Things I Love Thursday

Yeah yeah, I know, it's Friday... but better late than never right?! We spent yesterday traveling 12 hours all the way back home, smooshed in my Xterra so the computer was a no go. In fact, I didn't even touch a computer while on vacation! I still answered a couple of emails via my phone but I tried keeping them to an absolute minimum as it was time to relax. I did just that (and have the sunburn to prove it!) but more on that later. Here's a lovely list of wonderful for your Friday! xx

these giant fish sculptures made from discarded plastic bottles! ♥ 
♥ these candles are the best candles. ♥

this cute lady ♥ 
the smallest self governing island of Europe is the world's first Dark Sky island ♥ 

this. seriously. ♥ 
aerogel is basically "frozen smoke"... made up of 96% air! practically impossible to see or feel if you hold a small piece in your hand! ♥ 
♥ this. ♥ 
♥ this shirt. ♥ 
♥ this is my excuse for my office... ♥ 
♥ this reminds me that i need to go buy some flowers today! ♥

this bag would be perfect for bike rides ♥

Other Awesome Stuff: 
// Ever since Aizzing emailed me for a sponsor spot I've been a little bit obsessed with her blog. I only wish I had found it sooner! She's currently got a $50 Free People giveaway going on, by the way!

// One of my very best friends ever celebrated her birthday this past weekend. Go give a big Happy Belated Birthday to Susannah

// I spent a good portion of this morning catching up on Charlie's blog. She altered this awesome vintage dress (I have a tons just like it, and it's so simple!) and shared her living room mantle (I'm a little obsessed with the brown + craspedia! I miss having a brown room!)

// Wishlist Wears: This dress makes me excited for Autumn! (Y'all... it's almost July!) -- These "zig zag" enamel rings! -- Lace skater dress! (Swoon!) -- "Ladybug" flats from ASOS! -- and finally, this Kate Spade iPhone case!

// Roxy recently shared a Knotted Tshirt DIY, and then an updated version, too! This would be a super cute way to revive some old/thrifted tees for the summer!

// Speaking of DIYs, Moe recently shared a fun Floral Shorts DIY (and you can check out all of her Make It Mondays features here!) 

// This post makes me want to pack a picnic and head out to a local winery.

// IG Favorites from this week:


What are you loving this week?


  1. That first purse is adorable!! And I love the saying on gay marriage, so true!! I'm glad you have no shame in sharing your beliefs and values, you go girl! :D

    daydream frenzy


  2. that cute bird lady is soooooooo cool.
    my sis just posted that plastic bottle fish on my facebook this week, its amazing!

    Barnicles x

  3. they have almost,if not,the exact same style of zig zag ring at target!i know you're a target lover :)

    1. that is so good to know! it's on today's to do list so i'll check it out! thanks lady :D

  4. So adorable this week, hope you had a good holiday!
    Im slightly embarrassed but my goal is to put myself out there! So I started a 'new' blog, I say new as I've had one before and deleted it, and I currently just use tumblr.
    You are my inspiration, and my first project is fridays posting my favourite finds from around the web :)
    Just wanted to say I appreciate your hard work and really admire you!
    (don't look at the layout, its horrible)

    Hannah x
    ps..sorry for the essay!

    1. aw thank you so much, Hannah! so very very kind of you!
      I'll be sure to check it out xx

  5. love the cute flowers in ice cream cones. so adorable!

    and glad you had a good vacation - can't wait to see the recap.

  6. That fish is just amazing! Those flower cones are too cute too! Perfect for a little summer decoration!

    Wishing you a great weekend Kaelah!

    Xo Kayla

  7. that jefferey campbell photo with the dog is oh so adorable. and i LOVE the fish sculptures just awesome. and that fox bag i TOTALLY love to death so cute

    <3 katherine
    current giveaway ::

  8. Shut the front door! That purse is to die for!!! So incredibly cute, just brought a huge smile to my face :]

  9. That purse is adorable.


  10. Those fish sculptures are amazing! Actually, I love pretty much everything you posted this week. :) Have a great weekend!

  11. Holly Cow!! That water bottle fish is just too amazing for words!! And I love that museum photo!! hehe!
    Happy Friday Kaelah!! xo

  12. Loved the info about Sark, I've holidayed there and it's a stunning place, no cars, no noise, no nothing, just gorgeousness! xxx

  13. thanks for the shout out lovely lady. :) your "thursday" posts are swell!

  14. what a great tilt post: totally worth the wait! i LOVE that bikini top analogy and i'm kind of obsessed with Charlie's dress restyle— so cute! i'm just gonna throw myself out there and suggest we pack some finger foods and head to arrington vineyards to frolic ;-)

  15. Oh I really want one of those Clueless candles.. and that shirt with the denim!!

  16. i LOVE those clueless candles. p.s. loving my layout kaelah! thanks again!

  17. Hehehe - I really like that horse's haircut. Looks like he's going for the shaggy look. =) This post rocks!

  18. I have that fox purse. As soon as it came in the mail I ordered two so I can have one as a backup. Lol. Its the perfect day bag. I love it.

  19. My room is DEFINITELY a museum!! I love the ice cream cone vases, I might just have to try those! They'd be adorable in an ice cream cone holder on a kitchen/patio table :)

  20. those clueless candles are awesome...

    love that quote on gay marriage VS straight marriage, so true... i always say "well why cant i just walk around in my bra? its the same as my frigging bikini!"

  21. Oh wow. Those Clueless candles! Hahahahaha. And those ice cream cone bouquets are wonderful!


  22. Those Clueless candles rock my world!!


  23. Where did you find that shirt?!

  24. Ah, that fish sculpture was amazing :D and if i've never mentioned it- I LOVE the movie clueless. I grew up watching it and thinking that Alicia Silverstone was the coolest chick i'd ever seen.... Still dying for a pair of chunky heels like her and Dion war in the movie <3 Great post!

  25. Hi Miss Honey Bee,
    Thanks so much for featuring my Little Birds Dress me in the Morning photograph!! I've had a lot of great feedback since you posted it so I owe you one!!
    Extremely honored and humbled,
    Keep up the great posts too!
    From Rosie.

  26. I always love your Things I Love Thursday posts! We're probably kindred spirits because I basically love everything in them. Thanks for sharing about the dark sky island. That's really very cool!


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