Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday, honeybees! Whoa, I am a little overwhelmed with all of the awesome emails we've received in regards to the free portait sessions with Mike! Don't worry, we're going to spend part of the weekend poring through them and getting back to all of you! Don't be discouraged if it takes until Monday! Luckily Mike is off of work until next Thursday (!!!) so that means plenty of time for shoppe help, photos, listings, sales (I hope!) and all of your lovely emails! He's so very excited! We will probably have to pick and choose through some of them to just do the ones that fit into the blank spaces in his portfolio, but hopefully we can find room for all of you! They won't be happening immediately but we're going to try and meet up with as many of you as possible! (And the shoppe will be up up up soon! I know I keep saying that without putting an exact timestamp on it but that's because I've been working like a mad woman  filling pre-orders for some fun weddings for fun gals and I still have 100 fascinators to shoot, write up and list, and that's not including the hundreds of fabric bows and felt bows, too! Seriously y'all... I've been working up a storm!)

Now how about the pretty things?! Okay!

♥ this presh' kitty! ♥

♥ this whimsical picture ♥

♥ these mint books! ♥

♥ this couch!!! what i wouldn't do... ♥

♥ this! i believe it, too! ♥

these amazing remodeled barbies by Juan Albuerne ♥

♥ this shasta airflyte! i hope we can buy one one day! ♥

this amazing Adele drawing! (there are others at the link!) ♥

♥ these fabric covered pots! ♥

♥ this is my life. thanks jim! ♥

♥ this pretty blueberry lemonade! ♥

Sweet Shopping Mentions:
I've never done these before but I'm always finding sweet new items that I can't help but share! Since I'm on this self-imposed shopping ban for all of June (yow!), I feel like I need to show someone all of these goodies! 

Fabulous shoes! I know I blog about JCs all the time (can't help it!) but sometimes they're just so ridiculous that they're amazing. Same goes for some Sam Edelman pieces, too. Ya know what I mean? Some of my all-time favorites include: Jeffrey Campbell Khaki Tapestry Litas (holy moly!), JC Mindy sandal (for the gal who likes to keep her feet on the ground!), JC Cheetah print Daisy D platforms (I have them in navy/red suede!), Sam Edelman Lorissa heel in baby blue (look at those edgy spikes! They also come in nude if you prefer a neutral hue! And black! And hot pink!), 

Snazzy bags! (Most All of which I could never afford!) The Miu Miu Cervo bag is a great example of aforementioned expense!, Mulberry's Alexa bag (the most knocked-off satchel ever!), Alexander Wang's Kirsten satchel (look at all of those straps! I die!), and if you want to snag a Michael Kors Gansevoort bag of your own (like the one Mike gifted me for graduation!), now you can! (It comes in so many colors! A few of my faves: Blush (!!!), Khaki Green, and Black!)

Holy cow! Okay, I got carried away! Sadly most of these are figments of my shopaholic imagination and I can only fawn over them via computer screen, but that's okay! It's nice to drift off to dreamland occasionally! Are they too extravagant for your taste? What are some of your favorite shoes and bags?! 

What are you loving this week?

PS; Several of those shoes link over to and if you decide to buy (almost) anything from there, you can get 20% your order with the RepCode: kaelah! (If you have any problems with the code, use the promo code "Clinton" with it!)


  1. That couch is amazing and I can't help but fall in love with that yellow caravan! There are too many cute things out there. Good luck with everything to do with your shoppe (:

  2. You've been finding such great works. I've been staring at the cute gif of the kitten, the remodelled barbies and the drawing of Adele.

  3. great post! i am especially impressed with those remodeled barbies.

  4. I love every single thing in this post! Yes, yes I do. :D

  5. I freaking love that couch and Things I Love Thursday. Maybe I'll do something like this next week! :)

  6. Okay, your cat picture reminded me of the most precious video I've ever seen - and I'm a dog person, NOT a cat person, so it's really saying something. Haha.

  7. That Adele drawing is incredible! That artist is very talented.

  8. That drawing of Adele is just amazing! And Jim Gaffigan is hilarious :P I love his whole hot pocket sketch, haha. I wish I lived close enough to get some photos taken, Mike does such a great job on yours. Good luck with getting everything done! :)

  9. I'm on an avocado kick. I swear, every recipe I pin on Pinterest has avocado in it.

  10. What a fun list! <3 the Audrey Hepburn Barbie! xo, Rachel

  11. Hi Kaelah, you replied to my question on tumblr about places to recommend in Nashville for my travels and you asked what sort of things we were interested it and I replied but I think you probably missed it :) We like museums, I like good shopping areas and the boyf is really into his music, if there are things to do and places to see that you would recommend, I'd be very grateful :) thanks very much! Beth xx

  12. I love Adele - gosh, she's sooo gorgeous. And Jim Gaffigan is my comedy love. His 'Beyond the Pale' is hilarious! This week I'm loving a few things, but what I'm most excited about is the Soda Fountain Dress from Modcloth in cherry. I've had my eye on it for almost two years and finally got the nerve up to make it my first purchase with them! Now I just hope it fits! XD

  13. OOH I really want to make some of those fabric covered pots now. They'd be such cute gifts! Maybe with a ribbon around the part right below the rim? Cute!!

  14. I love the whimsical picture and the floral pots as well!

  15. That little camper is to die for! I want an airstream.

  16. Those barbies are so cool! I also love the blueberry lemonade picture and the little yellow trailor. Great picture finds, as always!

  17. Cute stuff!

    You might be interested in my (horribly neglected) Shasta blog. I promise to update this summer!


  18. oh i love that airflyte! is that the same thing as a tear drop trailer? i want one of those so bad! we love to go camping and going in style like that would be rockin'!



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