Instant Replay: The Past Week

Good morning Honeybees! Mike and I are about to set off on a fun Oktoberfest adventure a few hours from our house and then I'll head into work tonight. We've got our heart set on finding some awesome pieces today so keep your fingers crossed for us! Here's a few photos from last weekend that I haven't shared yet! (Unless you follow me on Instagram/Twitter!)

at my friend kristen's wedding. this was the front door to the reception hall but i think it'd make the cutest altar!
a sneaky sneak peek at my new tattoos! can't wait for color.
the sweetest gift from heather! we love them so much!
thrifting fun
mini apple pies!
waffle house coffee after a morning of yard sales
new shoes!
georgia trying to lay like pip
pip showing georgia how it's done

What are your plans for this weekend?!


  1. oh my! mini apple pies sound perfect! and love those doors too! my weekend is going to be relaxing after the crazy week I just had!

    have a wonderful one :)

  2. oh man! your tattoos look so good! i can't wait to see them in color and to see the detail!!
    xo. holly

  3. HAHAHAHA Georgia! Those pictures kill me! She's TOO BIG hahahahahahaha Ahhh bulldogs are the best thing ever.

  4. This looks like so much fun! And the apple pies look particularly yummy.... Ah, autumn is so lovely. Unfortunately it hasn't quite come yet in MN (which is most strange, so the winter-hating population is incredibly cheerful about it).

    Also, love your tattoos! Can't wait to see them with colour. I want a tattoo on my leg as well, but my boy is saying no...

  5. The last two pictures made me laugh out loud, haha. "Pipkin showing Georgia how it's done" Way too precious! And the "front door" at your friends wedding looks beautiful for an alter. Perhaps inspiration for your own wedding? ;)
    Have a great Friday, Ms. Kaelah!

    xo, Samantha

  6. Aw what a cute pup! :) love the flats :)

  7. I am loving your tattoos!! And Your dogs lie on the back of the couches like one of my cats do!! TOO cute!!!

  8. Your tattoos look amazing, can't wait to see them coloured! Your dogs are gorgeous.
    This weekend myself and a couple friends are taking part in a zombie walk in London for World Zombie Day haha. Any excuse to get gorey. ;)

  9. your new tattoos look beautiful!

    ps. my mom gifted me those same floral plates a few years back. loveee them.

  10. Looks like a very fun week! I just love your dogs!

  11. Those pics of you and Mike are so awesome! I love how your tattoos are coming along too :)

  12. Oh, I love your pups. I can't wait to own a Frenchie someday.


  13. Your tattoos are looks seriously amazing! <3 I can't wait to see them with colour!

    Lost in the Haze

  14. OMG SHIN PIECES! they look so gorgeous!
    i busted out laughing when i saw the pictures of georgia and pip, so cute!!

    i wish i could go to an octoberfest here in georgia somewhere, i'm googling it now!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  15. Those apple pies look delish! Loving your tattoos too!

    ♥ sécia

  16. LOL, my Frenchie (Murphy) lays in the exact same spot on the back of our couch! I have known cats who laid there but never a dog, until now. I guess it's a Frenchie thing. :)

  17. Sounds like a perfect weekend :) I love your new soes and the first two images!

    Join my giveaway♥

  18. I absolutely love that you mentioned the Occupy movement. Unfortunately there's not much buzz about it here in Hawaii, or else I'd be involved in a heartbeat. (Shockingly the tourism has kept the local economy afloat, and it actually seems like everyone is hiring.) But I'm from Ohio, originally, and it's hitting my folks hard. They're in the process of fighting to get their mortgage re-modified right now, and if it doesn't go through, we will lose the house I grew up in. :(

  19. Such a cute puppy.

    Wow, the pictures of you at the wedding are great, very pretty indeed.


  20. Cute pictures =).

  21. Loving what I can see of your tattoos already Kaelah! :)

  22. Wow your tattoos are amazing!!
    I plan to go to Ikea tomorrow, the weekend plan to have I think :)

  23. thanks for stopping by my blog sweetie! i just LOVE the outline of your new tattoos! can't wait to see the finished pieces. i get my new arm piece on the 21st, can not wait!!!!!
    hope you are having a great weekend!

  24. Aha I saw some of those dog signs recently! I was about to get "great dane" because they didn't have "tiny black mutt". Take whatchya get. I love your puppies ma'am c:


  25. AiyaH! love those shoes!!! Where did you get them? Every woman needs a good pair of heels.

  26. Those pies look delish! all your recent pie posts have me wanting to try pie pops! MMM! Must wait til Nov though... I am avoiding sugar this month :D well, sugar in the extent of sugary treats like cakes and pies!

    I am so glad you guys are enjoying the dog signs! thought of you immediately when I saw em! Georgia & Pip always crack me up and I love how they are your "children" just like Chico & Bullseye are to me!

    The pics of you and Mike are great! I agree about the alter idea! so cute!!

    Hope you guys had a successful weekend at Octoberfest!


  27. Aaah! My aunt recently bought us the same doggie sign! Ours is "A house is not a home without a doxie"



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