Things I Love Thursday + 1000 Posts!

Lots of cuteness to be seen in this week's TiLT post! Hope you love it!

♥ this! anyone else belt out the riffs?! always! ♥

♥ these gorgeous cupcakes! ♥

♥ this hilarious proposal! (lindsay is in front!) i love the creativity! ♥

♥ this flight of the conchords scene! (miss this show!) ♥

♥ this! you know it's true! ♥

♥ this! preach! (excuse the language!) ♥

♥ this is mike as a pug! haha he loves pizza. ♥

♥ this bedroom! sadly i can't keep anything white... ♥

this pandoodle pup! (it's actually a bichon frise!) ♥

♥ this time next week i'll be on my way to this beach w/ my favorites! ♥

how exciting! we'll celebrate 2 years in just 3 months!

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  1. happy 1000th post sweetie!!! omg those cupcakes look sooo good!!!

  2. I love the tattoo preach; I said several of them to my Dad the other day and it really made him think when I reminded him that since most of my generation have tattoos, it won't be out of the ordinary to see lots of 80 year olds with sleeves and other visible tattoos because we all have them now, so we'll all have them then! Plus tattooing has come on so much in the last few years that the inks and the methods mean that if you look after them they're not going to fade like the tattoos that people got 40 years ago have now!
    And I love that marriage proposal, such a cute idea :)

  3. hahaha that pug made me crack up!! SOOOO CUTE! and so chubby lol. also the room is gorgeous, love that lace on the bed!

  4. i have ONE..just ONE tattoo..and people ask me that stupid question. good grief..!!!
    when i got it i wasnt planning on walking around naked when i am why should they care. ugh.

    i want that dog. cutest.thing.ever!!!!

    ps. happy 1000 post to your amazing blog. ;)

  5. That proposal is so clever!
    I too miss FOTC.
    I hate when people say such things about tattoos. It's like...why do you care?

  6. I LOVE Flight of the Conchords, those cupcakes (AMAZING), and the proposal! So wonderful. <3

  7. Haha. Yeah. I have been asked that about my tattoos, but they are all in places that are covered up by clothing except my ankles. I'm not going to be walking around in tube tops and booty shorts when I'm old, so nobody will see them anyway.

  8. Happy 1000th post, girl!! Those cupcakes look to die for! =D


  9. Happy 1000th post! How exciting!
    And that proposal is so sweet

  10. That dog looked scary...I feel so bad for him......................
    in other news I totally belt out the rifs AND air drum while singing...

    Congrats on 1000 posts :)

  11. Woo hoo! Congrats on 1000.

    PS - I do a wicked awesome air drum.

  12. yes! love flight of the conchords :)
    hooray for 1000 posts!!

  13. Happy 1000th! That panda dog is scary haha. I love the tattoo one.

  14. Eeeep! I posted that tattoo list on tumblr. I'm glad it speaks to you too.

  15. I really LOVE your blog!

  16. Yay for Flight of the Conchords & congratulations on your 1000th post! I just discovered your blog recently and I love it! :D

  17. Tumblr is the best for finding random amazingness.
    "Le munching" "Herp derp" Actually LOLed.

  18. Congrats x1000! I love those cupcakes, they look absolutely gorgeous!

  19. Congrats on 1000th post!
    The pandadoodle is ridiculous - ridiculosly cute! And thanks for the tattoo comebacks - always good to have a few extra lines for the narrow-minded x

  20. ONE THOUSAND? Wow! Congratulations!

    I saw that marriage proposal today and immediately showed everybody I know. It's so sweet!

  21. That favorite snack thing literally made me lol! So trueee. And happy 1000th post! Hope I can get there someday! =]

  22. I love the "the only thing I'm scared of is running out of room" fuck yeah

  23. Great round up! made me laugh and smile on a rainy Brooklyn morning!
    Have a good weekend!

  24. I'm a new reader, and I have to say I love your blog! I read back about a year and a half one night.
    I love that tattoo preach, and couldn't agree more. Everyone is always on me about mine, even though they're hidden, and not even that many.
    And funnily enough, I had that same bedroom picture in my rooms folder lol.
    Happy 1000th post!!!

  25. Congrats on reaching 1000! This post made me laugh/smile/giggle so much!

  26. That proposal is great, hahah i want to know the rest of the story!!

  27. Numero Uno: I laughed out loud at the snack cartoon. That's so me.

    Numero Dos: I'm obsessed with that bedroom. Pretty sure that if I got to sleep with tons of beautiful clothes near my head, I would have the greatest dream ever.

  28. I def belt out the riffs lol. Those cupcakes look amazing! That is by far the cutest thing I've seen so far, with proposing. That is totally true about he snacks that we all eat, its just so good lol.
    AMEN! I'ma be a badass grandma with tattoos all over my arms. :) There's nothing wrong with tattoos, the older generations are the ones that have the issues with them. That pug is adorable. Ever since I was little I have not been able to keep white clean and now that I'm older I still can't its almost impossible lol. That's why all our things in our house is black or at least the things we didn't get from garage sales :)

  29. ok, i have to tell you:i'm in love with your blog!!
    so lovely!!

  30. I love the white bedroom as well, and the last photo!

  31. Your link posts like this are always my favourite! Love them all this week. I always get excited seeing FOTC on overseas websites- Jemaine used to live in my apartment building haha. My sole claim to fame :-(

  32. "What difference does it make to you?" will forever go down as my favorite comeback to really rude questions concerning my tattoos. Because really. I'm over the dumb questions!

    I also love that animation about the chips. bahaha so true!

  33. Congratulations on 1000 posts!
    That proposal is probably the cutest I've seen!
    And that pug is so cute!

  34. i love bishon frise!!!!!!!!!!


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