terrible tuesday.

now now now, dont let the title fool you... today didn't suck by any means, but it definitely was jam packed and stressful. and its not even 6pm! after a WAY too eventful and fun monday night featuring myself, aj (roomie), bryan (roomie), kayla (roomie) and eric (kayla's boyfriend) out on the twinkledeck, it was hard to drag myself from bed at 8:30am for my class at 9. i was 15 minutes late. oops. and i got to jet out for a half hour as i scheduled my spring semester. oh registration day! thats for another time though.

i skipped out on advertising a little early so i could come home and fix myself up. i look a hot mess and a bunch of us are going out to the pond (our local little watering hole dive bar haha) for a few beers and some wii bowling. i always have a blast with them.

still havent thought of a theme for tuesdays yet.. hmm.. but i think wednesdays will be WEDDING WEDNESDAYS! why?! BECAUSE I LOVEEEEEEEEEE WEDDINGS! hehe lots of great photos and such to share with y'all tomorrow!

for now i must get back to painting my face so i can skeeeedaddle and get my wii bowling on! (theres always a 70-something year old woman who PWNS everyone... no really.. you dont even understand.) GRANDMA BE FIERCE!

have a great tuesday! ill update once i get home <3

ps; someone wanna bake this for me?!?!


  1. i think this is so cute !
    it looks like something you would wear.
    i wouldn't personally would wear it because it's not my style really, but i saw it and immediately thought of you !


  2. do you play my grandma? haha.
    shes crazy. she plays on a league like 3 times a week and just bought a wii. im nervous to play against her.

  3. anxiously awaiting cute wedding pics. that's basically my dream job, wedding photographer. :)

  4. oh my word that dress is AMAZING! im def going to go to CR this week and see if i can find it! thank you for showing it to meeee! :D

    ashleyyy- luckily grandma didnt show up tonight but i stillll sucked it up! haha maybe i just didnt have enough beer in me!? :P

    melinda- oh juuusttt wait! its going to be unreal! i have an entirely too big folder dedicated to nothing but weddings on my computer haha AND I DONT EVEN HAVE A BOYFRIEND! :P

  5. you're definately welcome for the dress !
    i saw it at the CR here in Georgia and i absolutely fell in love, and then I saw it online and decided to share the link with you, but they also have really cute similar dresses on ModCloth.com too, theirs are a just a bit little more pricey. but no problem (:

  6. i love modcloth but i rarely rarely buy from them because all of the designs are in other stores... usually for half the price.

    for instance, the Keiko Lynn dress that ModCloth has for the blogger, Keiko, can also be bought on ShopRuche.com for about $20-$30 cheaper! ahh! i dont know which site had the dress "first" but either way, MC also had a dress i paid $17 for at CR for $49 on their site! ridiculous!

    hehe im going to go check out the CR here in about 30 minutes! eeek! :D <3 <3


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