Say Hello To Our June Sponsors!

I've got a snazzy crop of sponsors as usual this month! No shortage of lovely blogs, shops and brands for you to peruse though! You might find your new daily read or something fabulous to wear! It's worth a shot, right? Please click through and say hello to each of these lovely people since they're what make Little Chief Honeybee possible! xo


I'm now accepting sponsors for the month of July (and onward)! All Extra Large slots are sold through the year but if you're interested in January or February 2012, please email me! I love supporting handmade and independent artists, as well as musicians, established brands, bloggers new and seasoned, and anyone inbetween! I'm happy to offer affordable rates for the amount of exposure gathered on the blog! If you'd like to discuss a collaboration, please don't hesitate to read over my Sponsor Info page or just email me at! Slots go fast and once they're full up, that's it! ;)


  1. Thanks for this fab sponsor post! I've gotten quite a few new followers which is awesome! :)

    xo Lisa

  2. Sponsoring Little Chief Honeybee has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it!

    Bubby and Bean

  3. Hey dear! You can delete this comment after the fact, but I was clicking through to check out Le Lapin Dor and the letters were a bit switched around in the link to their site. I googled and found them nonetheless, but perhaps do a quick fix on it for future clicks! :)


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