Things I Love Thursday

I love Thursday posts simply so I can rummage around the internet and pick my favorite things to share with y'all. I'm a firm believer in looking at and partaking in fun lovely lists being a great way to start your day! I mean, I guess it's a lot more exciting than looking at ugly/dumb stuff when you first wake up, right?! Here's my list for this wonderful week! xo

this pretty pretty room ♥

♥ this pretty painting ♥

this hilarious photo ♥

this pretty typographic print ♥

♥ this statement by president obama ♥

this adorable little girl ♥

♥ this too-true meme ♥

♥ this "feminism isn't anti-men" poster ♥

♥ these balloons ♥

♥ this quote ♥

Other Awesome Things: Tomorrow is Oktoberfest in my hometown! It's pretty much my favorite weekend of the year. Massive yard sales. Digging through a bunch of crap. Getting awesome vintage for dirt cheap. We'll be getting busy alllllll day! Can't wait! ♥ Had an awesome coffee date (read: smoothing/lemonade date) with Elle yesterday. We chatted for a few hours about life and all that jazz. It's always enjoyable! ♥ Making the bed every morning and turning on all of our "bedroom" lights as to not tempt myself with crawling back in bed.

Window Shopping: If you liked my Cat print tapestry shoes but prefer dogs, well, you're in luck! The Lana is now available in Dog tapestry! ♥ These are the hot pink version of AWESOME! ♥ These would be perfect for a badass girls' night on the town! ♥ OH MY GAW! You have not seen wild shoes until you see all things related to Finsk... particularly THESE! Holy moly! And that price tag! ♥

And in a slight change of pace, the passing of Apple's Steve Jobs.

I was absolutely amazed to see how overcome Twitter was yesterday when I found out. The President said it best when he made mention that the majority of people would hear of his passing via a product he invented. I sat there holding my iPhone and it all made sense. I know to many it seems silly to get upset over one person's passing when hundreds, if not thousands, of people are being Maced and tazed at Occupy Wall Street. While they both deserve their merits, Steve Jobs single-handedly molded my career and he was a visionary to say the least. I have been brand loyal to Apple for many years, and I wouldn't have the degree that I do if it weren't for his products. To see people leave notes on Apple stores' walls, to see them leave apples (some with one bite taken out) outside the door... it's moving. Apple won't be the same without him as CEO (as we've already seen from his step down in August). His influence will linger for a while and eventually fade, but his legacy is so engrained into all of us that we'll always remember. I've gone from iPhone to MacBook Pro, and now to my iMac as I gather stuff for this very post. His genius will be missed. If you haven't heard/seen/read Jobs' 2005 Stanford commencement speech, please do! It's amazing. He preached living your life to the fullest, staying hungry and foolish, and making the most of your time. You'll probably cry, just sayin' (if you're me. And I cry at AT&T commercials.)

And while we're on the general idea... Occupy Wall Street.

I'm sure everyone and their mother knows what's going on by now. If you dont, please educate yourself! Here is the Website, Wiki, and up to the minute news coverage regarding the Occupation. Thousands of peaceful protesters are being arrested, pepper sprayed, and beaten with batons. The occupation has spread to many other cities (including Nashville, as of today). No matter where you stand on the situation, I urge you to check out THIS Tumblr account... you might just find yourself saying "Hey, that's me!" when you read a few of them.  It's scary to think that a college degree might not be a dream come true after all. 


  1. I appreciate how you took a second to talk about Steve Jobs and what he meant to your life. I have always love his products, but what I love most is how genuine of a person he always came across to be. You know when you can just look at someone when they speak, and you can tell they're just a kind-hearted person? That's the kind of vibe I got from him. :) he really seemed like a good guy- not money hungry and obsessed with power like the rest. I respect him, his products, and the vision he had for Apple. :)

    Happy Thursday, pretty lady!

    xo, Samantha

  2. Although I don't own any Apple products,I was still sad when I heard about Steve Jobs. Thank you for posting the link to the Stanford commencement speech,I will be sure to check it out. I've seen bits and pieces of the 'I am the 99%' thing floating around on Tumblr,I'll have to look into that further. A college degree hasn't really gotten you far,not in this economy,or when you have to pay back all of those student loans and everything. I mean,is the degree worth all of the money,really?! I know it is to an extent,but still... Just my opinion. :) Have a good week!

  3. I need that coffee print! I love it.

  4. I love these thursday posts so so much! It was so sad about Steve Jobs but he has left an amazing legacy xx

  5. Thursdays are my favorite. Thanks for the shout out to Steve too. He changed the world as we know it!

  6. What you said about Steve Jobs was perfect... Thank you for also making me aware of #ows! Educating myself as we speak!

  7. I love that you've shared the Obama quote. Its such a powerful statement for him to have made, standing up for the people you represent, even if its not ideal... I really admire him for having the guts to say it.

    Otherwise, in relation to the disney photo, which is hilarious... you should check this out. Its a photoshoot by a Canadian artist named Dina Goldstein, she did her take on the Disney Princess' and while its not necessarily SFW, it's a really interesting shoot.

  8. That princess photo had me in stitches! I love that you took a moment to talk about Steve Jobs and what he meant to your career and to the world. His death is truly a loss for us all. So sad.


  9. Thanks for the occupy/tumblr link. My city just got occupied too.

  10. great collection thanks for sharing...

  11. Those balloons made me laugh out loud. Love.

    ♥ sécia

  12. I adore "I love..." days/posts! This one is one of the best I've seen by far.

  13. I'm not even an Apple girl, but I was still so moved by Steve Jobs' passing. Most people also forget that he had a huge hand in Pixar films as well! He really changed the way that people communicate, learn, and share with others!

  14. the princess picture had me dying laughing earlier, when i scrolled through my google reader. i ended up having to show all of my co-workers because they wanted to know what was making me laugh so hard i was practically peeing my pants.

    also, thanks for taking a minute to talk about steve jobs. i'm an apple girl through & through & watching him speak was always so inspiring to me.

  15. I'm not a big comment person, but I just wanted to say your blog has become one of my favorite things to read every day, and on a day when my cable got shut off and I was afraid to tell my roommate, reading the tumblr link you posted gave me a sense of acceptance about my situation. Of course there is a lot more to it than that, but so much has gone on throughout this day in my world and the rest of the world; well, thanks for putting things in perspective. :)

  16. I went "OMG SO TRUE" on the meme about crunchy leaves, it made me laugh!

    Also, I feel the same way about Steve Jobs. It also annoyed me that so many people were like "Oh, so now he's dead and you're all his fans" (in regards to all the tweets), but that's so unfair. In response to that I tweeted: "For all of you not understanding why Steve Jobs was so amazing, listen to this speech. You'll understand." :) Also, even if you didn't know him or his work or anything, why wouldn't you be sad about the death of such a young father, who fought for his life for so long? It's just a very sad story either way...

    - Sabine

  17. My fav was the feminism isn't anti-men graphic as well as the Obama quote!

    So true about most of Steve's fans finding out about his death via one of his products. What a genius of a man! definitely changed the world!

  18. love your blog! With your tattoos do you still wear tights? Just curious...I am trying to figure out if I should get another.



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