Questions Answered: Round One

Out of the submissions there have been so far, I wanted to break down the questions into WAY smaller groups and handle them that way as opposed to having 20+ q&a in one post.

Here we go!

1.) If i email you will i be totally embarassed? :P
No way! There's absolutely no reason why you should be shy or embarassed to email me! About anything! Receiving emails from my readers is hands down my favorite part of my blog. Honest! And if you're still self-conscious about it, make a new/anonymous gmail account and email me from it! :) I promise I won't be creeped out or anything like that! I love emailing new people back and forth! I hope you decide to! (kaelahbee at gmail dot com)

2.) It's pretty apparent that you really love fashion, do you ever draw your own sketches or designs that you might one day want to make into a collection?
I spent my entire first year of college as a Fashion Design + Merch major, and after many many stressful nights in the sewing lab, I realized it wasn't my true passion. I do love doodling outfits and things like that (who doesn't?!) and we ALLLL know i LOVE clothes! haha But I'm perfecting my sewing skills (at least attempting to) with the intention of opening my own independent retail store at some point in my life. I'd love to have a small store with independent labels and maybe some of my own stuff eventually. I definitely definitely see it in my future. :)

3.) What are some things you do on days where you don't have much self esteem/don't feel very beautiful? In other words, how do you channel your inner confidence?
This is a really good question because believe me, I definitely have those days. As silly as it sounds, something as simple as curling my hair for no occasion whatsoever usually helps a little. Granted, its a vanity thing, but it feels SO nice to just dress up for myself. I've said it in another post before, but i like to dress up for ME. because I AM THE OCCASION. (click HERE to read the post... it's hands down one of my top 3 posts I've ever made on this blog). And upon knowing that I don't need anyone else to give me a reason, I also realize that absolutely no one else is responsible for my feelings. So I pick my chin up, put on my favorite dress, spend extra time on my makeup and hair... even if all I have planned is cleaning my room. It gives me an extra pep in my step. I lost that a little bit this semester towards the end because it was so stressful, but when I managed to "woMAN-UP" then i felt a lot better. maybe thats just me :D sorry that answer was SO. DRAWN. OUT. haha <3

4.) what's you fav drink at house parties? and fav shots at the bars?
Conveniently enough, my favorite drink and my favorite shot are both the same. Just add ice! haha I drink New Old Ladies (Which is: 3/4 oz Crown Royal whiskey, 3/4 oz Peach Schnapps, and a splash of Sweet & Sour mix). Typically I use 90 proof Peach Schnapps at home, and double the whiskey, so one drink is the equivalent of 3 to 5 drinks. But I also like straight Sailor Jerry, or Tequila. :D

Some other things that really caught my attention in the formsprings were people's favorite/least favorite and things they'd like to see here in my blog. One person said their least favorite part was if/when I talked about Adam, but that they understand that this is a place to vent so it was okay. And they're so very right. Thats where I stake my claim to my blog and my free speech, but I don't mean to offend anyone really, or even speak badly of anyone. I try to reign in what I say and how I say it as to not cause a bigger commotion. Adam is my past. He is what "was"... and I'm happy to say I'm over that. But until he manages to tie up the loose ends, he's still present in my life. However I can promise you that as soon as he forks over my money and my belongings, its soooooo long, buddy! :) I've been meaning to let my post out from the queue about the whole ex/current bf situation so maybe I will tonight. I need to ~edit.

Another person said they wished I updated more like I used to, and they'd like to see more personal entries. I'm happy to say that that is my plan! So sorry I've been so wishy-washy with it as of late, but I'm back! I promise! and Mike has given me the a-okay to include him in on the posts, seeing as he's such a big part of my life now it's only appropriate.

And last but not least, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the kind words y'all have said. I'm so very glad you can relate, or if you find something inspiring, or anything to that degree. You make me feel better about my ridiculously long, drawn out posts, and you make me want to update more! So thanks again! You are all fantastic!

I'll do Round 2 soon! If you'd like to ask me anything, share your favorite/least favorite parts of the blog, or just say something (constructive criticism is welcome!), feel free to CLICK HERE and fill out the formspring! Remember, its completely anonymous! or you can leave a comment, or email me! (kaelahbee at gmail dot com)



  1. One reason I like your blog is that you're so sweet and down-to-earth! The personal posts are usually my fave.

    Ooh, and you find the coolest-looking interiors (yay tumblr!).

  2. aw thank you melinda! thats so sweet of you! <3 <3 <3


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