Calling All March Sponsors!

Sponsor the blog in March!

It's that time of month again! Time to take your blog or shop to the very next level by getting new exposure and hopefully a lot of new readers/customers! I'm absolutely amazed at how much this little blog has grown since January 1st! I'm constantly pinching myself! I've kept my sponsorship prices the same, however, to appeal to up-and-coming business and blogs! I'd love it if you'd snag up a spot for yourself! The extra large is already spoken for but we've got plenty of large and mediums available!

March will be EXCITING to say the very least! Not only do I have an amazing roadtrip coming up, but it's also my birthday month! I want to celebrate all month long! To make it really special, I'm offering up the biggest.prize.yet for the March giveaway! Why not make my birthday month a really great one, right?! I can't wait to show you what I mean!

If you're interested in seeing the blog's traffic or seeing the perks for sponsors, CLICK HERE! If you'd like to go ahead and reserve one for yourself then email me at KaelahBee (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. Ohh!! MEME!! MEEE! Can I do 2 months in a row?! If so, I'm shooting you some money via paypal tomorrow.

    I'm soooo happy and thankful for sponsoring February with you, it's been amazing!!


  2. can you sponsor me and i will sponsor you on my blog? if your b day is in march that meens you are pieces, me tooo!!! my b day is next saturday on the 26st and i gonna have a great party!
    love your blog


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