this is not me.

obviously THIS is not me. my name isn't autumn. although the rest of the information is undeniably true. fakes on myspace/the internet in general are just silly. the cr33py part is he/she took the time to 1) get a photo of georgia from my flickr, 2) quote things directly from my blog 3) take pictures that i've only posted here or my iam.bmezine profile.

anyway, thanks to brittney, clarissa (for the screencaps!), and chelsey for the heads up about this profile. silly girl! if you're going to make a fake profile of me, at the very least don't add people i'm friends with! :)

have a great saturday night, y'all! i'm off to work!



  1. lol. what in the actual fuck? haven't you had this problem on many occasion?

    i do not understand how these people do this, make fake profiles, and in your case copying almost every aspect of who you are. don't they feel somewhat, pathetic? creepy? weird? ect. ect.

    lol. that is just crazy.

  2. Oh my word you can't begin to believe. I've had wellllll over 70 fakes on various sites. The worst was a girl who'd take my livejournal updates too! Soooo creepy! Haha

  3. I actually experienced something like this a while back. It wasn't a fake of me, but this girl who started talking to me on Myspace decided to copy my "about me" and when I found it I started laughing so hard.

    It's flattering, but CREEPY.

  4. oh yeah dude that happens so much. so ridic. people are weirdddoooosss


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