iphone photo dump!

* georgia had surgery on tuesday. she had both her eye operated on (no more cherry eye!) and she was spayed (yay no puppies!). i also had her microchipped. i love her far too much to ever lose her :)

* i was going to wear this dress last thursday for the masquerade ball that student government hosted at the factory in franklin. sadly i didnt have shoes to match and i was running out of time seeing as i'm part of student gov and i had to set up. so needless to say, i didnt wear this. but i love this dress so!

* this is the dress i ended up wearing. it would have been the bridesmaid for betsy's wedding. but i wasn't in it but i had the dress so i had to wear it somewhere! but the truth stands that its a gorgeous dress so i was happy with the outcome.

* i also had to work the pumpkinfest downtown on saturday for halloween so i was left with no time to gather a costume for work that night. this was all junk i had in my room. was going as an indian but the shirt is way too big on me and i just felt frumpy. so i took it off.

* got lazy and cheap and this was my costume. yes!

* this is what i wore today. after i pulled my hair back.

* this is what i wore to school today before i pulled my hair up haha

* this is a dress and a lacy cardigan thing i bought today whilst shopping. i bought a size smaller in the lacy thing so its not AS shapeless. the dress got me excited because its a tweet knit and its a heavy material so its perfect for winter. i was surprised at the quality of the construction. typically i'm more of a summer-dress type gal but i'm feeling some wintertime fun-time in this dress. and the buttons?! LOVE!

* the dress by itself.

i also bought an awesome new white cardigan with cute lacy appliques, a black hole-ripped-torn style sweater, 5 ridiculous headbands with bows/flowers/etc, 1 chain link headband (elastic), a cameo brooch, vintage style materials for my own headbands, an owl ring, and a couple of necklaces (i usually steer clear of necklaces because of my chest piece, but these are black & gold (i LOVE black & gold this year!) and i just had to have them). also bought some shirts to reconstruct, lotsss of paper goodies for my package penpals, and an AMAZING new 6'+ tripod for my camera (the Sunpak Quantaray QSX 9500!). ITS SO INCREDIBLE!




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