Questions Answered: Round Two!

Here we go! A follow-up to Round One!

1.) How come Adam is such a prick about giving you your money back?
Gosh, I wish I knew. He claims he "doesn't have it"... but the truth is simple, he does. He manages to fly to Las Vegas and he bought his plane ticket for Nashville, and apparently he's going to Indiana? I dont know... It's better that I don't comment on things like that. He's shown time and time again he's just plain irresponsible with his money. He thinks he can get away with not paying me if he drags it out long enough. He's done this before. When we first broke up he owed me a couple hundred and it took him OVER SIX MONTHS to give me barely half of it. yeah. I'm not letting it go that long this time. If every red cent, and my belongings, aren't forked over the day his plane touches down in Nashville, the good ol' justice system will be involved. I've already warned him that I do not say this in vain. I've taken it upon myself to speak to a couple attorneys thus far to basically test the waters and all systems are a GO.

2.) What make-up do you use?
Here's the general breakdown:
- Primer: FreshMinerals Smoothing Prep Primer (I SWEAR by this stuff!)
- Foundation: MAC Moistureblend in NW25.
- Powder: Maybelline Mineral Power in Light 3.
- Blush: NARS Orgasm or CG TruBlend MicroMinerals in Natural Rose.
- Face: Sephora 3-piece Face Sculpting Kit
- Eyeliner: MAC pencil in black.
- Eyebrows: CG Eyebrow Pencil in Henna Brown.
- Mascara: Maybelline XXL Extensions
- Lips: MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink & MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup.

3.) Could you do a picture post with all of your tattoos and why you decided to get them? Even if there's no cool particular reason, I'd like to see 'em up close!
I'm planning on doing this for this coming week's Tattoo Tuesday because I've had SO many people ask so check back! I have a session scheduled for Monday so hopefully I'll have more work on my sleeve to show!

4.) What's your opinion on sex before marriage, and I guess along with that, are you religious/spiritual at all?
I don't think you should go around just sleeping with any and everyone, but I don't necessarily think you should HAVE to wait until marriage. It's all about where you are as a person, couple, etc. I've seen both extremes. I've seen individuals parade around and sleep with any/everyone. I've also seen people who wear their virginity like some kind of gold robe. Granted, the people I've experienced who have chosen to wait were often times very self-righteous. I've known people who let sex be the driving force to get married. And if that's the case, what's the point?! If it came down to it, divorce is more devastating than pre-marital sex. And I consider myself a Christian, although I'm far from the ideal/best/whatever. I consider myself way more spiritual than religious, however. But honestly, I just have an open mind to any/everything. I'm a student of the universe, and that's the best way to put it.

5.) Do you ever regret getting back together with Adam the second time around?
No, even after all the bullcrap and drama and heartache, I don't regret. It's unfortunate that he turned out to be the person that he is, but that's life. People grow up (or fail to) and change. I'm ever-changing and it's so very safe to say that I'm far from the same person I was when I started dating him at age 18. I give people the benefit of the doubt. That's just in my nature. I try to see the good in every person (and often-times fail to see the bad, ever). I will never regret that part of my personality. I've just grown to learn that not every person is what they say and I have to use proper judgment. The three years I spent with Adam taught me how to handle relationships, friendships, dishonesty, living with another person, sharing my life, and letting go. Those are experiences that I would never want to be without. But in the same respect, I also now know that I will not tolerate ever being treated or manipulated like I was with him, ever again. It's always a learning experience. I feel a little bit upset in the way that I let many amazing opportunities and many amazing men walk right out of my life because I wasn't willing to give up on Adam. But that's all in the past and I'm so so grateful for where I am currently in my relationship with Mike, my family, and my friends. It wouldn't have been possible if Adam hadn't been in my life. It's a true testament to my loyalty, though. If I think something is worth it, I'll fight for it until I have absolutely no fight left in me. :)

6.) How do your friends feel about Adam versus Mike?
Well, it's pretttttty safe to say that my friends were NOT fans of Adam towards the latter half of our relationship. They had seen the good, the bad, and the down-right ugly. Granted all of them seemed to like him in the beginning. But its just like anything else, the veneer begins to wear thin and true personalities start to emerge. Every single friend, with the exception of one (who i still love dearly), was against me ever getting back with Adam. Many begged for me to break it off long long ago. But I stood by his side every time he came calling and needed direction and purpose in life. I used to think they just didn't want me to be happy. And I truly truly wanted things to work out with he and I. I thought I had met my soul mate. Maybe I had. Maybe I had met my soul mate, but just as Eat, Pray, Love states, a soul mate is not one who sticks around forever for its too painful. It was just that. As I started my "new life" without him, people could see the difference. I wasn't always on edge, I was happier, I was way more optimistic, etc. Then Mike came back in my life and ever since I've been all smiles. I'm trying to implement the things that Adam taught me through our relationship into my relationship with Mike. My best friend Bryan has a note in his wallet, and I have a matching one in mine, that says "Relationships are a compromise".. Amazing. I see it every day and I work towards that in every relationship... be it with a boyfriend, a best friend, a neighbor, or my family. Elle made mention the other night that Mike was by far her "favorite of my boyfriends" so this is good news. He has a positive aura about him and I love showing him off. It's been a pleasant transition. :)

Hokay! Sorry that was long! In total thats 10 questions answered thus far! woo! Feel free to ask an anonymous question HERE and I'll post it/answer it soon!



  1. thanks so much for posting what kind of make up you use! i'm a natural red head, but my eyebrows are a lot darker. i've been wanting to try out a pencil to fill them in, but i haven't found anything that looks natural. i've looked at covergirl's henna brown pencil several times, but thought it might be too brown. buuuuut, now i'm gonna try it! thanks lady!

  2. I was so pleasantly surprised by the color and quality! Especially for the price! It's the perfect shade for me :D <3

  3. hey I'm Christian and more-spiritual-than-religious too =) I def agree that there are worse things than sex before marriage. Not that it's not a great thing to strive for, but self-righteousness and other vices can often be worse. (/end rant, lol)

    thanks for the makeup recommendations, i've been looking for some new stuff to try :)

  4. i couldn't agree more, melinda! :D and yes yes! let me know how you like any of it!

  5. I'm friends (on again, off again) with my ex-boyfriend of 3 years. He used to be a really beautiful person and over time he just started to treat me horribly. My friends think I'm crazy for always giving him so many chances to remain my friend but I'd rather wait and help him become the person he used to be. I love reading about you and Adam because it's definitely encouraging to know that I'm not the only one out there doing this


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