so i've always been incredibly independent, even to the point to where i'm damn near impossible to shop for at christmas. i LOVE christmas though. i don't ever get tired of the christmas music, the lights, the decorations, anything. i love showering people i adore with things their hearts lust for. thats just my love language i guess. but the holidays! i love it all. mainly because its the only time i really get to go back home to my parents' for a more than a day or two. but every year its the same routine... my mom asks "what do you want for christmas?" and my answer never changes "nothing really." because i dont NEED anything. and if i WANT anything special, i go buy it for myself. i dont wait for a special occasion. i've definitely tried reigning in my spending as of late (way easier said than done!) but i've been good about not going to the mall. huzzah! so heres a small little list of things i'd love for christmas (but i'm still not asking my parents for... i dont know.. i just... i dont feel like i need to be bought things... granted that doesnt keep my heart from wanting :P)

(click titles to be taken to the sale page!)

FujiFilm Instax Mini Film
(because i just bought a chocolate Instax Mini 7!)
$15 (for a 2 pack)


Fresh Minerals Smoothing Prep Primer


Mickey 28 Raglan Top


Vintage Run DMC Top

H81 Pink Floyd Raglan

Ruffled Sweater Cardigan

Glitz Beaded Bra

Metallic Sequin Bra

H81 Chunky Yarn Poncho

Courtside Sweater

Devonshire Dress


Ivory Owl Pitcher


and of course giftcards to: sephora, mac, apple, modcloth, shop ruche, forever 21, charlotte russe, urban outfitters, h&m, therapy, amazon.com, barnes & nobel, border's.

i have older wishlists at kaboodle but here is my "current" one:

yea yea yea the end. :)

whats on YOUR wishlist this year? do you have any fun holiday traditions or plans?!


  1. my wish list consists of bongos, a synthesizer, and makeup.

    our traditions are to go to the neighboring town they have Christmas Tree Lane where all the houses on that street MUST decorate their house for christmas and people drive and walk up and down the entire street to see all the lights and listen to the christmas music that is played through the street.

    very festive.

  2. i see you're also a fan of modcloth :)
    SUCH cute stuff!

    do you happen to know..is there like a store? or something?! lol

  3. thats so fun gwendolyn! i wish houses here were required to decorate! haha im sure some are. brentwood has houses that are 14,000,000$+ so maybe we'll go look at them :P

    and natalie, i LOVE modcloth!
    such great things!

    there isn't an actual store that i'm aware of, but i know some stores sell the exact same dresses. i own many many many dresses from modcloth that i bought at the little boutique Therapy in california :D


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