it's monday!

indeed it is. start to the new work week. slaving away at school over classes that you'll swear you'll never need. we're all doing it. i'm in class right now actually.. hehe.. flash. oh my! starting on my final project.. a self promotional website and i like my concept a lot.. i just have to make it work technically. thats typically my problem. luckily we bolt out of here in an hour. afterwards i'm supposed to join my friends merissa, her hubby JT, and tiffany to venture to nashville at the rutledge to see jonathan singleton & the grove, jonathan being the husband of our other dear friend, kayce. so many people! :D either way, it should be a lovely kick-off to music monday!

what i'm thinking about doing with the blog is a weekly rotation of posts, similar to what people do on twitter, etc. music monday, follow friday or fashion friday (or both!), weekend repeat (round-up), etc etc etc. i just have to find proper themes for tuesday and wednesday. hmm.. but does that sound like something that would appeal to you? you are, afterall, the readers and this is written FOR you. :)

my idea for music monday is maybe a mixtape each week? if time allows, at least. and maybe a few of my favorite songs i've had on repeat. follow friday could be some of my new favorite blogs or websites, and fashion friday would be similar to what i did this past week with a recap of my favorite outfits i've seen. it's just a way to help keep me motivated. :)

if you have any awesome suggestions for other days or themes, feel free to leave them below! you can be anonymous if you so wish. but dont hesitate to use this idea on your blog, too! i know a lot of people have been doing things similar to the 'things i love thursdays' so its a great way to connect the whole blogging community!

as for right now, i'm leaning heavy on the type and not enough on the visual aspect so i'll leave you with some eye candy!


  1. Tell you what,
    the theme thing sounds like a brilliant idea.
    However, I personally really like some of the more personal posts sometimes;
    things that just roll off your brain or something you've been thinking about.
    Go ahead with the theme, have a blast with it, and just toss in some random, good-old-fashioned, atta'girl Kaelah blogs sometimes. :)

  2. Oh yeah I'll def still have tonsssss of personal entries don't worry!

  3. What I wore (Wednesdays)? You could post your favorite outfits you wore that week?

  4. i love posts like that. i think it would be a great idea

  5. There's always "wasted wednesday" and "thirsty thursdays" but um... I'm not sure how those would be blog themes :p

  6. i love the theme idea! i may just try that myself!

  7. Kaelah, I was just wondering if in high school, had you lost basically all of your friends? Maybe due to popularity, cliques, or just the snotty soverin attitude that high school brings on. And if you did, how did you deal with that?

  8. Oh, if you WOULD like to email me, my email is I would really love to talk to you.

  9. Since you always have alot of quotes on your blog, I'd say "Top Quote Tuesdays". :)

  10. catheaven- i like that idea! i wish i took more photos of my outfits not on my iphone ya know? i typically have the same few outfits in rotation at one time even though i've got a closet full of crap haha but maybe! itll be something i can def work on!

    haylie- oh lawwww, girl i was the QUEEN of high school bitchiness. recall the movie MEAN GIRLS with lindsey lohan? yeah.. i was definitely one of those. i hate to say that but i look back and i've learned from it so at least something came from it. i definitely lost all of my "best friends" in 9th grade. i decided to venture more towards the outgoing/popular crowd and they didnt and they resented me for it i guess? i let it get a little out of hand though because i wanst' afraid to call anyone out on anything (i never was in a physical fight, though). but i've gone through it a few times (the whole losing friends thing) but honestly, i just made new ones. it was like breaking up with a boyfriend... i never sat around long enough for anyone to worry about me, etc. becasue frankly i dont need anyone in my life that doesnt need me :) sorry if that wasnt exactly what you were asking, but feel free to email me at kaelahbee (at) gmail . com if you wanna discuss! :) <3

    bijou- i like! i might try that! but the hard part is resisting until tuesdays to post them! haha


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