MIXTAPE MONDAY: beat the monday blues.

I think one solid way to avoid the humdrum of Monday is to have a great playlist to keep you going throughout the week. Of course I'm totally biased on all of mine seeing as I created them and it directly reflects my taste in music (sorry if it's different than yours!). Even so, if it's not your usual cup of tea I hope you'll give it a chance and maybe you'll find a new favorite song or two? While I may not have an office job or anything of the sort, these tunes help get me through a lot of work at home!

Happy Monday! I hope it's an exciting and productive work week for everyone! xo


  1. Thank you so much! It's a fantastic idea and your taste seems to match mine very well. n_n

  2. I love that you share all these indie canadians! I saw Dan Magnan not that long ago, he's such a cutie! It was a fantastic show!

    Where do you get your music from?

  3. Kristen: it's just stuf i've acquired over the past couple of years! with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 albums, i haven't gotten any new music in about 12 months! i need to refresh my itunes a bit! i snag some via senuti or just buy it on itunes :D


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