Questions Answered: Round Three!

(follow up to Round One and Round Two)

1.) I know this may be too personal, but I'll stretch the limit since people do it to me all the time, but what was your childhood like? I've always been interesting in how people grew up and what they've become.
Hmm.. my childhood. it was an interesting one (who's isn't?!)… it was really just my mom and myself… my dad kind of blew us off early on so he was in and out of my life the whole time. i went 7 years without seeing him once, and ever since i was 13 its been a very turbulent relationship. i haven't seen him in a year and a half and honestly, things are better this way. it was my ultimate decision. my mom and i fought A LOT. i mean, i guess you could expect that… i was an angry angry child… soooo much pent up emotion and anger towards my father but i'd take it out on her (unaware at the time that this was the reason). but over the years things got way better. by the time i moved out on my own, we had become best best best friends. and to this day she's STILL my very best friend on the planet. i can't go a single day without talking to her and when im in nyc i call her about 5 times a day. she's the most amazing woman on the planet and i'm so thankful for her. the rest of my childhood was just spent playing with the neighborhood boys. i was the only girl on the block so i'd have to play tag, hide & go seek and football. i loved it. i was a realllll tomboy for a long time. SUPER tomboy. i would dry-heave at the thought of a dress. true facts. but as i got older i started to reallyyyyy get feminine. and now i dry heave at the thought of jeans and i only wear dresses. amazing how things change, huh? i played sports my entire life. cheerleading from 4 yrs. to 14, volleyball from 13 to 18, and softball from 4 to 18. it was good stuff :D

2.) what exactly happened with you and adam? you say you stuck by him through the good the bad and the ugly? can you say what exactly happened it a sort of detailed nutshell?
it's about 3 hours after i originally posted this and i'm changing my answer. i removed everything i typed for a reason... i'm beyond happy with the relationship i'm currently in... happier than i've ever been in my entire life in any relationship... so with that being said, i know what happened with Adam and our falling out was supposed to happen. my relationship with him was meant to end. it was meant to end so that this could begin again. had it not been for the sequence of events in both mike's life and my own, we never would have found each other again. i'm happy and content with the way things turned out so i can only hope that adam finds someone who he's willing to be 100% honest with 100% of the time. he has the potential to be a wonderful person and a great companion... it just wasn't supposed to be me. so i end any and all things that i've ever said about him in a negative light on that note. if you missed my original answer, i apologize. but i suppose thats really just history. and that shall stay there. thanks for understanding :)

3.) How were you different when you were 16-19? Were you ever rebellious? Were you scene? Did you date a lot of guys?
man oh man oh man! boy was i ever different! in high school i definitely went through the scene phase… but it was the front end of it. like, my 9th grade through 11th grade years (2002 - 2004). not like scene is today. but i definitely did it. i remember my myspace name was "x kaelah cutthroat x at one point HAHAHAH SOMEONE ACTUALLY CAME UP TO ME AT A SHOW AND REFERRED TO ME AS THAT! WTF?! im glad i got over it. i was never really "rebellious"… i never even drank until new years of my senior year. i've only ever tried pot (and that wasn't until i was in college).. nothing else. and i don't drink OR smoke OR do any drugs or anything anymore. but i deffff had my "~wild" stage the summer after moving out on my own. i was from a tiny town so you can imagine the slight culture shock of moving to franklin/nashville, etc. coming and going as i please, all that jazz. i dated a ton of guys that summer. i never tied myself down to anyone for long. i dated mike that year, too, the first time. but it was in my freshman year that i met adam, so we dated for 3 years and only recently split. i've been with mike ever since. granted during the time that adam and i were off and on over this past year, i dated a lot of dudes, but it was nothing serious and it wasn't sleeping around or anything of the sort. just casual dating. :)

4.) My hair is fine and I don't know a thing about styling my hair! What should I do with it? I usually just put it up in a ponytail and call it a day.
lordy girl my hair is super fine too! i mean it is thinnnnnnnnerrr than bible paper! gah! its frustrating, right?! theres so much you can do for it. dirty it up a little bit and curl it, scrunch it loosely with rave hairspray, etc! i could maybe give you better ideas if i had a picture of it? i don't have to show it to everyone, but if you'd like i can post it on here and people can give their suggestions! you can block out your face if you want to, or not if you don't haha :D but it could be helpful!

5.) Do you feel like boys are better friends than girls?
not necessarily. granted i grew up with nothing but guys around so i just came to know how to be "one of the boys", but truth be told, as mike just said to me (i read this question to him) i'm SOOOOO not a fan of passive aggression… and 75% of girls are nothing but passive aggressive. like… if something's bothering you, speak up. don't get snarky behind backs and sneer and chit chat amongst people who aren't even involved… just man up, grow some balls and stand up for yourself you know? i have lots of girl friends now (more than ever before, actually), but i also have lots of dude friends. i just like being able to relax and kick it with the boys sometimes. luckily the girls i'm friends with here in franklin have the mental attitudes of guys so they don't let petty drama seep in anywhere, its so nice :D

6.) What are your biggest pet peeves?
WHEN I CAN HEAR PEOPLE EAT! OH. MY. LORD! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! mike was eating something earlier and i could hear him chew and i just shot him the death glare… I CANNOT STAND IT! i feel like it makes me a bad person because i'm so intolerable of this.. but whatever. and when people scrape their forks and spoons in their bowl/plate… HELLO! FOOD WILL NOT MAGICALLY REAPPEAR BECAUSE YOU ARE SCRAPING TO THE BOTTOM OF THE EARTH! YOU ATE IT ALL, PLEASE STOP NOW! typically thats really it. i just hate hearing people eat food. :) [/end rant!]

7.) what's your favorite thing about yourself?
physically, mentally, etc? physically i like my lips. i love the shape and the slight pout. idk i just like them. and mentally…. my new optimistic attitude that i've managed to find over the past year or so. seriously… i'm able to hand stress and stuff SO MUCH BETTER. its so nice! :D thanks for asking this though.. sometimes i only concentrate on the negative stuff (i have my days where i doubt myself substantially) but this question helped me realize that i need to use that new optimism and focus on the good :D

8.) You wear your style with such confidence, are you confident with the way you look? I mean i know everyone has some flaws, but explain how you feel overall.
like i said in the question above, i def have days where i just doubt myself completely. i get super self conscious and i'm worried about how i look to other people and how i feel about myself… whether its body issues or intellectually… sometimes i just do not feel up to par. sometimes i wear things that even I am like WTF AM I WEARING?! AM I REALLY GOING TO ATTEMPT THIS?! but i just do it… the key is to fake it until you make it. even if you're questioning what you're attempting to do… don't ever let anyone else know that. don't let anyone else see the insecure side of you because then they'll focus on it. if you make them think that you're nothing but confident, they'll never second guess you. i promise this is true. how do you think i made it through high school and managed to snag Best Dressed senior year? i promise… some of the crap I wore makes me cringe to this day! :D

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