hello friends! i do apologize for slacking on the "personal" updates but why would you want to read about the life of another when you're out and about manifesting your own dream life full of exciting adventures right?! you better be out there doing just that! ;)

at the moment i'm sitting in a little nook at the cool springs panera listening to the honey trees and i just finished a slightly-lukewarm bowl of soup. this weather is marvelous and i'm slightly disappointed in myself for not going out and experiencing it more. all in a days work i suppose!

the past few days have been a whirlwind. oh so busy but oh so rewarding! i'm trying to balance the hectic senior year of college with work and friends and family, too. i'm so excited to say that i'll be venturing to my hometown of Hohenwald tomorrow to see my folks! the 70-mile drive never ceases to inspire me, especially in the autumn months. my mother always seems to ignite a flame in my heart to push me to be a better person simply because she is who she is. it's such a wonderful blessing to have people like that in your life. many heartfelt conversations this week have only strengthened my never-waning belief that she is a saint. this weekend has been slow at work thus far. i do hope business picks up tonight. not only for my monetary benefit but because another establishment in the area closed its doors this week due to the economy. praying that that is not in my near future (or future at all, really!).

yesterday was gorgeous so i took it upon myself to wash my car (finally! after everyone and their brother telling me "you should REALLY wash your car...") yeah yeah yeah... i did! and cleaned it out! and i even got an oil change today! (after going 7,500 miles...). peep these iphone pictures.

how embarassing... yes... that brown stuff... thats not a shadow. that is indeed the amount of dirt caked onto the back of my car. it didnt really TRULY bother me too much (i've been SO busy!) until i washed part of it off and saw the drastic contrast. oops!

of course baby G has to get in on the water action. this dog LOVES the waterhose!

so fresh and so clean clean!

well i typically let georgia wander wherever her heart desires. she's a good dog and will come when called and she doesn't run off of the property so i say let her play! i had turned my back for maybe 3 to 5 minutes and realized i didnt hear her rustling in the leaves as usual. i turned around in my room and THIS was sitting there... in my floor... leg-deep in muck and mud. but oh isn't she just adorable?! her face says it all. she knew she wasn't supposed to do that.

this is what i'm currently wearing today. i'm loving the metallic gold and black this season. i'm not sure why! i've been really thinking of a drastic hair change. i'll keep the color, of course. theres nothing quite like being a redhead. but i've grown so frustrated with my nappy curly messy of a head that maybe i should try something else? do you have any suggestions? i haven't had a proper cut in 5+ years... thats right. you heard me.

outfit details:
dress: target ($19.99)
cardigan: charlotte russe ($23.99)
cameo pendant @ waist: for love 21 ($4)
tights: walmart (2 pairs doubled up) $8
black flats: wet seal ($9.99)
necklace: for love 21 ($8)
new iphone case: borders ($20)
(the iphone case has food characters! so so cute!
i bought the matching clear umbrella too! with a baby blue handle!)

as i finish sitting in panera, i'm journaling out in my moleskine so many entries that i can't wait to share with you all! as well as giveaways (for real this time! hehe). so just stay tuned!

ps; heres a quick shout-out & thank you to even more people who were so gracious enough to help spread the kaelahbee word! you guys are awesome!

oh PPS! what are some of your favorite etsy stores?! i'm compiling a list of some of my favorites since i've been asked a few times and i'd love to see what you guys have on your list if you don't mind me adding it to mine! indepedent designers need all of the help and support they can get so i'd love to showcase some things! you can even include your own etsy link, too! just leave a comment below!


  1. i thought you had written before about working at another bar. or am i crazy?

  2. Nope you're right. The bar isn't open yet :) I'm afraid it won't make me much $ though bc of the limited hours I'll be able to work due to school etc plus it's in a shady area so idk haha

  3. hey I found that anna sui dress but it's $119.00.


  4. gosh theres no way i'd pay that much for it seeing as i've heard the quality is less than expected. but thank you for sharing the link!


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