so i'm sitting at panera in cool springs (third time in the past week and still no sight of cute panera guy! maybe he no longer works here?! idk... sad.) and i'm listening to my Love & Sequins #3 from Gala Darling and i need to be doing web 2 work... bad. realllll bad. i'll make time for it. last night was a lot of fun. i ended up staying out way later than i expected so i didnt update once i got home. im pretty sure we were at the pond for about 6 hours. it was merissa, sam, jt, kayla, tiff, eric and i. we drank beers and played wii bowling, talked, got silly giddy over a boy from the show the other night, etc etc etc.

i allowed myself to sleep in until i couldn't possibly sleep any longer (probably 11:45am-ish?!). i took a shower, talked with bryan and now here i am. trying to be productive. maybe maybe! i need to do my packages for my penpals tonight. hopefully i can have them in the mail on friday before work.

a guy defff just sat RIGHT behind me.. like literally maybe 18 inches and is basically looking over my shoulder right now. hi guy! hahaha

tonight merissa & jt are having people over for pizza and a movie. but the secret movie is def paranormal activity and theres no way i can put myself through that haha im such a sissy!

i only have 2.5 or 3 weeks of school left! oh my word! absolutely crazy! i signed up for classes for the spring semester yesterday. i dont know what times they are but the classes i agreed to were:

- Field Internship (4 credits): but i'll do this in the summer in NYC so its not really a class.
- Art History 2 (2 credits): shoot me now.
- Print Design 2 (3 credits): i didnt even take the pre-req of Print Design 1 but luckily Jeff is just going to put me in there anyway.
- Portfolio 1 (3 credits): reworking things i've already designed for my portfolio
- Corporate Design (3 credits): this class is totally unneccesary and i'm only in it because i get an extra class for free... i'm 99% sure i'm going to drop it so i can have an easy senior semester of only 3 classes. but the new teacher works with EMI records and that could be an "in" to the album art bizzzzzz. we'll see.

exciting exciting. 2 semesters left! this time next year i will be ready to graduate! i've been weighing my options for post-grad and i think the whole thing will be: graduate in december, move back to my hometown in january, stay there and work at the bar for roughly 6 or 7 months so i can save every single penny (if i do this, i can easily save $15-20k for nyc), move to NYC & hopefully land a job in the summer, pay several months rent with my savings so i dont have to worry about money, enroll in FIT again and maybe get my FMM degree? a;dklfja;lsj. SO MUCH TO DO!

but i'm ready to live my life. i'm not going to future-trip and start "preparing" for life. life is right now and i'm doing it. awesome!



  1. I miss having a penpal - you lucky girl! xoxo

  2. well lady i can never have too many! if you're interested just let me know! :D kaelahbee (at) gmail . com!

  3. where did u find ur background its soo cute!


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