Wedding Wednesday!

Rather than overload you with a lot of wedding goodness today, I wanted to showcase this adorable and super easy DIY I stumbled across a few weeks ago! This is a darling birdcage veil DIY! I think it'd be so cute to do in different colors for different occasions. Why save all the pretty for the wedding day?!

DIY Birdcage Veil

Needed Supplies:
  • Flower Cardboard Cutouts
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • 9" Veiling Material
  • Metal Comb
  • Alligator Clip

To make the flower:
1. Make flower shaped cutouts from scrap cardboard pieces.
2. Lay cardboard cutouts onto cotton fabric and trace the flower shapes.
3. Cut out flower shapes.

4. Stack them from largest on bottom to smallest on top.

5. Fold stack of flowers in half.
6. Fold in half two more times.
7. Holding the base of the flower, use your other hand to gently peel the petals outward to make it "bloom".

8. Continue holding the base of the flower, and stitch the base together (going back and forth several times), then tie a knot to secure it in place.

To make the bandeau birdcage:

1. Cut out a 12″ piece of 9″ veiling material.
2. Thread a needle and tie the loose end of the thread onto one end of netting, forming a knot.  Stitch in and out, going through every four gaps.

3. Gently gather that end of veiling together, stitch the gathered part together, then tie a knot to secure it in place.

4. Place a 3″ piece of ribbon at gathered end of veiling.  Fold both sides of ribbon toward the middle of the ribbon itself and stitch together.
5. Repeat these steps again on the other end of the veiling.

6. Cut out a small piece of cotton fabric and place inside an alligator clip.

7. Place one side of the gathered veiling on top of the alligator clip, and sew it tightly to the small piece of cotton fabric (the top of the alligator clip is in the middle of these two pieces).

8. Sew the flower to the side with the alligator clip.
9. Sew a metal comb to the ribbon on the other end of the veiling.

What do you think? Something you might give a go?!


  1. Oh, wow! I had no idea it was so possible to make your own. I definitely will give this ago, thanks so much for the tut!

  2. :) Yes, I will definately be giving it a go! I can't wait until my wedding... my colors are cream, black, and dusty plum! I'm super excited !!!! -Melissa

  3. That's so cute! Like Michelle I hadn't realised it was something you could make yourself. It'd be so sweet to wear something you made yourself on your wedding day. Great post! :) xxxZ

  4. This is fabulous! Simple and elegant.

  5. This is so beautiful! I have no idea where I would wear one of these but it's nice to know that if I ever do have the opportunity, I could make my own, thanks!!

  6. Oh my gosh, DEFINITELY planning on making this when I get married!

  7. oh now this is gorgeous!♥

  8. Beautiful! I've considered a birdcage veil whenever I get married...but I guess I'll see how I feel when the time comes :)

  9. OMG! This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  10. oh goodness that is gorgeous. Too bad I'm already married or I'd want that to be my veil haha.

  11. It is SO lovely & beautiful, it looks so elegant! & btw I love your blog ;)

  12. That is sooo adorable!
    I had no idea they were so easy to make! I am so giving that a go!

  13. oh my gosh, this is awesome. I made my cousin's bird cage veil for her wedding and I just made it up, this way is much better! haha. I will definitely keep this in mind if I make another :)

  14. Aww, thanks for posting this. I'm not sure if I'd wear something like this to my wedding, but I'd love to make it anyway.

  15. beautiful! i had planned on making my own birdcage style you know how expensive those things are! yikes! this is a great tutorial. i'll let you know if i end up using this particular one to make mine!

  16. This is beautiful!

    Btw, I was a little busy in the new year to send off the WW feature ;) Will work on that this week! <3

  17. i love it! i will have to make one for sure.

  18. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. That's so cute. I think I might make myself one of those and just wear it around the house. lol. do dishes and what not.

  20. This is amazing Kaelah--- what a great idea and tutorial :) xo, LA

  21. What a great idea!! I've been lusting over these and can't wait to try it out.

  22. All i have to say is thank you! I'm on my mission of finding a realitivly simple bird cage for my great grandmother. (:

  23. LOVE IT! I am planning on wearing a birdcage veil for my wedding in July. I have been searching and searching in antique and vintage shops for one, but have had no luck. Maybe I will just make one. :-)

  24. While reading through tags (I love weddings!), I saw this and I am so excited! This is the exact kind of veil I want. :)


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