MIXTAPE MONDAY: so many favorites.

I definitely don't mean to toot my own horn here but I'm pretty pleased with this playlist. So pleased, in fact, that I cannot stop playing it. So many of my old favorites... some are 9th grade old, others just a few months. I've featured several on many of my downloadable mixtapes, so you probably have a few in your iTunes. I hope the rest of them are a real treat! I remember listening to Her Space Holiday with my best friend Shannon in high school as we'd drive in my VW Beetle with the windows down. Electric President brings back so many memories of my sophomore year of college and my first summer solo in NYC... wandering around the East Village aimlessly. The feeling from White Daisy Passing by Rocky Votolato is undeniably the same feeling that I get thinking of home... Tennessee. And I'll always love California by Phantom Planet... including covers like this one by Mates of State. This mix makes me want to find all of my favorite people, cram them in my little Xterra and go on a roadtrip! I can't wait until March!

What are some of your all-time favorite songs? Why are they special and what do you relate them to?


  1. goodness I love Rogue Wave and Mates of State so much over the past few years, but now I really like Seabear that you had in here. So pretty. I could listen to your playlists all day long (and I have in the past and probably will do so again today).

  2. Love, love, love it. I adore that you do this every week as I spend at LEAST an hour procrastinating and putting a playlist together for myself when I'm supposed to be working usually. So you save me that :) x

  3. I love love love this mix Kaelah! Great picks to get me through this Monday! Thanks :)

  4. great mix!
    my tried and true faves are:
    somebody loved-the weepies
    shadowboxer-fiona apple
    grey-ani difranco
    here comes the sun-the beatles
    breathe me-sia
    the light-common
    There are soooo many more!

  5. perfect songs! Taking me back to middle school!

  6. This mix is incredible! It's not often that I can sit through an entire playlist without skipping a few songs! ♥ I've been stuck on this one song I just came across- Marathon by Tennis.

  7. I seriously just high-fived myself.
    Love it;)

  8. I'm listening to it like fifth time in a row and I've became addicted to it!

  9. You're mixtapes are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them.


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