dear readers,

thank you all for being so patient with me during these last 2 weeks of the fall semester. even now i am sitting at panera (as always) trying to write a 12 page paper on Byzantine icons in the Byzantine culture for Art History. Such a crazy crazy work load (and hard tests!) for a 2 credit hour course. but alas, they must be done so here I am... doing them. well, at least attempting to. even with my crazy school load, i've been making time to spend with my dear friends in person. so many lovely people and so many lovely events and i wouldn't trade them for a significant gain in sleep (since i'm currently lacking).

last night I joined merissa, jt, kayce, and jonathan at kayce & jonathan's house for some drinks and conversation. we headed over to Rumours East for the AIGA Nashville Thirsty Third Thursday event. Not too long after we went to Drifters for some food and walked to 3 Crow Bar for some thursday night trivia and drinks. even though i was beyond exhausted for my 8:30am art history class, i made it. huzzah! only one class to go and luckily thats our final! woohoo!

tonight i have to work as usual, and tomorrow too. hopefully i can find time to do this paper, an integrated proposal, and work on my flash site, oh AND advertising! before the beginning of the week. its so incredibly stressful.

i've been talking to several friends who are in a similar career field as myself and listening/discussing their plans post-graduation, etc. i'm very excited about what will follow graduation for me. it'll be 6 months of a less-than-ideal living situation but its all for the greater purpose and what i'm planning on doing with my life. i've actually written up a post about it already and i'll be releasing it from the queue later today :)

also, a huge huge thank you to the several personal emails i've received this week from some of you! you literally have no idea how exciting it is for me to open my inbox and see an email from a real-life person who reads along to my silly blurbs and ramblings, and they find it in themselves to send a personal message. i was sitting at school yesterday when i received an email that gave me goosebumps. i read it to elle and she said "whoa that gave me the chills"... silly maybe, but little things like that really make my day.

this was amazing. so thank you candice! you're truly a gem.

if anyone ever wants to email me, feel free. you dont have to sing my praises, but if you want to talk about nothing specific, or anything specific, or if you just need a place to vent, my inbox always has room. it might take a day or two to get back to you but i promise if you take the time to write me, i'll take the time to listen/read and write back. :)

you can contact me at:
kaelahbee (at) gmail (dot) com

okay! back to this paper!

eskimo kisses and heart shaped post-it notes,

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