Things I Love Thursday

this interesting tattoo... (you must read! eep!) ♥

this gorgeous collection of eye glasses ♥

this silly play on starbucks' future logos ♥

this mantra for 2011 ♥

this hilarious (& sometimes raunchy) tumblr ♥

this bedroom wall decor (found via) ♥

♥ this awesome poster ♥

♥ this charming little home for rent in wilmington (sorry for the quality!)♥

What are you loving this week?

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  1. I was listening to the twilight soundtrack when I saw that tattoo :| I gotta be honest, I'm a little scared.

  2. That house is seriously adorable! Love it!

  3. Interesting is one word for that tattoo. Ah well, I suppose if it makes her happy then good for her.

    That 'Mantra for 2011' drawing is great. And that house? Adorable! When I went to visit Corvallis nearly all the houses were like that and I fell in love with them.

  4. I'm going for my second 3 hour tattoo sitting on my back piece tomorrow and i totally respect this lady for losing all that weight-getting a tattoo as a reward is a great inspiration!
    Not too sure about her choice of theme, but each to their own!

  5. That house is soo so so cute! I'd never find a place like that in Scotland! *sigh*

  6. My Grandparents and Mom live in Wilmington and I live about 2 hours from there. Which I'm moving there after I graduate from college :) I love it especially taking the Ferry to the Aquarium.

  7. I love love love those glasses!! I need a new pair and would take any of those.

    That house is super cute too.

  8. eee! that house is beyond adorable!

    xo.anna marie

  9. Are you friggen serious about that tattoo? ha.

    Love those glasses and I pretty much just love this entire post.

  10. ahh wilmington! ;)
    i am looking for a new house to move into soon.
    where is that adorable house? I can't find anything i love just yet.


  11. I'm not the type to criticize someone else's tattoo but... *awkward cough*


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