Things I Love Thursday

My TiLT posts are one of my favorites to do for the week. I love looking up things that are awesome and wonderful and being able to share them on the blog! This week is full of cute... I promise! Just go see for yourself!

this amazing collection that had mike & i drooling ♥

♥ this mystical image of unis ♥

♥ this ridiculous guinea pig costume ♥

♥ this sloth! my favorite land animal! ♥

♥ this delicious looking fruit ♥

♥ this... just.. i don't even know what it is. it's cute! ♥

♥ this four-eyed friend ♥

♥ this hilarious "'shoop" of Michael Cera ♥

this bag!! i'd love to snag it for mike ♥

this bedroom! ♥

♥ this text! ♥

♥ this helga costume! hey arnold! so spot on! ♥

What are you loving this week?

PS; I'm using my Chictopia once more! Come befriend me so I can befriend you! xo


  1. That sloth is the cutest! And I love the Helga costume. Hey Arnold used to be my favorite show.

  2. Wow, the camera collection is AMAZING!
    My daughter calls unicorns "horny horses." Its quite funny especially when rolling through the store and she spots one. lol.

    I almost forgot about Hey Arnold. I totally thought she was dressed up as Candice from Phenias and Ferb. haha

    Have a great day!

  3. i also just posted my own Things I Love Thursday. it involved a vintage bike poster, a beautiful feather headband, and a turkey eating cat.

  4. these are all equally cute!! It just kept getting better as a scrolled.

    that bedding is to die for :)

  5. I wonder if I could get my rabbit to wear that dinosaur costume...

  6. I wonder if I could get my bunny to wear that dinosaur costume...

  7. Love the dinosaur-guinea pig!
    and the Kodak bag, and the bedroom. oooh. it all set my heart aflutter! so lovely!

  8. I think those are ice cubes. The kind you fill with water and freeze so that you don't water-down your own drink with melted ice.

    The cutest ice cubes ever!!

  9. hahaha! "I'm a grill". Love it! =D


  10. That Helga costume is amazing, why didnt I think of that? Oh and I looove sloths too! :)

  11. "Hey football head!" Love the Helga costume :)

  12. Whoooooaaaaa!!! Fun stuff! I pretty much LOVE all those things today, too!

  13. haha all those pics made me giggle. especially michael cera! he'd be a hot punk guy!

  14. Oh my gosh that collection of cameras is a bit special isn't it! That bag is also very special.
    But I think the Helga costume is my favourite, amazing!

  15. My father was a phototech in the air force. He started collecting cameras when he retired. He has well over 400 dating from the late 1800's to 6 months ago. He has them all out on display on glass shelves in his home office. It's an amazing collection.

    I, on the other hand, couldn't take a picture to save my life! *laugh*

  16. hahah the Michael Cera picture! i posted that on tumblr and people just cracked up & loved it, it's so silly.
    and that girl's Helga costume, so great. which reminds me of antoher tumblr (of course) comment, and someone said "Oh mah gah i love Olga"

  17. Cute stuff!! :) I *love* the four-eyed friend, and I think those cute lil octopus things are ice cubes!! Eeek! :)

  18. i saw that guinea pig in costume yesterday and thought it was too adorable. i showed my bf the picture and he asked 'where is he going?' i figured hes probably heading to a costume party.

    aaaand that sloth, i saw photos of a little guy like him yesterday and they are soo precious!

    this post is full of such great stuff!!

  19. I love that bedroom too :)

  20. Is that a cross stitched Arnoldo?!?! I want!

  21. The Helga costume is such a great idea for Halloween! haha, so cute

    Kat Skull
    Dreams Dispersed

  22. Oh my goodness! All of these pictures are adorable and that Helga costume is so hilarious and awesome. Oh and I love that camera bag, it's so adorable. And of course, the camera collection is amazing, like a dream!

  23. haha. That Helga costume is fantastic! My husband is in Mexico right now, and he told me that they still show Hey Arnold down there (in Spanish, obviously. haha). It weirded me out!


  24. doh! that michael cera picture cracked me up! can you imagine?!

  25. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Ooh takochu! That's the cute photo with the glass and the octopuses ~ they are called takochu {they're a Japanese toy} and I have crochet some mobile phone charms of them because they are sooo darn cute!

    You can see my charm here and the ones I have for sale here! ^ w ^

    I love the Helga costume too, Hey Arnold is an awesome show. > __ <

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  26. Quite possibly my favourite lineup of links ever! Have sent the Helga costume to my sister, she will go crazy for it!

  27. I loved everything as well! everything put a smile on my face :D


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