Congo Brownie Rollercoaster

Yeah, you see it up there. I know you do. I know you clicked on this post because you let out an audible "WTF?" when you read the title. That's how I'm going to get ya from now on! Kidding. Sort of. Can you guess who conjured up that lovely little group (read: cluster-mess) of words? Yeah, it was Mike. Who else? (I like to think I'm creative... you know... with an art degree and all. But my mind does not think like his apparently.) From now on he's totally naming my outfit posts. Where does it come from? Well... today's photo excursion was an adventure. Then again, whenever is it not?!

We piled into the car and set sail for somewhere random. A nice field, a cute old barn, anything. Our first attempt at pictures failed horribly. And my horribly I mean I rolled my ankle so hard I thought I had plum near snapped it off! Not to mention the insane amount of thorns ripping my tights and getting caught in my shoes... forever puncturing my skin. Lesson learned: Don't try to hike in wedges. Duh. (Did I say I had a college degree? Do you believe me? I'm doubting it myself...)

We were already in BFE so we decided to climb back into the car and keep going deeper and deeper into these crazy weird woods (on a road... of course). 5 miles... 10 miles... 15 miles... the road is half paved, half churt. Then it's all churt. (Churt = clay dirt... yea?). Then the churt turns into a muddy muddy mess of nothing. The hills are insanely steep... We both exclaimed how it felt like we were on some crazy strange Deliverance version of a rollercoaster (hence part of the title). Finally about 20 miles down that road we decide it'd be smart to turn around. Then our car almost gets stuck trying to just drive down the road. That is how muddy it was. We pull over somewhere we think would be good for photos and then we realize it's not. That was a horrible idea. Then here comes a car out of nowhere... Whatever. Lesson learned: Don't drive out in the middle of bum-fuh nowhere to try and get outfit pictures. 9 times out of 10 you waste gas and get lost.

In the car we go again. We opted to just go into town and make something work. So we opted for this building.. which coincidentally my Dad actually owns. I think the back of the building is pretty stellar but it definitely doesn't match the outfit. Mike felt like the tribal black and brown pattern of my dress was very "Congo-y" so there you go. Congo Brownie Rollercoaster. How was that for a long-winded explaination? COOL!

While getting lunch today, a gal approached Mike and I and inquired if I was Kaelah. Awkward me says yes and come to find out she was a freshman at my high school when I was a senior and she reads my blog! Hooray! Don't know how you found it, Allison, but I'm glad you did! Thanks for saying hi! For anyone else who sees me out and about, don't be afraid to come say hello! It's no bother but I'll probably accidentally make you feel awkward because I constantly feel like the most awkward person in the entire world. I love when things like that happens. I know I have readers and stuff, and I love every comment, email and tweet I get, but when you see someone in person and talk to them about your blog it's kind of like "Oh.. wow... yeah... my blog really does exist and real people actually read it. It doesn't just exist in pixels and desktops. Crazy!" haha

Here are two pictures from my Instagram feed! Woot! Do you have Instagram? Are we friends? If not, follow me and leave your username below! My username is the same as always: Kaelahbee!

You'll be seeing more lavender hair in the future! xo

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Cardigan: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target
Bag: Ebay
Headband: c/o Sunshine and Carousels


  1. You look amazing, as always! And I can't wait to see more of the lavender hair!!

  2. Ooooh big fan of the Congo Brownie Rollercoaster. You look cuuuuute!

  3. You look darling in this outfit! Love the title, I have always wanted to be creative with stuff like that but I'm just no good at it. haha! Oh well. At least you have Mike to help ya out. hehe! ;]


  4. i love the lavender hair! is it MVL? :)

    you're adorable!

  5. @freebirdsoul: yes it is! :D i've gotta send it back for a little bit of loving but i can't wait to plaster it all over the blog! i love it!

  6. I can completely relate to driving out into the middle of nowhere and getting lost. Any time I'm forced to take a background it turns into a disaster! And not the Congo Brownie kind, sadly!

    Great ensemble! :)

  7. Hey Kaelah! I added you on instagram! I'm a big fan!! Jen (racergirljen on instagram)

  8. I love this title and its back story. That's the sort of thing that happens to me all the time. I don't always learn from my mistakes though, haha.
    And I love, love, the lavender hair. It's a really pretty colour in general and really suits you.

  9. Love the outfit,and the setting!
    Especially love the title! Go Mike!!

  10. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I really like the background with your outfit Kaelah, I think it looks really cool. {I adore the texture of old buildings}

    I hope your ankle is okay ~ when I roll it that badly I usually end up with a sprain... : \

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  11. You look lovely, as usual. Really love your dress especially, it's such a lovely outfit. Thumbs up for congo brownie rollercoaster!
    I follow you on instagram, my username is rosietap.

  12. HAHA, I love the creative title! You look gorgeous as ever Kaelah. I also loooooooove all your different coloured wigs! I totally need some.

  13. You look gorgeous!
    The outfit is amazing & that lavender hair wig is so unique, i quite like it.
    It looks really good on you
    & your iPhone case is so pretty!!
    I want one! :D

  14. Your lavender hair looks lovely! And it's so cool that your highschool friend follows your blog! :D

  15. i am dying for that purse!!! i love love love it! just found your blog!

  16. Ooo, such a cute outfit - as always!

    Instagram is so addictive! I'm already following you, and my username is quefelicia.

  17. Ooh, lavender!

    I know what you mean about realizing that real humans read your blog, ha. At work recently, one of our clients told me she reads my blog. I was all "Oh! Neat!" and then for the next twenty minutes tried to think if I said anything weird that she might have read.

  18. Ha! You are too funny. Love the hair!

  19. As soon as I saw the title I thought, "good job Mike!" And I can see where he got the idea!

    This outfit is perfection in black and brown!

  20. I love that dress + the colors, it's SO pretty, and you in the last photo with lavender hair = total hotness!

    i love the color on you!!

  21. LOVE LOVE this outfit and with the red hair!! you look amazing!!!


  22. I think this is my favorite dress of yours!!

  23. Love love love the outfit! Your hair is amazing as well, the lavendar is so sweet.

    Instagram = awesome. RxQueenAsh

  24. I have to agree, this is by far my favorite dress of yours! I remember seeing it at Charlotte Russe, but I didn't but it cause it felt/looked really cheap. It looks awesome on you though, I probably should've bought it regardless of the chintzy material. Ugh! Either way love this outfit, you look fabulous!

  25. The red hair, well any hair color looks get on you! I love the print of the "Congo-y" dress your wearing. I think that the name of the post is so adorable. I think everyone needs titles like it! It just feels fun :)

  26. That's a super cute dress! I'm puurty sure I wouldn't have come up with 'Congo Brownie Rollercoaster' myself, but I can totally see it now! haha. Very pretty :)

  27. I started following your instagram the other day - I'm looselipssinkships

  28. I love brown on you. It is great to see you wearing different colors in general but brown I don't think I've seen before and the design on this dress is amazing. I look forward to all the lavender hair entries!

  29. i think black is so classy! i really like this outfit


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