Two-Day Recap!

I suppose I'll use this entry to update about the occurrences of yesterday and today. Yesterday we woke up (10 again. gah!) and headed out to do all the errands we didnt manage to do on Monday. we were all over the place. the mall, walmart, barnes & nobel, etc. I managed to finish all my christmas shopping though! I had a beautiful family tree-thing engraved for my Nana and finished up the stockings for the dogs (yes, i'm one of THOSE people). we ate at genghis grill for lunch AGAIN.. the second time in 3 days. haha we came back home around 5pm and were EXHAUSTED. we did the usual routine. i took care of blog stuff, we baked yummy cookies, we made dinner, big ol' bubble bath and then we watched 500 days of summer. we've gotten pretty routine in watching a movie every night before bed. i like it. I let yesterday stress me out a lot for no reason. I started thinking about NYC and BUST and my career, i freaked myself out. i received my internship evaluation in the mail from BUST and i got nervous. luckily it said wonderful things and then i cried. i cried a lot yesterday. it was just one of those days i suppose. i was happy, but at the same time i was so worried that i wouldn't get a job at BUST and if you know me at all, you'll know that that is the single publication i am INCREDIBLY passionate about. sometimes my thoughts wander but when i pick up an issue its like it smacks me in the face and screams 'YOU NEED TO WORK FOR THIS PUBLICATION!' bleh. i'm going to own my 2nd internship this summer though. every ounce of passion i have will be poured into that office.

after cookies and baths and dinner and the movie, i managed to lay in bed with mike and just start sobbing. lordy. i think it frightened him a little at first but it was like i was feeling all of these emotions and all i could do about it was cry. i was happy... SO happy... but the only way i knew how to convey that was to sob like a fresh-from-the-womb baby. it was one of those self-realization moments... where you just KNOW. needless to say yesterday was a ridiculously emotional day. i was drained. so we slept.

this is what i wore yesterday: i didnt want to wear jeans but mike suggested that i do... so i obliged. i felt awkward all day but whatever.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Forever 21 ($25)
Cardigan: Wet Seal ($20)
Jeans: Charlotte Russe ($30)
Shoes: Flip Flops from Old Navy ($2.50 holla!)
Necklace: For Love 21 ($8)

Here was my yummy food from Genghis Grill. You can see Mike's in the background too haha We're both huge fans of the mongolian stirfry.

Mike while we were waiting for our food at lunch.

And a few pictures of lazy baby G last night. she was sooo dead to the world!

The alarm was set for 10am yet again but i so cleverly turned it off and we woke up at 11:30. Much to mike's surprise, that is. I woke up to the sad realization that today was again "just one of those days"... One of those days where I doubt myself and I hate the way I look, etc etc. I'm not sure why. Granted, we all have those days, I know. But I was just sad for no real reason. I felt bad because it's been apparent all day. Mike even asked me in a store what was wrong several times and I finally just said "I just don't like me today"... meh. I guess I'm just ready for today to be over :) We got ready, headed out and went to Green Hills Mall where I bought him an iPhone 3g for Christmas at the Apple store. he was able to upgrade so it was way cheaper. We got the heck out of that mall because its way too dangerous for my bank account. We went to Nashville West where I took my curtains back to World Market that were a few feet too long. Then we headed to his house so he could pack his bags for his Christmas visit to his family's place. We came back to Franklin and ate a super late breakfast/late lunch/early dinner at Garcia's. His brother, Ryan, came to join us. I suppose we were there for a little over an hour or so and they dropped me off at my place and now i'm getting ready to head to my parents'. gah. go go go! I have so much to pack and get sorted and organized and loaded into the car... not to mention Georgia has to fit in there, too. bleh! having a tiny two-seater car is NOT practical people! especially when you dont have a trunk!

Here's what I wore today...

Outfit Details:
Dress: Rodarte for Target ($40)
Tights: Walmart ($5)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($24)
Shoes: Vintage from Southern Thrift ($8)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($6)

I think Mike might come back before we both head out (I'm making him a cd) and we might take a nap. I dont know why i'm so beat! I hope you're all having a fantastic Wednesday!


ps; whoever left this in my formspring, THANK YOU. so so so much. I read it last night after I had my little breakdown of the sorts and it seriously made me feel a million times better. those are SUCH kind words for someone to say, especially when you merit no recognition for them (anonymous). i've never purposely ignored someone who has sincerely tried conversing with me, so please say hello! i'm so sorry if i've missed you in the past! thank you again!

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  1. you look adorable! i love your puppy and your dresses.

  2. You look good in jeans! Love all the pictures and all your outfits. I love that most of the outfits you put together are well under $100 and the stores you get them from are available to everyone (one of the perks of living in Tennessee I guess lol).

  3. Omg that that pet peeves thing you wrote about made me LOL IRL. My ex use to chew really loud when he would eat it drove me insane. I thought I was the only one who hated when people did that :P

  4. I'm with you on the hearing people eat thing. It REALLY grosses me out. Today I could hear my sister smacking her gums and it reminded me of the REALLY horrible roommate I had last year and you could ALWAYS hear her chew. It was sooo gross.

  5. It's so weird seeing you wearing jeans. I love that blue dress on you. I saw it in Target yesterday and just drooled over it.

  6. Shea: thanks! i really like to find things that are super affordable and mix&match them, i suppose. my style is so ever-changing still so it's hard for me to invest a lot of money into something i may not like in a few weeks or months :D

    catheaven: girllll you are SO not alone! mike and i went to world market today and i could hear a guy smacking his candybar or whatever from 2 aisles over basically! i got sooo annoyed! haha

    Seletha: haha mannnn i had a roommate like that! and to top it off, she'd SMACK real loud when she'd kiss her boyfriend, too! I COULD HEAR IT THROUGH 2 WALLS AND A CLOSED DOOR! ughhh!

    Stephanie: isn't it?!?! i feel SO awkward in jeans now! not to mention my butt looks like the size of texas in jeans hahaha but thanks about the dress! im in LOVE with it! :D

  7. i meant to ask this in my formspring but i forgot: is mike going to go with you to NYC or is it going to be a long distance relationship?

    whenever i hear you mention NYC and Mike in the same blog i always say to myself "oh no! what about their relationship!?"

  8. gwendolyn: well i'll be moving back for almost 3 months this summer (may-august) so he'll stay in nashville for that time (georgia is going to move in with him haha) and he'll probably come visit for a week or something maybe while i'm up there. but we've talked about my permanent move the following year (sometime in 2011) and we're both pretty much in agreement that he'll move with me. :)

    im fairly confident things will be fine for the few months that i'm gone even though we wont be physically together. we both have macs so video chat will be a must. we'll make it work :) i have no doubt in my mind. i'm grateful that we have a lot of trust in our relationship where we both missed that in previous relationships :)

  9. thats so awesome.

    I made long distance relationships work myself..but mostly it was me who wanted to make it work but he guys get impatient with the distance..but thats so awesome that you guys are gonna make it work.

  10. yeah i've defffinitely experienced that. it'll be a test but i think it'll be a good one :D


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