music monday!

it's music monday timeeeee! i didn't have time to design a back cover to the mixtape, sorry! no one downloads them anyway, they're really just for blog aesthetics. i chose to put my face on this one (so narcissistic, i know!) because its a direct take from my new twitter background. lazy? me? never! haha

anyway, here are 10 tunes i've been jamming to this week! enjoy!

eleven twenty three
(click title to download!)

  1. AA Bondy - When The Devil's Loose
  2. Dntel - Roll On
  3. The Avett Brothers - January Wedding
  4. Deer Tick - Easy
  5. Rachel Yamagata - Be Be Your Love
  6. The Republic Tigers - Buildings & Mountains
  7. Paper Route - Waiting For The Final Leaf To Fall
  8. Noah and The Whale - Shape Of My Heart
  9. Tapes 'N Tapes - Say Back Something
  10. AA Bondy - I Can See The Pines Are Dancing
Opening and closing it with AA Bondy thanks to the recommendation of my friend Craig. Thanks Craig! Just click the title to download! Enjoy!

If you'd like to download past mixtapes, just click below! (If you click the title it will take you directly to the download page. If you click "blog post" it will take you to the post on that shows you the tracklist and album art!)


Here is Fanfarlo's album "Reservoir"!


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  1. I actually do download them. You have a nice taste in music : )

  2. aw snap really?! thats so awesome! thanks so much! :D im really glad you like them!


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