weekend recap! (image heavy!)

so ill start off on wednesday... that night i went to my parents' house back in hohenwald. kicking off the christmas visit and all that jazz. here i am in the bathroom. thrilling, no?

i spent most of the evening just hanging out with baby G, watching tv/movies and things that i dont get to do while i'm at my own house. i especially love You've Got Mail and i watched it from start to finish without looking away. (here's fat baby G just ~chillin on the ottoman with Lacey...) Lacey is mom's shih-tzu... she pretty much hates Georgia haha

i proceeded to take a TON of photos of G while she was sleeping. she slept the entire time basically. well, when she WASN'T sleeping, she was running around like a mad woman. serious polar opposites.

this is her camping out in front of the christmas tree and waiting on santa.

her tongue will NOT stay in her mouth while she sleeps. its quite funny how it just pokes out. it gets all dry and crispy from the air... kind of like my mouth when i sleep with it open. too much info? probably. ha moving on! heres what i wore on christmas with my family.... heyyyy jessica mcclintock! i seriously love this dress. so so so so much.

outfit details:
dress: jessica mcclintock ($140)
cardigan: forever 21 ($30)
headband: same dang headband i wear in EVERY post!

we went out to my nana's house and who would've known... santa showed up! haha the little kids lovedddd it. mom played santa's little helper (sorry for the less-than-flattering photo, mom!) thats my sweet nana in the background.

every grandchild had to sit on santa's lap. it was quite humorous. this is my cousin amy. she's 8 months pregnant. crazy! look how different we are.

mike came over to my grandmother's from his parents' house about an hour away. i introduced him to everyone and he actually already knew one of my aunts and my cousin. i had totally forgotten we had gone out on the boat 3 years ago with them! crazy! we all played dirty santa (i snagged a fantastttttic cranberry candle, and mike got chutes & ladders but gave it to my little cousin kaylie) and then we headed home. my parents' went to robert's family christmas and i stayed home with mike so we could hang out, he had to leave soon anyway. he gave me my present and it was a fantastic ipod/iphone dock/charger/alarm deal. the sound is INCREDIBLE and i've been using it nonstop. after he left i turned my music up on it and i cleaned my parents' entire house. just to show a little gratitude for me staying there (i didnt get out of my pajamas at all on christmas eve so i didnt want to take advantage of their hospiality, etc). i slept and headed back to franklin saturday morning.

and some more candids of Georgia on the drive home. what can i say, i'm a proud mama!

mike met me at the house shortly after and he sat up my new computer screen/tv! look how tiny it makes my 17" macbook pro look! im in love!

after this we ate some yummy vegan spring rolls and lo mein, hung around for a bit, watched Glee and then i went to work. work was okay.. nothing major. i came home and of course mike was up in bed playing xbox haha.

and more sleeping beast...

yesterday we got up and got dressed and took G to the dog park. it was FREEZING. we had slush drinks from Sonic and i didnt even take a coat. luckily Mike had a hoodie in my car. bleh!

my new york city taxicab and my sailboat came in the mail! yay! my charm bracelet is almost full!

we ran errands, got zero some mice to eat (my snake), had a yummy italian lunch at Carrabba's, went to walmart, did all that jazz, then we came home to just kick it for a while. watched silly youtube videos, took a superrrr relaxing bubblebath and afterwards we cooked dinner. actually, mike cooked. i supervised. (read: sat on the cabinets and ate pickle sickles). we had spicy veggie blackbean burgers and some cooked veggies. my plate is on the left, his on the right. hahaha i even left like 3 veggies and he ate them. i'd call him a fat kid if they weren't all vegetables :P but it was definitely good. i'm glad he likes to cook... because i definitely dont.

then we do what we normally do.... get a bowl of dry cereal, crawl in bed and watch a movie. last night we watched the new Harry Potter. I saw it in theaters so i fell asleep after about an hour and 45 minutes. he stayed up for the remaining 45 mins and before i knew it, i woke up at 4am and it was pitch black and i didnt really know what had happened haha

so here it is, a new day, a new week. its 1:30pm and i'm still in my pjs, even though i've been awake for over 4 hours. i've tidied up my room just a little but nothing to write home about. i need to be productive but i got out my Felicity dvds and i'm thinking about watching an episode or two. mike left to go take care of some business and i didnt want to tag along. just waiting on him to get back so we can go to whole foods.

he's decided to go vegan for new years! so excited to have him on board and maybe now it'll be easier. its so hard to be vegan solo because cooking requires so much time, effort, money, etc. i'm stoked for sure :)

happy monday! hope everyone had a lovely weekend! hopefully ill have a mixtape for you tonight!



  1. georgia is so pretty!

    and so are you!

    glad you had a merry weekend.

  2. Me, the boyfriend, and my sister actually got my dad the SAME ihome thingy for Christmas. The sound really is AMAZING and it's really nice looking, too

  3. 3 things:
    -Your hair looks REALLY pretty when it's up :)
    -Baby G is adorable!
    -The Jessica McClintock dress you wore Christmas is so cute. Black lace <3

  4. rae: thank you thank you thank you! :D <3

  5. I LOVE that Georgia's tongue sticks out of her mouth when she sleeps! Soooooooo sweet!

    I'm glad you had a lovely holiday with your loved ones!

  6. sooo cute!

    my new years resolution: to learn a new language. to be happy. and to lose 20 lbs.

    best memory of 2009: seeing paul mccartney live.

  7. I know this is random, but I saw this and thought that you'd probably love it.


  8. I so want to exercise again!!! But I hate starting over. It hurts.


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