ITS ABOUT TIME, AMIRIGHT?!?! so I didn't have time to do any album art for this one, i'm sorry! and honestly, it was thrown together last minute but they're all fantastic songs and hopefully i'll be over the whole holiday hullabaloo by next monday! we've literally been going non-stop all day! but i'll save that for our daily roundup!

here's the tracklisting for the album!

12-21-09 MIXTAPE!
(Click On Title To Download)

o1) YACHT - Psychic City
o2) CARBON LEAF - What About Everything?
o3) FROU FROU - It's Good To Be In Love
o4) MARGOT & THE NUCLEAR SO & SOs - Skeleton Key
o5) KINGS OF CONVENIENCE - I'd Rather Dance With You
o6) YACHT - Your Magic Is Real
o7) THROW ME THE STATUE - Moonbeams
o8) BEACH HOUSE - Heart And Lungs

Enjoy! Let me know how you like it! Songs #1, #2 and #4 are my favorites currently!


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