So Mike and I did this thing this morning, where we set an alarm for 10am, thinking we'd be responsible adults and wake up.. yeah... I turned that crap ooooffffffff. It didnt even phase him but when he shook me awake at 10:30am, i wanted to throw fists. Mannnn I just wanted to sleep. But lazybones had to get out of bed We got ready for the day, I made breakfast and coffee and off we went! We left at noon and didn't arrive back home until 8pm... we drove about 100 miles... but never got farther than 5 miles from my door... truth. We were go go go! Mall, walmart, lunch at Blue Coast (yumm veggie burritos & fruit tea!), tj maxx, best buy, kroger, liquor stores, shell stores, coldstone, j alexanders, man oh man it was never going to end! but enough of the grumble, it was a wonderful day and productive (though I still have a list over a mile long.... bleh! ha) Here's what I wore:

Outfit Details:
Dress: Target (Clearance! $14 hayyy!)
Tights: Target ($7)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe ($33. New & got 'em them in black too!)
Brooch: Forever 21 ($5)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($6)
Cardigan: Forever 21 ($30-ish?)

and another photo of mike and myself.

another new charm came in! My lighthouse! It matches the lighthouse tattoo i have on my upper arm of my sleeve! yay!

So.. I feel like I should explain something really quickly... I LOVE PARTY DRESSES. i'm serious. i look for any excuse to buy one. I have an entire closet full of them. And I love Jessica McClintock dresses for the price! gah! So I stumbled upon the black one in Macy's and fell in LOVEEEE! It was 25% off so naturally I had to have it. We ran back to the JM store so i could see what else was available then i fell in love with the pink one. It's almost a throwback 50's style but still modern and adorable. not to mention its my FAVORITE SHADE OF PINK EVER! i tricked mike into going back to macy's with me and i bought the black one too. it was $195 in the store, $155 in macy's, 25% off that, then i saved AN EXTRA 40% with my Macy's card. I GOT THE $200 DRESS FOR $80! win! the pink one was $150 but I'm in love with it and i'll wear it tons. Mike literally wanted to physically remove me from the mall. Tell me what you think... The pink one I'll wear to my extended family Christmas, and then the black one is for New Years :D

then I tried on this adorable dress at Macy's, too. It was $45 and way too big in the actual waist of it so I couldn't get myself to buy it. Although i did indeed love it. I wish it would've fit better.

We ate vegan spring rolls and lo mein for dinner and I ran a bubble bath and then i used an entire 70 oz thing of bubble bath in the running water.... then i used the jets in my jacuzzi... turned ALL THE WAY ON.... the bubbles overflowed my entire bathroom. it was like one of those movies where you see all the suds spew out of the washer.. yeah, that happened. IT WAS AWESOME. and i plan on doing it again tomorrow. so i will take photographic evidence of this. hahaha it was SO MUCH FUN.

now we're going to crawl into bed and watch The Hangover because Mike has never seen it and I finally got my hands on a copy at Best Buy. 500 DAYS OF SUMMER COMES OUT TODAY! Totally going to go buy it when we wake up! Tomorrow is going to be SO HECTIC AGAIN! but it'll be well worth it!

Happy Monday. Or should I say Tuesday?! <3 Questions Round 3 coming tomorrow I hope!



  1. Oh my god! I absolutely LOOOOVE that pink & black lace dress. I love anything with lace :)

    Jessica McClintock = AMAZING!

  2. thank you thank you thank you! :D i love me some dresses! :D

  3. those dresses are too cute!! my life goal is to swim with great white sharks too!!!

  4. the pink and black dress is adorable

  5. thanks girls!

    and thats awesome sandy!
    you should deffff let me know if you ever do it! im trying make it happen!

  6. seeing you happy in a relationship again, gives me hope.

  7. thank you, anonymous! it should! it most certainly should! theres absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be more-than-happy with someone who treats you beyond amazing! <3


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