What's In My Bag?

It's definitely the blogger cliche... but it's a fun one! If you're a curious person at all (Let's be honest, you are! If you weren't you wouldn't be reading blogs!) then you love them! I'm a huge fan of the Tumblr version, too! So here it is! My bag.... It's always big to carry the copious amount of things I shove in it. I actually didn't include the Instax 210 even though it was definitely shoved in there. There's usually a few pounds of change, too, but I cleaned it out a bit prior. Okay, there were also a ton of receipts. I always swear I won't shove those darn things in my bag but I always find a crumpled mess. Oh well!

In My Purse You Will Find...:

  • Purse (Forever 21)
  • Random Instax Mini and 210 Photos
  • iPhone 3Gs with Cath Kidston iPhone Case
  • iPhone 4
  • Kleenex-To-Go
  • Pink Nintendo DS Lite (with Animal Crossing)
  • Instax Mini Choco
  • Instax Mini Film 2-Pack
  • Handmade Shark Make-Up Case (from a PenPal!)
  • Flip Mino HD Video Camera
  • Janky Cheapo Disposable Camera
  • Various Pens and Sharpies
  • MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink
  • SoftLips Lip Balm
  • Rimmel Lipstick 
  • Wallet with Various Cards and Wallet-y Stuff
  • Travel Sewing Kit
  • Rose Perfume from Anthropologie (So Lovely!)
  • Zyrtec (Magic Pills!)
  • Random Nail Polishes
  • 2 USB Flash Drives
  • Glasses
  • $25 and a Note from Mom To Pick Up Something
  • Great White Shark Finger Puppet
  • iPhone Charger
  • Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet
  • "You Are Beautiful" Stickers
  • Bobby Pins (I leave a trail of these!)
  • 4 Sephora Gift Cards
  • My "Little Book of Ideas" Handmade Moleskine
  • Us Weekly Magazine (I love trashy tabloids)
  • Keri Smith's Guerilla Art Kit Book

I need a smaller bag! Yikes!

What's in your bag?!


  1. I love these kind of posts! Where did you get the "You are beautiful" stickers? I need some for operation beautiful :') xxx

  2. Adorable post! I love Animal Crossing too! :D

  3. Haha, ohmygosh, you carry around some awesome stuff. Your bag must weigh, like, 15 lbs or something! :-D

    ...why do you have two iPhones?
    Your moleskine is so pretty, and the shark finger puppet = awesome!


  4. I love your bag!!! It is so colorful!! I did a post like this a few weeks ago!! :)
    PS I have that bed spread on my bed right now!! I looooooove Target!! xo

  5. And I thought I carried around a lot of stuff! Haha, love it. Do you use one of the iPhones just for music? I have an iPhone and carry around two iPods and people think I'm crazy for it... Oh, and I also leave a trail of bobbypins everywhere I go :)

  6. Haha I love this! I don't know why, but I love seeing what people put in their bag. Thanks for sharing!!


  7. I am doing a post on that today, along with a vlog! Love these posts!



  8. these are always fun, i like being nosey and looking in people's bags.

  9. If i carried a bag i would do one of these, but its usually just my wallet, full pockets or my book-bag! I love when people do these, its like I get to be nosy in a non intrusive way.


  10. haha I love those stickers!
    do you put them in random places for people to find them? I would do that :) Xx


  11. Sweet, now I know who I'm going to rob, haha. You have really cool stuff. Everything is pretty!

  12. Holy guacamole, girl!! You have like 4 times the stuff I have. Haha! Everything you have in there is so cute and awesome. Love this post! :]


  13. WOWZA! That is a lot of fun stuff in one bag! Love the stickers, the world needs more of that!

  14. Ahh! I made that shark case! Awesome!!!

  15. Haha! I lol'd when I read about the bobby pins and reciepts. I am guilty of both! Love all of the pretty colors splashed in your bag. Also loving the cameras and film! Have a wonderful day! :)

  16. Kirsten: I use it every day and loveeeeeeee it! You're so talented!!

  17. zyrtec is amazing. i would die without it.
    (well prob. not that is a bit overdramtic.)
    loved this post..prob. bc i am super nosey! :)

  18. Sephora! I love it! I love how you carry cameras around - I do the same!

  19. That's a lot of stuff. The "you are beautiful" stickers struck a cord with me.

  20. OMG! I thought I carried alot of stuff, I think you actually have me beat. I think i'm going to have to do a post like this too.

  21. those stickers are cute!
    and that's a lot of awesome stuff.
    i stress the "alot" :P

  22. you have so much stuff! how heavy is your bag :)

  23. I love that rose perfume, but never have enough dough to buy it.

  24. I love WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG pool!! I use to follow it on Flickr...I posted mine as well....lovely bag, and lovely things inside! all the things very very kawaii are always really appreciated!!!cool!

  25. what a pretty moleskine you made! l-o-v-e it. i think my arm would fall off trying to carry all of this around though! you go girl!

  26. I'm in love with how your ipod case kinda matches your bedspread.

  27. You are too adorable! i wish i had a bag that big!

  28. Wanesia my bag :))

  29. How big is your bag girl?! Oh I love these snoopy posts.

    I'm fascinated by the guerilla art kit book. Do you do much guerilla art? I'm off to google the book right now...

  30. (and it's just fallen in to my Amazon basket) (Dammit) ( :) )

  31. I love the floral phone case! Your bag is filled with neat things..especially that adorable idea book. Love having those around :)

  32. What a fun purse you have!! I love all the items you have in it, espeically your iphone cover!

  33. Oh wow, I love everything in your bag
    I too carry around my Fuji Instant Mini polaroid camera around too
    & you're iPhone cover case is so adorable

  34. Lots of cute things in your purse! xx Melody


  35. ohh i love the contents of your purse. i especially love those you are beautiful stickers. i would love to have a handful of those and sneak them in peoples purses or bags.

  36. You have such cute things! :)
    Your bag is probably super heavy like mine usually is. I posted my purse contents so then you could look at mine since you were kind enough to show yours. :)

    <3 Meggerz


  37. cute post! you completely inspired me to do my first 'whats in my bag' post! i linked back to you <3

    dreaming dandelion


  38. So that's the usual contents of a woman's bag, huh? Seems like make-up is a staple item, hehe. Have you ever wondered what's in a guy's bag? Well, it's about time that someone blogged about it. Check it out! Thanks. =)


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