things i love thursday

helllzzzzzzzzzz yeah. keeping it short and sweet this week. kinda sorta.

1. old school tv shows: HEY DINOSAURS! not 'da momma! to think disney totally produced this show! blows my mind! can we take a few moments to remember: pepper ann, recess, ahh real monsters, angry beavers, cat dog, doug, daria, rocko's modern life.... just to name a few. where did good tv go?!?!

2. any and everything super mario. i'm sure you guys remember the badass cake i posted, yea? yea? if not... let me refresh your memory... amazing right?! the way to my heart = super mario confectionery goodies!

3. THIS HOUSE! epic. where are you and when can i move in?!?!

4. Curt Baer, tattoo artist extraordinaire. i'd be honored to have this beauty tattooed on me. i really dig the style of all of his work. like... really really. maybe i'll get tattooed in california if i find myself out that way again. see some of his stuff on his myspace.

5. hot boy named "matthew". i got my BME iam account today. this beauty was def on the front page. creepy that i swiped the photo and am posting it on my blog? probably. it'd be even creepier if i linked to his iam page, right? or maybe it's creepier that i'm not... either way, yes, boy who's name is matthew apparently, i want to date you based solely and superficially on your looks. get in my life!

6. vintage inspired furniture. especially when that furniture is a gorgeous curve-legged vanity. this would match my dresser oh so well!

7. these people. they rule. enough said.

8. creeeeeepy freaking shower curtain. if i were able to use a shower curtain for my shower, you best bet this baby would be up. well, i'd actually probably have a shark one... but this would come in a close second. :P (ps; anyone know where it's from?!) buy it HERE! (thanks for the link, dez!)

9. i would like for this to be my living room.

10. this baby. who needs a car when you've got THIS gem?! AND BEST OF ALL... ITS A CREME COLOR! AMAZING!

happy thursday! what are YOU loving this week?!




    bloody shower curtain

  2. Kaelah,
    Let me just say that I REALLY love the themes you've come up with. They're unique! And very fun. "Wedding Wednesday" and "Things I Love Thursday"? Come on, who's really this clever? :)

    I happen to LOVE Dinosauars, by the way.

  3. hellllz yeah, thanks dez!

    and alyssa: thanks! i have to admit, i stole the things i love thursday from gala but so has everyone else. its become a huge viral web thing :P i'm thinking tuesdays will be tattooed tuesday! eep!

  4. When I saw the Dinosaurs picture I busted out laughing because just last week me and my friend were re-living our childhood by watching that T.V. show on YouTube. Oh lord, I totally forgot about Pepper Ann! I used to love that show, too. Television shows have totally gone down the drain. I miss the 90's.

  5. that shower curtain is awesome.


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