uh so fashion friday?

i do apologize. today has been go go go go go! art history class at 830am, mom came by at 1030am to help steam clean my carpets & i cleaned the whole house. then we grabbed lunch, i cleaned more, spending too much time on BME: iam and then i had lots of errands! geeze! [not to mention georgia def decided to go swimming in the creek/river behind our house... she came up the back stairs soaked & muddy. head to toe.]

tomorrow im supposed to go to my cousin's baby shower but its quite a drive and i dont know if i can since i have to work and georgia gets her stitches removed at 3. a;ldfjkas;ldf

someone just give me free money so i can relax. or at least speed up the next 2.5 weeks so school will be over! asdl;fjkasl;fjasdfl.

i'll try to post my fashion friday picks tomorrow! i have to go to work now! :(



  1. So I was reading a friends blog and she does "Flashback Friday" and I thought it was a cute idea.

  2. yea i was going to do 'way back WHENsday' but 1. i dont have a lot of old pictures of me 2. i dont like a lot of the people i liked back then (its mutual) bahaha

  3. Hahaha, I know the feeling. I've pretty much dropped off the face of the earth since moving from home and... I'm really okay with that:)


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