, it's your awesome personality that keeps me reading every day.

    Lauren @ Sea Parrot

  20. I'm not a style blogger and I rarely take photos of my outfits, but I decided that I'm going to start doing it more. And really, my reasons for doing so are completely selfish. I take outfit photos because I like what I'm wearing, I like how I look that day, or I feel like I put together a really kick butt outfit. I also do it for memories. I want to look back one day when I'm older and see my style evolve....or not. I want to capture this moment in time, including what I'm wearing, so I can look back and remember what my life was like. I don't take the photos to inspire anyone else or fish for compliments, I simply do it for me and my horrible memory so I can remember all the awesome things I did as a young'n. I say do what you want, don't worry about how others view you. It's your blog, your life, and one day you're going to be happy that you took the time to document everything.

  21. Hey lovely Kaelah! Oh yes, clothing... I'd love to post more outfit related articles, but it's hard. I mostly wear the moi girl style but it's awfully hard to get these kind of lothings here in Austria. I really on't fel like my wardrobe is there where i should be. Lack of specal items. That's why I have to wait. It sucks, but we all are on a budget...

    I love your style a lot. I think it is typically you and I adore people who do their own thing.

  22. I would love to post outfit posts and have been asked to by followers, but I have nobody to take pictures of me! I find your outfit posts really refreshing and as you say, "real". I follow a lot of fashion blogs but all the girls are really, really thin and it's really hard to relate to. x

  23. I hate to admit this, but sometimes photoshoots can spur petty arguments between me and my husband, aka my photographer. I get upset because I don't like the photos--mainly because I'm making a weird face or posing awkwardly but Tyson takes it as he didn't do a good job, which is not the case at all. It can be very stressful. So, I don't do them very often at all. And usually when I do, it's because of something I scored at the thrift store.

    Also, the outside of our house isn't exactly photo-worthy most of the time (neither is the inside for that matter). And packing up and going somewhere can be inconvenient, not to mention a bit awkward when it's in a high-traffic area.

    That being said, I still really enjoy when other people have outfit posts. I'm not inherently stylish and I need inspiration. So, I like being able to see how things look on other people to feel more comfortable about trying something new. ...if that makes sense.

  24. When I first became interested in style blogging I came across a few of the more well-known style bloggers, but as I've grown my own blog I've found many more bloggers out there who better relate to my style, budget and personality. I think the main one is personalty really, the blogs I find interesting are the ones written by girls who have a strong sense of who they are.



  25. I love this post!! I remember the first thing that drew me to your blog, and you, was that statement you made in one of your outfit posts saying that you actually wore your outfits out. You don't get dressed for the shoot and then take it off. I loved that!!
    Yes!!! Pictures are wicked hard to do..I despise taking pictures of myself...never happy!!
    I love your blog, and getting inspired is hard when you feel you are living in a cave. My boyfriend and I live in a very small and dark condo...it's definitely hard to feel ready to rock the day when you can't even get the energy of the sun on ya!

  26. I love doing outfit posts just because I wear the weirdest stuff and love to share it! :) I often wear long skirts with T-shirts, vintage, or things I make so its always different. If I don't have money I like to do posts showing how I mix and match different items together. That were featured in previous posts. I think that your readers would rrreally like that from you...because you are so wicked creative! How do you restyle something you already styled once in a different way :). But honestly....even if you never did another WIWT post...I love the things you find and post. What I like posts are my FAVORITE from you. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  27. I really appreciated your Getting Real post and am so glad that you are turning it into a blog feature! :) Your blog is such a fun, happy, honest place to be, and it is a comfort to know that even a powerhouse blogger like you has to sit down, keyboard under her fingers, and really think about why it is she is blogging and what she hopes to accomplish. I have a simple blog with 18 followers, but even I have found that it is easy to meander away and lose focus on what blogging means to me. Your posts are going to inspire and me many others to keep our blogs genuine windows into our little corners of the world. Thanks!

  28. I guess I started my personal style blog just to show people how I dress and why I care. That was before the dawn of c/o items filtering its way into the land of style blogging. I'm still blogging for myself (2 years now) and have yet to dive into the world of branding myself for companies. I do want to work with sponsors eventually but I don't want to be a walking billboard. But I don't really have anything wrong with other bloggers doing it. I know lots of bloggers in real life you bust their ass for their blog and deserve the swag. It just sucks that readers think they aren't being legit.

  29. THIS is why i follow you.
    when i read you - i believe you. this IS your life. it's relateable and even intersting, although (maybe, because) it's so different from mine.

    as for the c/o issue - there is a very successfull blog i've been following that every recent post has been "c/o" or "in cooperation with", etc. that bugs me. i read blogs to get inspired and to see what people CHOOSE to wear, not what people GET PAYED to wear - for that i have commercials and models...
    (i gave this example to make a point, not to diss any other blogger out there).

  30. I can totally relate to what you're saying, and I rarely am able to do an outfit post without feeling like i'm doing the same ol' hum drum thing. maybe i'm not supposed to be an outfit blogger, even though some are, and are incredibly good at it. i can enjoy fashion without having to post my outfits, and that's something i've tried to come to terms with. it's hard to keep up, ya know?:) but I do enjoy your posts when you are able to do them, and you always look adorable! i think the best thing is to only do those kinds of posts when it's coming from inside of you. that it's a creative outlet, and not something you feel forced to do to keep up with other blogs. i have that problem sometimes. anyhooo...your blog is great, keep doing what you're doing!:)

    p.s. i just moved to nashville three weeks ago, so if you ever need a photographer buddy, just hit me up on my blog!:)


  31. i totally understand how your feeling towards dressing typically and repitively, although dresses, cardigans, tights and shoes are yor thing, as they are mine and alot of other girls, sometimes when i feel myself getting bored i shake it up. colourful skinny jeeans are my first go-to. i own 15 pairs of skinny jeans in all different colours, but my favourite are deffinatly my cotton candy pink ones. i know pants arnt for you but maby you should invest in some good go to things, even if its just a leather jacket? or even rompers? because change is good, its actually so surprising how much putting on a leather jacket as apposed to a cardagan can completely change your outfit.
    just some suggestions :)
    and as far at the c/o goes, why dont you take a dressmaking course and start making your own dresses?

  32. Oh, dear, I love your style! I personally find it amazing that you can wear a dress everyday (save for when you work).
    Sometimes a dress just isn't the right thing for me to wear but you just pull it off.

    Don't give up on your personal style, besides, I think you'll be hard pressed to find yourself comfortable in anything better if it's been working for you for so long. On the other hand, if it really bothers you - venture out!

    I've never been one for designer blogs, I simply can't afford such things and most of the time I don't find their patterns, cuts and styles appealing.

    Your blog is a wonder, you keep us open minded about what we wear and where we can get it from.

    I know I've been caught in the competition mind stream, it's horrible. It doesn't lead you anywhere when your fanbase is socially empty and just a number :(

    I hope everything pans itself out for you dear, all the best <3

  33. I'd be interested in seeing more of your neighborhood and city. I've only been to Nashville a few times but I really like it. Going out and exploring the city would give you a reason to get out and give you some nice regular content. Plus it'd be helpful to readers who visit or are new to the area.

  34. I understand that you don't feel like your outfits are original, but I absolutely love your style. this past week I was feeling stupendously uninspired and I kicked around some archived posts of yours and used an old outfit as inspiration and I felt great all day! I hope you keep doing outfit posts, especially because I don't think any other fashion blog I read regularly has a similar body type to me which makes it difficult to draw inspiration from them

  35. Since you're not buying as much and getting new things you can take what you have but style it differently and compare it to a previous style you had with that item. Or maybe each week do a staple item and pair it off with different accessories. OR (sorry they just keep popping up) do a style by season type post every once in a while. I hope these help!

    xo Amber

  36. Kaelah, I really appreciate posts like this. It's great to hear about all sides of blogging, even the not so perfect ones. Some days I just don't feel like snapping pictures of my outfit because it's not worth the hassle. I recently moved to a big city with no car, so even if I wanted to find a beautiful location, it's such a big production! Since moving I've started to have my outfit shots work around me, instead of me going somewhere solely to take pictures. Another trick I've found for taking pictures in the city is to find a few non-sketchy alleys!
    I also wanted to say that I really enjoy your outfit posts and find them inspiring. Your style is relatable, and that's why so many people love it. You don't pretend to wear stilettos and designer gowns daily, yet you have creative outfits that many girls could see themselves wearing. Even if you don't think it's the most interesting, you are inspiring many girls to find their personal style! I know that since I've started reading blogs like yours, I've tried new trends and styles I wouldn't have before.
    Thanks for opening up the floor on the issue. I'm already looking forward to your post next week!

  37. I really love this post. I always want to take more outfit photos but I feel the same way -- like what I'm wearing is the same thing everyone else is wearing. I love reading style blogs for inspiration, but I am not inspired in the LEAST bit by anything that is provided c/o to bloggers. It's nice that hard work can be rewarded, but most girls do not receive their clothing free and it's not always fun to see girls style free items. I would much rather see girls style all thrift store finds or all mall finds rather than things they didn't buy on their own!

    keep doing your outfit posts as long as they make you happy, and if they don't, do them less often! if you're not shopping, it would be fun to see how you restyle items in different outfits!


  38. YES! You are awesome for writing this post :). I too work from home {yay dream job!} and don't often get dressed in anything anyone wants to see....so an outfit post can be a production. I narrowed it down to one a week. I think I can get dressed once a week :).

  39. I've started doing "honest" outfit posts showing what I actually wear, because I usually end up wearing PJs or comfy clothes all day as well. I really enjoyed reading the thoughts of someone who always looks far more put together than I :) You have a style and it works for you, so post when you want to and don't when you don't! Love reading as always.

  40. sweetie, i love your blog. and your outfit posts. i think the huge fashion blogs are incredibly unrelate-able...always thinking-- where do these chicks live?? i just don't see these people in my world:). i feel like you and i could sit and have coffee together and just laugh-- bc you are real. and sure, you'd wear a little dress and cardigan. and i'd probably wear jeans and my old boots...but that, lovey, is a relate-able person.

    i like coming here bc you are who you are. and honestly, i doubt we share the same world views-- but at least i know what i'm getting from your blog. and it isn't a bunch of fakeness!

    i look forward to more outfits...more fun posts...and, honestly, just more of you:).


  41. I know you weren't asking for praise, but I truly do think your style is unique. That's part of the reason why I like your blog so much! And even if it wasn't unique... who cares? Why does that matter? Like you said, you like the way you dress. :) Be you!

  42. great blog post!!

    pretty much the best blogs are about folks just being themselves.Which you do:))

    love your style.....

  43. I think outfits posts are a really personal thing, people do them for so many reasons it can be difficult to say anything general about the subject. I started my blog with the aim of posting about my outfit a couple of times a week, I had been suffering quite badly from depression and had stopped caring about how I look, knowing that I might have to the chance to go take some photos of myself (I'm one of those crazy girls running between the camera and the shot with a self timer) really helped me pick myself up and start caring about myself again, even if it was only in relation to my personal appearance.

    To be honest I'm not a big fan of those big blogs full of designer stuff, yes, they have lovely clothes, but it just means a part of the green eyed monster appears. I like seeing photos of outfits that I can emulate, whether it is a new way of wearing something (I would never have thought of wearing a dress as a skirt or top before I started reading blogs) or a specific combination of colours, I don't think I am ever going to go out and buy a specific piece because I see a blogger wearing it, but I love using it as inspiration.

    I totally feel your pain about taking photographs in the city too, I live right in the city centre and , as I said before, I take my own photos, I'm lucky enough to have some private gardens down the road from me, but I cannot imagine how hard it is if you have to find somewhere new every day.

    This is getting a bit long, and I'm not entirely sure I have said anything that makes any sense. Anyway, I hope you get your mojo back soon, I love seeing what you are wearing. Awesome post Kaelah.

    Alice xo

  44. Oops, I totally forgot I wasn't using my laptop there, so it posted as my boyfriend's google account. The comment I just left from 'Jason' although I think I signed it Alice was actually from me. Gah, it's been a long day already xo

  45. I am a very casual dresser but I would love to be stylish enough to have outfit posts. I have a tripod, camera and remote but I am useless with them.


  46. I like these 'honest' posts, like some of the other commenters said, it's nice to hear that you have kind of "off" days as well.

    And I too find the designer people unrelatable. There's no way in hell I'm paying like seven hundred dollars for a purse. Ever. In my life. It's silly.

    I have never wanted to do a "what I'm wearing" post because ... my clothes are super mega boring...because they're functional. I can't wear stilettos and crazy mini dresses and beehive hairdos or I'd die and get made fun of relentlessly, haha. I literally own five pairs of pants and one skirt that I wear. And like 50 t-shirts. Nobody wants to see that.

    You just do what you want to do with this blog, I think that we will all still like you no matter where you take it, because you're an inspiring and hard working person.

  47. I totally relate!! The ONLY reason I feel I SHOULD do outfit posts is because so many blogs have them and those blogs seem to be the more popular ones. I've tried doing non fashion posts and I don't seem to get as much traffic. I'm about the least fashionable person out here and I take all of my own photos so it's hard to do. I'm thinking about not doing outfit posts as often as I have been, but I'm afraid I'll lose some readers because of that. sigh...

  48. I don't really notice the c/o because I rarely bother to read where the stuff comes from - I'm in the UK and it would cost a fortune to have the copycat outfits shipped to me!

    I find it hard to explain why I like outfit posts. I'm not interested in fashion and not really that interested in the clothes... but I think it's just nice to see the blogger's face and get a sense of them as a real person and of their real style. If your real style is cardigans and tights, why hide it (mine's the same, so obviously I think it's a great look!!!)?

    So, yeah, for me outfit posts are about enhancing my knowledge of the writer. I unsubscribe from blogs when they start to be nothing but clothing posts. Yours has never had that feel for me - there's so much of your voice in here the outfit posts are just a nice extra touch.

  49. I've just recently discovered your blog, and I'm reading your posts reverse chronologically(is that a word?) :) Any way, just want to let you know that I'm really enjoying it, and I love your adorable outfit posts.

  50. I'd like to say that it's posts like these that keep me at your blog. :) When I see an outfit post that's completely c/o, it turns me off. SO much. It's hard to relate to and it feels dishonest. It's not cute. But you, whether because you want to or whatever, do posts like this that makes me as a reader feel like you're really doing it for you and I love that!

    I think: you do you. Your outfit posts are fun, you're spunky and adorable, but if it's not something you're really feeling then don't worry about it! And vent any time you want, its your blog and we love reading it. <3


  51. seriously, get out of my head lol! I have felt a lot of the same things lately, although I am a lot newer to style blogging and have much less exposure. I've also never received a c/o, which makes me feel inadequate sometimes, because I see that blogs with a lot of followers are full of c/o. The thing that really got all these thoughts going in my head were some nasty comments left on my flickr photos. I tried to push my own style and try new things. People weren't constructive, they were just mean. It made me almost quit blogging but then I thought about how blogging has pushed my own style and how I use my closet and most of it has been for the better so I say don't think about who your blogging to, but rather just do your thang and it is what it is. That being said, I freaking love your style. I love that you use real life clothes and I love that Mike takes your photos for you. That's where my blog is lacking right now, i take my own photos, and they aren't all that great. Keep up what you're doing, I'd be so sad to not have your blog to read anymore! XOXO lori!

  52. Have you seen my blog? I've been wearing the same outfits for years now! Occasionaly I have something new, but I always wear what works. The outfit Ihave on today, I just wore 2 weeks ago. So I know exactly where you are coming from

  53. I'll keep reading your blog no matter what you post about! =] It's kind of like watching a tv series...I know the characters and I LIKE them...so even if the show changes, I'm still going to watch it. I think you are a really sweet girl and I love reading what you have to say. ESPECIALLY in posts like this. I had to giggle about the shoe comment that you made. Sometimes I read back in your archive (because I've only been following you for about a year) and I remember seeing one post from early 2010 where you said something about how much you don't like shoes. Now look at your collection girl! =]

  54. I don't do outfit posts for a multitude of reasons....first off, I don't think anyone cares what I have to wear, second (and like you said), I am not a walking ModCloth/Urban Outfitters store with the latest and greatest. Often what I wear is something I've had for years or something from Target or Forever 21. I'm not rich so I'm not going to pretend to be rich by posting all these "trendy" outfits. Third, I don't want to come across as conceded and though some outfit posts don't seem that way, there comes a point where I just find the girls obnoxious. And fourthly, I feel like a lot of the time, it inspires people while making them feel like an ugly sack of crap. Those pictures are the best of 200 shots that have probably been touched up in photoshop and feature a girl wearing clothes you desperately wish you could afford. I never get inspired, I just end up feeling worse about myself. I've never really said all that out loud before, but I can see your tire of it lately. In my eyes, it's hard to come across with the right intentions with outfit posts. I've always enjoyed yours, but it's just something that I think is really hard to do and a blog trend that I feel is less real than others.

  55. Just getting around to reading this because when it first popped up, I was at work, and I saw it was long, and I knew I wanted to read, so I came back.

    Anyways, I am not a style blogger by far but I've wanted to take photo's in my random outfits... I say random because I wear a little bit of everything. And I'd love to show that: gym clothes, work clothes, lounge clothes, social clothes, SO MANY OPTIONS! But, I don't have anyone to photograph me on the days I think "OH! I'd like to blog this"... I need to learn to just do it :D find a way myself like many others do.

    As for yours, sporadic or not, I love them! All of your dresses are so girly and inspiring! I enjoy it anytime I see one pop up :)

    Thanks for giving us more insight into your beautiful heart :)

  56. My favorite thing about your outfit posts are that you DO have a unique style - your style. You don't feel the need to follow trends or show off the latest looks as defined by others. You have your own look, and it's timeless but creative.

    I have been a full-time fashion designer for nearly 12 years. I've shown my collections at Chicago and Portland Fashion weeks, and I've had two couture pieces in the Museum of Contemporary Art. I've been right in the middle of the fashion industry, and I have to say - it's usually not very individual. Your style, however, is.

    There is also a huge amount of pressure in the fashion world (and style blogging world) and it can be very overwhelming, especially when you run your own business. And this is why I rarely do outfit posts. I get a lot of people asking why I don't, when I work in fashion. It's just too much for me. I think it feels a little forced. I rarely get dressed up, and I'm so exhausted at the end of the day, I just don't have the time or energy to photograph my outfits. Also, I want to make sure blogging continues to feel enjoyable for me... And to be honest, at the end of a work day, the last thing I feel like doing is talking about fashion. It's what I talk about all day. Blogging is a way to get away from that.

    I think your blog is very genuine, and whatever direction you take, that people will continue to flock to it. Your voice is very real and inviting. You are also a genuinely nice person, and I know this from our emails. You're gonna move mountains girls, no matter what you do. :)


  57. Geez, I love honesty. It bothers me to see how people can change so quickly once fame and perks get involved. The blogosphere gets too close to being a popularity contest. I follow some people for inspiration and whatnot, but the people I really enjoy following are the ones that are posting genuine things about their lives. Props to you for saying it.

  58. That pie looks amazing! Love your Rockin' Dorthy style in the post above as well! great blog! x

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