tattoo tuesday

i absolutely LOVE the style of this one. cute and quaint but still old school.

pretty safe to say this is my favorite chest piece EVER.

this is phenomenal.

sorry tattoo tuesday came a day late! i've been so so so so so bogged down with final projects. :( but yay awesome tattoos! sorry i dont have credit for any of them. they're just ones i've gathered over time and kept in a folder. if you know the photographer or the badass person sporting them, please let me know so i can give proper credit! <3



  1. so i saw your sleeve on fuck yeah, tattoos! and i love it, ive been looking for a nautical type tattoo for awhile now because i plan on getting a half sleeve with rough waters, and a navy ship being attacked by a giant squid, im not a very good artist myself so i need to find examples, if you could email me pictures of your sleeve at different angles it'd really be helpful

  2. A guy I know has that Where the Wilds Things tattoo.

  3. while i'm very flattered that you'd like to take a photo of my tattoo to base yours on, i'm very wary of such requests for fear that my original design would be knocked off or copied in any way. i realize you probably don't want to copy it completely but i am uneasy about sending complete 360 views of it to anyone. however, flickr, and inked nation all have great galleries that you can look at. or even google "traditional ship tattoo" and you'll find plenty :) hope you understand!


HEY! Thanks for dropping by. xo KB