Sunday Spotlight - Visual Artist: Eric Hurtgen

Today's Sunday Spotlight is an artist/designer by the name of Eric Hurtgen. Below you will find his bio from his portfolio and a sampling of his work! What first intrigued me about Eric's work was his use of color and his balance between art and design. His use of typography in his design pieces is so precise and articulate. His artwork can be busy or it can be simple, but there's a marriage of purpose and disposability about it. Chances are highly likely that you've seen some of his artwork floating around Tumblr.

"Eric Hurtgen is an artist and designer who lives and works in Charlotte, NC with his wife Amanda. Eric is a founding member of the Adah Design Collective with designer David Stanfield and is a contributer to the music and typography blog, Rock That Font. As an artist, his artwork has been featured in galleries across the Southeastern U.S."

The last piece is definitely my very favorite. I'd love to have a large print of that to hang in our home! 

If you're interested in exploring more of Eric's work, feel free to drop by his website/portfolio! 


  1. The last one looks like tiny colorful sailboats. I didn't like it at first glance but looking at it longer I can see why you would want it.
    Also, I'm moving out to TN in May! I'll have to e-mail you about it later :)

  2. There are definitely some beautiful album covers here. How on earth did you find him? :)

  3. Oh, I love the second one and the last one! So so pretty. And some great album covers. :)

  4. Ooh, I really like the juxtaposition of photographs and painted features. The black and white with bursts of color is great! Thank you so much for sharing his work!

  5. Oooh - awesome! :) He has a way with pops of color & distressing. :)

  6. he is hands down my favorite artist.
    and the nicest guy in the world
    and has a glorious beard.

  7. Beautiful albums! They're so pretty I want every one of them in my collection. I thought the Matrimony one was Kat Von D and Alexander Skarsgård at first! They look quite similar. Lovely lovely blog! ♥ x x


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