Maybe I should start where I left off... last night I had to work so off I went... the weekend grind. I guess I shouldn't complain TOO much... I mean, I only work 10 hours a week. I definitely feel sympathy for retail workers this time of the year. My heart goes out to you if you're one of them! Having to bear the brunt of holiday frustrations, then following it up with less-than-satisfied shoppers who return almost everything they're given. my oh my! the bar is an interesting place this time of year. We stayed fairly busy, which was good, because the night FLEWWWW. However the end of the night wouldn't be the same if we didnt have a huge fight break out. Luckily I was able to calm some people down and after explaining it to my mother, I dont feel like typing it all out again. haha.

Here are two pictures from last night. I was trying to decide at work if I liked my hair better down, or with my bangs up in a pomp. Everyone seems to choose pomp, but i really just feel like i have a seventeen-head haha. awkward, i know.

I sped home and Mike was already asleep. He had tried fixing my sewing machine while I was at work but no dice! Sad! We both went straight back to sleep and I slept an amazing 10 hours. gosh! We finally got up at 1pm. Sooo lazy! It made up for my lack of sleep Friday night. We got dressed and went about our day. Went to PetSmart (where a Chinese Crested bit Georgia on the face! She was bleeding so we brought her home), went back out and went to Lowe's where I bought my parents a giftcard seeing as their week can't be complete without a trip there (they're currently remodeling so it'll come in handy). After Lowe's we went and ate at Genghis Grill (mongolian stirfry) because 1) i love it 2) mike had never eaten there before and 3) it's super easy to eat vegan/vegetarian there. He loved it and we went to the mall. Mike bought some new plugs and I got two new pairs of shoes (I'll post photos soon!). (I feel like this post is like the Asian lady at the drive-thru in Dude, Where's my Car?... "and thennnn.... and thennn..... and then and then and then!" haha). We went to walmart and got some groceries, some yummy new hazelnut candles, etc etc, then Target where we bought Four Christmases. Now we're at home where we made dinner and we're about to watch the movie. We were going get The Hangover, too, but it's sold out EVERYWHERE! GAH! I mean i know it's a good movie people, but dannng!

Here's what I wore today (excuse my faces in the photos, i look absolutely stupid haha) And a picture of mike, too! So you can put a face with the name. yay!

Several people have said in the formspring that they like when I post outfit photos and a run-down of where everything is from, so please excuse the fact that they're iphone photos, i just dont have the patience to get my tripod and all that jazz, and granted I could have mike take them, but i lost my memory card reader for my camera. need to buy a new one this week!

Outfit details:
Dress: Target ($20! win!)
Tights: Target ($7)
Flats: Walmart ($9)
Cameo Brooch: Forever 21 ($5)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($6)

Here are some ridiculous photos of baby G about three minutes ago... What can I say? I'm a proud Mama Bee!

Peep the cut on her lip from the mean mean dog at PetSmart today. :( Georgia has NEVER snapped at anyone, any dog, any cat, any animal EVER. She's soooo friendly so she wanted to say hello to this dog and it just flipppped its lid. sad baby G. luckily she isn't actually hurt. It never really even fazed her.

Now we're going to go watch our movie! Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are hands down two of my absolute favorite actors ever! I love this movie.

Who are some of your favorite actors? And what are your favorite movies?!

xo happy sunday!


  1. ok first off i have to say YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS!!!! i LOVE it! I hope that doesnt make me sound creepy.. secondly your puppy is adorable, my rottie would be kissing all over her! Hangover was pretty good, Inglorious Basterds is the best though!!

  2. oh my thank you! :D its really quite the birds nest haha! mike really wants to watch inglorious basterds, so we'll probably try to do that sometime this week! :D

  3. Awww poor doggy :(

    I love your outfit!!!!!! looks amazing! And aww you guys look cute together <3

  4. Aww that sucks about the dog attacking your baby. I work at petsmart >_< It hasn't been SUPER crazy then again there's only like 250 thousand people in this town. You and your boy look so cute together! :)

  5. I just wanted to say that I read your whole blog, and I loooove it! I am now all caught up on everything and I can't wait to read more :) You're seem like an awesome lady, and your puppy is too cute!

    I just wanted to say hi <3

  6. CupcakeSniper: thanks lady! :D

    catheaven: thank you! petsmart is one of my favorite places! everyone knows Georiga by name haha

    Emilie: aw wow thank you so much! thats so incredibly kind of you! :D so glad to have you as a reader! <3 <3


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