Puddling Jumping

♥ dress: tulle || cardigan & flats: target || shirt: miley & max || tights: hue ♥

Are you tired of seeing this little ruffle cardigan in every outfit post? I sure am. Truth be told all of these outfit photos were taken on the same day, but I had tried to plan out my outfits for the week because I knew I'd be terribly busy. Now I sit here and say I dislike all of them really and I need to find my nicer black cardi pronto! I went out on a limb with this outfit by throwing an insanely ruffled blouse underneath this bright yellow dress. You can see it in a few pictures, if you look closely, that the ruffles collect in my torso and create this strange bulge! Oops! Typically I throw a belt on with the dress but I opted out considering how much was going on. Mike exclaimed that I looked like a box of crayons! 

We were out on some random old dead end road for these photos, next to a discarded tractor trailer pull. There was a wee little puddle in the road (see gif) and being as goofy as I am, I acted as though it was some vast pond I was trying to maneuver. It's a bit sad that you can't see more of my personality through my outfit posts. Maybe we should start using our Flip, too! Without a doubt I always end up doing something silly or making faces, etc.

Yesterday Mike and I spent the entire day having a Harry Potter movie marathon. We watched the first movie on Saturday, but watched 2, 3 and 4 yesterday. We would have continued but those were the only DVDs we had. We shall finish soon! 

Mike put in his 2 weeks notice at work last week. He works a few days this week, and then next will be his last. I haven't said much in the way on the blog, but we're moving in a couple of weeks (I know, we only moved into our house 6 months ago!) but this is all for the best as we are going to be able to save a ton of money and hopefully make a bigger and much more exciting move this summer! I'll fill in details as the time comes, but we'll be busy busy bees this month, as well as this entire year, I'm sure. We're hoping for big things and big changes so you'll just have to stay tuned!

Also- I'm so excited about the response I've received with the Diana Mini giveaway thus far! If you haven't entered, now is your time to do so! We've been trying to think about what to offer up next month! We'll be ordering a few things online to try out ourselves and see if it's worth buying one for grabs!

PS; I'm terrible at remembering to respond to comments but a few days ago someone asked what type of lip product I use for the pink and I'm happy to say that I actually don't wear anything on my lips aside from chapstick really. On occasion I sport MAC Plushglass in "Ample Pink" or Rosebud Salve, but 99% of the time, I wear nothing. My lips have a natural pink hue. Also, the headband in all of my outfit pictures is courtesy of Erin of Sunshine & Carousels on Etsy. It's from her Holiday line. :) Let me know if I've forgotten anything! 


  1. This is super cute! I love the white ruffle top!

  2. you are too cute! i have a confession - i am completely in love with your accent. it's so cute!!

    i was watching one of your videos about your pink hair and wasn't expecting this cute little accent!! i love it!

    allister bee blog

  3. you jumping over the huuge puddle is sooo cute <3
    I am excited about whatever happens in your life right now and wish you both the best for your new adventures :)


  4. I love how brave you are with such bold colours together! I need to take inspiration from this and start wearing the coloured tights I've got sitting in my wardrobe!

    Love the gif! Hopefully the move goes well! :)

  5. the gif photos are too cute!

    where are you guys moving to?
    and congrats and good luck!

  6. Aww Kaelah! always gorgeous, always charming. I had put together your package (inc shark dress!) and will be sending it this week. Once the snow ceases!

    Much love

    Milly www.freshfashionfaces.com


  7. i dont think it is possible to get tired of anything you post, be it cardigan or dress or whatever. Love the little jumping gif. hehe. it is so annoying to have to work those last two weeks notice when you are just ready to get out! Hope all goes well for Mike.

  8. Cute outfit and I love your hair so so so much!



  9. Haha, cute! Those are my favorite colors you're wearing including hair. :)

  10. I love your little puddle jump! Love the bright dress as well!


  11. I love your jumping pics they are adorable!! Good luck on moving cause sometimes it can be a pain, but if is for good then its awesome!

  12. I just had to tell you that I put cotton candy pink streaks in my hair over the weekend and I have been smiling ever since. It makes me happy every time a catch a glimpse.

    I'm excited to hear about your and Mike's adventures for 2011.

  13. Just stumbled on your blog, love your style. I love the ruffle top!

  14. I love the yellow of the dress!! And well, I love the whole outfit really. The tights are such a lovely color!

    Random fact: I'm watching a BBC news show right now, and while typing my comment I imagined it in a British accent. You should read it with a British accent I think, it makes me sound sophisticated. Cheerio!

  15. You make me want yellow in my wardrobe so bad! And that 2nd picture of your epic puddle jump looks so fun. Good luck with the move! It's almost hard to believe you've been living in your current house for six months already.

  16. loooove this super colorful outfit, girl!

  17. You look so adorable- it reminds me of snow white (yellow and blue) I wish you a blissful and smooth flowing move.

  18. I love your hair and your outfits!


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