Things I Love Thursday

Here's my happy list of all things lovely this week!

this adorable photo

 these gorgeous polaroids 

 this adorable gremlin applique 

 this pixar lamp halloween costume!!! 

 this cozy bedroom 

 this texture on this photo 

 these pretty pretty macarons 

this beautiful print + quote

 this sweet/silly grandma meme 

Other things that are awesome: In need of any cute Halloween-inspired jewelry? A Cute Fear has you covered!  Heather posted her wedding soundtrack on her blog and she's hosting a fundraiser for a friend who is in need of a kidney transplant. They have a $5000 goal and they're only partially there. Pop over to see if you can help!  Easily Dunn posted a brilliant sweater-to-cardigan DIY! I must try this one.  This awesome shark dress even though it's no longer available!   The Pomodoro Technique is a life saver for me. I'm a huge fan and I use it daily. The idea is simple, but the results are surprising! 

Invites to places and things... because sales are always fun! PLNDR // Ideeli // Shop It To Me // Haute Look // Gilt Groupe // Beyond The Rack

What are you loving this week?


  1. I LOVE that first picture!!! German Shepherds can be total sweetie's. I had one growing up. He was AWESOME! <3

    I also really, really love that Julia Child quote. So true!

    And that hermit crab "home"! Jen and I have thought of buying a little hermit crab. So cute.

    Also, thank you thank you thank you for reminding me about the Pomodoro Technique. I completely forgot I had that bookmarked to try out!!!

  2. Speaking of sharks.... have you seen this brillian costume? As soon as I saw it, I thought of you.

  3. I love that Julia Child quote, I posted it on my last "Things I love Sunday". That hermit crab picture blows my mind. I work at a pet store and it always catches you off guard when you see them without their shells :)


  4. That hermit crab shell is insanely cool! I wonder if the hermit crab can still sleep with no darkness. If so, I want one!

  5. That Julia child's quote lives on my wall with a few others.
    That grannie meme reminds me so much of my own grandma! :') like when she asked if the microwave needed new batteries <3 god bless cute old people
    Great Things I Love Thursday - I always look forward to them :) xxx

  6. I have that shark dress and I looooove it. It's too short to wear as a dress, I have to wear it as a shirt, but the print is AMAZING!

    -Tara O.

  7. OMG. Gizmo and Pixar Lamp! Awesome.

    ♥ sécia

  8. WHAT?! That Pixar lamp costumer is incredible...I'm having a "why didn't I think of that?!" moment. haha

  9. easily dunn's DIY is fab! i did it and it totally transformed a blah shirt to a wow cardigan!

  10. That Gremlins decoration is so cute, would look great hanging on my bedroom wall!

  11. What an awesome costume, looks a little hot in that lamp suit.

    That bedroom is gorgeous, I love all the different colors.

    And macarons! Yum.

  12. Gosh, girl, you seriously find THE best Halloween costumes ever! :)

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  13. Ha i was DYING laughing at the pixar halloween costume. then showed the boo and he was like what i don't get it.. haha so then i continued to love it myself!
    :) Bobbi

  14. Omigod, I have the same heart pillow on my bed and I love it! Mine's from a free estate sale and at the time, my friends thought it was weird I was bringing home a pillow from Swedish Cardiac Surgery. Wish I had the honeycomb style mirror as well...


  15. omg when i was teaching my mom how to email, i had to wait forever to get her emails. when i finally asked her why, she said she thought it was rude to email after 5pm. omgggg.

  16. the pomodoro technique sounds really interesting!
    i think i might implement it. : )

  17. That Gizmo applique is amazing! haha I used to have him as a teddy when I was little :-)

    Dayner x my blog -

  18. That first picture cannot possibly be real, can it? The dog looks massive compared to the baby. It's head is as long as the baby's body and it's paw is bigger than the baby's head!

  19. great choice of pictures again :) I posted the first one a while back on my blog aswell, haha. too cute!!
    have a great day, Paula

  20. Hahaha that Pixar costume is amazing but I can imagine quite inconvenient at a Halloween party...

  21. Aww how cute the dog and the baby are. I used to have the sweetest german shepherd with the biggest rabbit foot and this picture reminds me of her. R.I.P baby. The best dog ever.

  22. Oh my word! That bedroom and those macaroons are beautiful! If i could just sit cozily in that big bed and eat those sweet treats for a day I would be a happy girl!

    Love from

  23. that bedroom is absolutely awesome! & funny store, i actually have that heart shaped pillow with the anatomically correct drawing of the heart on it. in fact, i have two!

    they give that pillow out to heart patients & my dad got two-- one for each hospital stay when he had to have bypass surgery. they are supposed to hold them over their chests & squeeze them when they have to cough or move around.

  24. Oh my goshhhhh, that pixar costume is simply amazing!!

  25. you already know i am in love with the first pic, i love seeing bonds between children and pets. too sweet.

    just saw that julia childs graphic somewhere else this week, maybe pinterest? love it.

    that bedroom pic is awesome... i noticed when i look in the mirror that i see a skeleton in the room as well :D so interesting!

    And thank you sweet friend for the mention to my blog and the Kidney for Kristy fundraiser. It's all about the word of mouth!! XO

  26. great photos, that pixar lamp is genius! i lovelovelove the hermit crab, i used to have two myself, but i am pretty sure that is a dead hermit crab, as i'm pretty sure it would never transfer into a shell that was transparent.

  27. just fell in love with her shop!


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