Giving Away Happiness.

I'm in love with the picture above and it really got me thinking about how random acts of kindness truly are a magical thing. It can be something as simple as holding a door open for someone with a heavy load, paying for their Starbucks order in the drive-thru, or leaving an anonymous note in a book at the library.

Simple, tiny gestures that can completely change someone's life.

I've started doing itty bitty little things such as taking my You Are Beautiful stickers (as seen here) and putting them on the backs of credit card receipts or tips that I leave at restaurants. Hopefully the server gets a smile for the day and that dollar can be passed along to another patron, a store clerk, or someone who just needs a brighter day while buying peanut butter.

Mike and I have also been known to leave anonymous notes in books at random stores (as seen above) just hoping someone would find them.

Someone paid for my drink in the Starbucks drive-thru a while back... and what a fantastic feeling it was to keep that train going and to give the person behind me a little sweetness.

So I'm curious...

What are some random acts of kindness 
that you've done for others?

What is the kindest thing that 
another has done for you?

What are some ways you can think
of to inspire others to give a little kindness?

Spread the happy!

Ps; If you're interested in getting your own You Are Beautiful stickers, contact the You Are Beautiful project HERE! I'll be blogging about the project just a little bit later!

PPS; Congrats to Jen for winning the Featured Sponsor Giveaway! I'll be in touch shortly! 


  1. someone paid for our gas once and it was a miracle. it came at a time that we were really struggling and the guy just said he had a feeling we needed some help that day! it was amazing! and from black friday to christmas I handed out slips of paper with kindness written on them every where i went! it felt amazing!

  2. Oh this just gave me the biggest smile! Love it! : ) I always stop and offer to take pictures of people who are obviously together but don't have anyone else to hold the camera for them. I figure they'd rather be in that memory together. Most of the time they love it, sometimes they get really scared though (I guess they think I'm going to steal their camera), which makes me giggle in it's own way : )

  3. Aw I love this! I always stop and offer to take a picture for people who are obviously together, but don't have anyone to take a picture for them. Most of the time they really appreciate it, but sometimes they get really nervous (as if I'm going to steal their camera or something) which always makes me giggle. I was (clearly) having a bad day the other day and this little old man at the convenience store gave me a free lollipop, it was too cute and I've never even had a doctor who's done that. Totally made my day!

  4. Awww this has really opened my eyes! Such a good idea. I'm going to think of something that I can do too! X

  5. I ALWAYS leave little notes in books for people to find and I always leave little origami birds in random places for people to find.

    I love little random acts of kindness it makes the world such a nice place xoxo

  6. i love that first photo, and as you said, it really is so true. i like your small tiny gestures that you have incorporated into your life. a friend and myself started working on a post-it campaign with small cute phrases, although we are going to probably actually go around putting them in our city when the weather finally gets nicer.

  7. i heard the best act of kindness today on the radio actually. a man called into a radio station, which was having a discussion about peoples financial situations, and explained that his family had their home and car repossessed a year ago but they were happier than ever now. He seemed like a nice man with an optomistic view on life. Within half an hour another caller contacted the show and she said she had an old car in her garden that no one used and she said that the man could have it because she loved his attitude and she didnt need it. Very rare to hear of things like that. it was nice to hear.

  8. this is SUCH a sweet post!! :) i love leaving my hubby notes in his lunch hehee! :)

  9. 2 years in a row now ive went to a site called wishuponahero and granted peoples christmas wishes its actually a great site some people are only asking for cards or someone to talk to , i had the extra money both years and sent care packages to people who needed a little christmas cheer.

    the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was when i was going to school a last minute expense came up that was $600 and i was flat broke and if i couldnt pay i couldnt go to school my boyfriend gave me the money i never asked him for it and i refused several times but he wouldn't take no for an answer and wouldnt let me pay him back nobody else ive ever know would have ever done anything that nice for me and he has never brought it up or tried to use it against me which people often do .

  10. This reminds me of a poster project I did about a year ago. I would make handmade flyer that said "You are beautiful" with little tabs that you could pull off that also said it. Your post inspired me to start it up again, it was so much fun!

  11. Pretty cool. I like the first photo!

  12. I love doing little things for people. It isn't always random, but it's still an act of kindness. I leave my husband notes or tuck unexpected sweets into his lunch. I like to get people their favorite snack and leave it on their desk. :-) Notes are great too. I used to do bookcrossing and leave notes in there. Passing on kindness almost always means the universe will bring the good back on you, at least that's how I feel.

  13. i ALWAYS leave a little handwritten note to my server (if they are good) telling them thank you and something nice. i would love it too if it were me :)

  14. One night I was out shopping and decided to stop by a Ruby Tuesdays and eat. The people at the table next to me were giving my server a hard time because he got some of their dishes mixed up and the cooks overcooked some of their food. They were complaining to the manager and talking pretty bad about him. My dinner was only $12, but I left him a $6 tip and a note. I love little random acts of kindness because I very strongly believe in karma!

  15. I love the stickers! I am definitely want to use them going forward. I enjoy paying for the road tolls for those behind me. I also want to make small donations to organizations this year. Great post!

  16. those stickers are really sweet. i'd be so happy if i found one

  17. I don't know how "random" this is but I just signed up to host a beadforlife party. The proceeds from all the necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are sold will go towards ending poverty in Uganda.
    Women in Uganda hand make all of the beads to creative beautiful works of jewelry. I feel the least I can do is donate my time to give them some hope.

  18. In june last year, my Mike and I decided to have some time off and I was really bumped about it so a friend of mine took me out. When in the bar, I went to the bathroom and when I sat on the toilet (after checking it was clean of course!) and there I found an awesome drawing in the bathroom door, I took it and I had something written on the back: "Dear stranger, this drawing is yours, please, take it if you like it." After I came out of the bathroom, a guy came up to me and gave me another drawing (it was a draw of myself!). I know it sounds kind of impossible, but it did happened. After all, what are the chances?

    My excuse is that I was so sad that the universe was aware I really needed some special art to brighten up my day!

  19. I always discount nice people at my job. I also send anonymous poems to those that lose their pets. I also print the pictures ive taken of peoples pets and send em to their homes. I always make my besties bed when I leave her house so when she gets home she has a made bed.

  20. I participated in project beautiful and thought it was really rewarding. The best thing I have done is donate hair- very warm and fuzzy.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Super cute necklace giveaway!

  21. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I like to make sure I always hold open the door for other people ~ not a random act of kindness per say, but a kindness I feel is often forgotten these days. I think one of my favorite things to do is also to chat to your shop/sales staff and ask them how their day is going.

    Having worked in retail myself there is nothing that brightens your day more then a customer that is not only polite but is comfortable chatting you. It makes the day go so much more faster when people reach out and talk to you, share a smile and well wishes for the day.

    I'll have to try the note trick though ~ it sounds like fun!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  22. I recently started my own blog and my homepage was inspired by those little acts of kindness you are referring to: I bought these cute little notes called Lost Soul Support when I was travelling in Maine and I've left them in different places over the span of 3 years. My Dad also used to pay the bridge toll for the car behind us pay for peoples movies, coffees etc. I've always done the same :) Really like your site. Kudos.

  23. Smallest act of kindness could start a love revolution. I loved this post, your blog is beautiful. (Not an act of kindness, just a thought:)

  24. Last year I counted out how many days there were until my birthday (it was 320 at the time) and wrote 320 positive messages on little pieces of scrap paper. I then went around putting those messages EVERYWHERE - dropped through the city centre, left on bus seats, even in a stall of the college bathroom! It felt nice just to think that someone found a note on a bad day and it made them feel a little better :)

  25. I seriously love how positive you are. I admire you a lot- I think you exude such positive energy, even online, and I think that's such a beautiful thing. <3

    Have a great day my dear!

  26. that is such an amazing idea! small little things like these make the world a better place :)


  27. It makes me smile when I hear some people still go out of their way to help someone out or brighten a stranger's day!
    One very snowy day this winter I was returning to my apartment complex from work, and saw a girl trying to shovel her poor car out of the snow with mixing bowls. I had a shovel in my car so I stopped and helped with the wintry excavation. Together we got it done in no time!

  28. I can't belive my eyes. YOu are sooo gorgeous! ♥

  29. Really love what you're doing - such a nice way of making a random person smile. I founded the HappyHap Project a while back ( It's a website that - based on the idea that happiness is contagious - let's you post a text blurb, video or photograph. Would love to have you or some of the commentators publish their happy hap(pening) on it!

    Keep up the great work!

    P.S. Just started blogging about HappyHap, too. Shoot me an email (myhappyhap at gmail dot com) if you'd like me to feature the "You Are Beautiful Project" in a post. Would love to do so! :)

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