i'm backkkkkk!

so i've been sitting here pondering what on earth to write, even though a plethora of events have occurred over the past few days. luckily i can say this... I AM DONE WITH THIS SEMESTER! yesterday was my first full day of freedom and i loved it. though i must admit, i've found myself saying "what on EARTH am i supposed to do with all of this 'free time' stuff?!? free time?! I HAZ IT?!" yeah.. anyway. after class on tuesday i skipped out on some beers with kayce & merissa (which i wish i would have gone to, but ah well) and went straight to hobby lobby. i mean... STRAIGHT to the hob. its funny because as art students, we spend SO much time there.. but buying matboard, exactos, etc... it felt good to go and just buy crap i wanted to buy. and boy oh boy did i! i got sooo much stuff. well over $300 worth of goods for $115. so much decorating stuff for my room. which i then drove straight home to and demolished. i pulled every piece of furniture, every painting, every single knick knack down and rearranged. i'm proud that i did it all by my lonesome, too! it looks SO good now! i love the layout so so so so so much more! i put up my canopy again and everything! i wish i had prettier carpet... oh the joys of renting! oh well. its far from finished but i took several photos of it... but then my nikon died so those must wait. until then, heres a photo of my bed setup thus far. i still have many plans for it and i dont want to disclose them just yet, but soon!

yesterday i spent the first part tidying up my room and such, then i headed to west nashville to get mike and we ran some errands and such. bought all new pillows (yay! they're like my favorite thing ever!) and we got stuff to make dinner. came back to my house and i cooked us a yummy veggie pasta casserole. it turned out perfect considering i hvaen't made it in ages and its straight from memory. about that time AJ, bryan, elle and kayla all appear. we made a run to the liquor store and the festivities commenced. i'm really not a big drinker, at all. but it felt nice to just relax and kick it with my most fantastic roommates and such. well, apparently i forgot that i had bought 90 proof peach schnapps as opposed to 30 proof, and i proceeded to make double new old ladies for mike and myself. after 2, i was done for. we played spoons and all had a merry good time. at least, it was merry until we decided it was time for bed, then me and the bathroom floor got reallllllll familiar with one another. apparently i never got sick, so says mike, but i was pretty persistent on the fact i was going to. i think he said i may or may not have fallen asleep [read: passed out] sitting indian style in my bathroom. i think i just got too hot and felt woozy. heh. good times. no more 90 proof for me! but mike was utterly fantastic. he took care of me and got me water and a wet towel, etc etc etc. he was brilliant. so thankful for him. next time i wont' be so careless and silly.

i'm not sure if i ever posted my sweaters from the ugly sweater party last week! this top one DOES indeed say BARBIE on the side chest. yep, thast right. definitely picked up this piece in the kids section at goodwill. i'm amazed it actually fit but i pretty much love it. i wore it half of the night. then the other half i wore the one below it. it was insanely comfortable and fit me perfect. i may or may not wear it in public again. ha.

and just because i haven't posted a photo of baby G in a hot minute, here you go. snoozin'.

another thing, i just want to say a big thank you to everyone who commented on the last post and/or sent me an email. it was nice to hear your opinions and i'm glad i'm not legit crazy for "moving on so quickly"... hmm.. i'll save that for another post! :D

so glad to be back! i'm going to be posting a giveaway here shortly and i may even make it to Things I Love Thursday! <3



  1. the Barbie sweater is NOT an ugly sweater at all haha.

    and your bed is ah-mazing.
    i cant wait to move out (again) and get to decorate my own place :D
    cant wait to see the photos

    p.s. WELCOME BACK!

  2. haha im glad someone else agrees with me on my barbie sweater! i oh so love it! <3 <3

  3. your bed looks so comfortable and inviting. and i feel like georgia's personality really shows in the pics you take of her, haha. so lovable.

  4. shes great until you wake up and realize she chewed up one of your shoes and one of your boyfriends haha i love her dearly. just gotta break her of that habit! :P

  5. wow you did a beautiful job on your room!!

  6. ohhhh man, that barbie cardigan is so amazing. im really jealous, its like..wonderful. i love it!

  7. this is so random but i am having a wonderful time going through your old posts. it is really inspiring to a beginner blogger. thank you!
    i had one of those netting bed things before my cats pulled it down literally every time i left the house. ahh, kitties...


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