so i figured if i'm going to be so MIA and bad at posting, i should at least let you know why :) this week has been non-stop craziness but it's been a blast. after working alllllllll weekend and just kicking it on sunday, i went to school monday and had my 4 hour long flash class, then Merissa came by the house and picked Kayla and I up to head over to Caitlin's. Tiffany met us there and then Amanda, Lauren, and Katie showed up. we finally headed over to Caitlin's parents' new farm house so we could have our Leonid Meteor Shower sleepover. heyyyy third grade! i used to have a sleepover every year for my birthday. love! Jennifer met us out there and we all piled into the basement and settled in. we ate lotsssssss of food. fruit, veggies, chips & salsa, animal crackers, popcorn... you name it haha we read cosmo, talked about school and boys and life and old tv shows we used to love. it was awesome. sadly the rain and the clouds refused to cooperate so we saw zero meteors. we stayed up until about 2:30am and then we all just crashed. we woke up at 7:30am to head back to town to get ready for class. all but 1 of us had class at 9am. we all woke up with heartburn and we piled into the cars. merissa, kayla and i went straight to school and i definitely went to my first class in my pajamas. hahahaha elle took me home after class so i could change and then i headed back for my last 2 classes of the day. phew! tuesdays are rough! when i finally got home at 6pm, i headed into bry's room to hang out. i ended up hanging out with him, aj, kayla and eric until about 1am or so. love all of them. sleep and wake up today to head to student government meeting. it went well and then i headed to panera for homework. 3 hours into it merissa meets me up there and we work for a few more hours. she invited me over for dinner so we headed to her house at 6pm and we get pizza. she, jt, and i all watch tv while we eat for a bit and then its back to the grind. sooooo much homework! we worked for 2 hours, battled dreamweaver and coding, and finally we were almost done. 1 video to go! i came home, showered, painted, and here i am. about to jump in bed so i can be at school bright and early to do 4+ hours of coding before class at 1pm.

PHEW! see what i mean! i also have a 12-ish page paper due on friday (AND an integrated design proposal!) but luckily we have until monday if we hand it to our professor personally. then i just have to: study for final exam in art history (it will probably kill me), build a self promotional website in flash by december 7th, do an entire advertising campaign for st joseph health systems by tuesday november 24th, finish coding and constructing my CMS and launch my dynamic site in Web 2 by december 3rd, and then figure out what the heck is due for holistic wellness. it'll be an interesting next 2 weeks. i promise i'm not avoiding y'all :P

i'll be back to my regular ol' posting-way-too-much self soon! <3 you're all amazing and i'm grateful for you reading along! love you allllll! <3


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