today will be...

tattoo tuesday AND wedding wednesday! wut wuttttt! haha i was swamped yesterday. monday night was the sleepover and obviously i got "this" much sleep (but more on that later!), went straight to school because kayla and i rode with merissa. went to class IN OUR PAJAMAS, and finally got to change in between. then i had to come right back and have web 2 class, then elle, kayce, merissa and i went to get Sweet CeCe's frozen yogurt, then we had advertising. it never ends. luckily i got home an hour early (around 5:45pm) but i went straight to bry's room where I laid on his bed while he played WoW and then AJ joined us and we spent the next 4 hours trying to think of what we wanted to do. oh man oh man. eric and kayla joined us eventually but it was a really really fun night. i love my roommates so much. i loveeee the dynamic in this house now. we played uno at like 1am and i eventually just passed out. and here i am. awake, gross, not cutely dressed, but oh well. i have to leave for student government meeting in 10 minutes. after that, its straight to panera to work for hours and hours and hours. i have 4 web lectures i have to watch (they're at least 1-1.5 hours each) and i have to do them, too. as;dljk before tomorrow. KILL ME NAO!

<3 <3 <3 ill post my tattoo tuesday picks and wedding wednesday photos once i get settled in at panera. :)

ps; exciting things are happening! so many exciting things! i can't wait to share them all with you!

pps; download my mixtape from monday by clicking HERE!

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