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sorry i've been so absentee! this weekend was go go go! mike and i spent saturday thrifting and shopping in west nash and then yesterday we drove down to my parents' house about an hour and a half away to spend the day. he hasn't seen my mom in over 3 years so it was a nice reunion! last night we went grocery shopping, came home to a house full of people so we hung out for a few hours with them and then watched julie & julia before i tootttttttallllyyy fell asleep. now here we are. making coffee and getting ready for the day. i'm supposed to be getting tattooed for a few hours today so i'm waiting on jason to get up and at 'em!

so this is totally random but TOTALLY serious... i NEED this cardigan. again. yes, i already own it, i'm aware. but i need another one. why? because i literally wear this one so much it's showing signs of needed retirement. and i'm not ready to give it up yet. it was originally purchased at Forever 21, unfortunately it's no longer on the site and its not in either of the stores near me. SO! IF YOU HAVE THIS CARDIGAN, OR IF ITS IN THE STORE NEAR YOU, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! i want to buy it. 100% serious. small, medium or large. the one in the picture is a small so i'm not worried about it being too small. i'd PREFER a medium, but a large would be okay too. 100% serious-ness. i'll pay you full retail price and all that jazz. i typically know better... if i love somethign that much i buy 2... but i didnt this time :( help a girl out!

also, its all over the internet that Rodarte's line for Target was set to launch either December 20th or so, but low & behold the Target in Nashville West DEFINITELY had the entire line for sale already and i snatched up the gorgeous baby blue dress that was very a la Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days Of Summer. I'm oh so excited to wear it and i wish i could find photos online to show you all but apparently Target has been holding them hostage. ILL JUST HAVE TO WEAR IT! YAY! These were the only 2 i could find online, courtesy of TeenVogue.com, but i tried on the creme dress (its much much lighter in real life!) and as gorgeous as it was, it just did NOT look good on me! :( i suppose my skin is too similar to the shade. and the black dress also comes in a faint and tiny white floral print but the front of it is SO awkward! did not like one bit. but like i said, i grabbed up the beautiful blue dress and i can't wait to show you all! such a great dress for only $40!

not much else to say here so i suppose i'll leave it at that. i have a few errands to run and then HOPEFULLY i'll be going to my tattoo appointment in hendersonville. if not, i'll spend the day making the monday mixtape and crafting. (read: fixing my sewing machine and catching up on blogs!)

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EDDDDITTT: FashionCourt left a link to the full line of Rodarte at Target! yippie! here is the blue dress i bought (but i feel like the picture doesn't do it justice... or maybe it's because i'm short/chubby & tattooed, and the model pictured clearly is not any of that :P) also, i NEED this cardigan. looks like my search continues!


heres my take on the dress! (i wish i would've tried on a smaller size because i need a size smaller than i bought, and silly me, i've already taken all the tags off. bah!)

first and foremost, my amazing "Minnie Mouse" shoes i found at Southern Thrift on Saturday in west nashville! oh how i love them! they fit like a dream!

here's the dress paired with my oh-so-usual black lace cardigan, tights, and black oxford heels.

the dress paired with my minnie shoes! i'm rather fond of this odd pairing. oh, and a cameo appearance by Baby G herself!

detail shot of the dress. it's called the Swiss Dot Dress!

i love the subtle tulle collar on it and a little button clasp behind the next. you barely know its there unless you look real real close.

love it or hate it?


  1. ohh how i feel you about that cardigan, good luck in your search for it! i love buying things that i adore to wear in twos haha ;P

    here's some photos of rodarte online... http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2009/12/rodarte_for_target_1.html#photo=9

    that blue dress sounds simply amazing!

  2. ahhhh simply brilliant, thank you! editing the post with photos now!

  3. i have a blog :D
    its no where as interesting as yours but...http://gwendolynalysse.blogspot.com/

  4. maybe i'm silly but i can't figure out how to follow you, Gwendolyn! i can't find a "follow" button or link so let me know how and i most certainly will! :D

  5. OMG that dress looks so much nicer on you than it does on the model! i actually have an interest to try it on now hahah ;P and np doll! xo

  6. oh my thank you! :D im wearing it right now and i am in LOVEEEE! mike loves it too haha :D

  7. im soooo jealous of your target dresses! lol
    i saw them in teen vogue too, and then went on the target website and couldnt find them :/

  8. natalie, the rodarte dresses wont be on the target website until sunday, but check back then! i just got lucky and a store had the line out a week early!

  9. Look at you in the blue dress. Super cute!


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