hello, my favorites!

its that time of the semester... you know, final projects, cramming for 16 hours for the art history final because that class is really really stupid (& so hard!), trying to get the puppy enough play time so she doesn't feel neglected, visiting family and having family visit, holidays, shopping, volunteering, planning, preparing... yeah... it's finals week. my room looks like a tornado. i kid you not. there are things everywhere. clothes galore, georgia's chew toys, unwrapped christmas presents, empty picture frames, yadda yadda yadda.

i'm going to be fairly distant this week. well, up until next tuesday to be exact. these last 7 school days are sure to test my patience, my passion, and basically my sanity. i'll get through them though.

i'm going to try to update over the next several days, don't worry. but please realize that i'll be a slight hiatus until finals week has passed me by.

you're all fantastic.

remember, if you want to swap christmas cards or anything like that, email me! (kaelahbee at gmail dot com) i love sending out cards and anyone i receive anything from will undoubtedly receive something back! i've been working on handmade ornaments and necklaces! <3


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