tattoo tuesday!


  1. these are amazing. i like the 6th one. its cute

  2. i saw that flower dress at H&M. was gonna buy it, but i didnt.

  3. you are so fake. you stole that owl you need is love design - now its floating around tumblr. everyone will know.

  4. It's amazing how you're so quick to judge but that exact owl was designed IN my illustrator class at school back in 08. I own copyright to that owl. Registered with the us copyright office. And no sense on being anonymous, I know who you are. :) stop being petty. Do so elsewhere please.

  5. My very small opinion about tattoos is this: I know that most people get tattoos because they want to express their style, right? So they get the tattoo when they're 18,19...but when they're, I dunno, 40 and they have a tattoo that has the metal claw and a zombie on their chest..wouldn't it seem a little odd? And, unless you can afford a tattoo removal, you'll have that tattoo when you die.

    I'd be a little weirded out if saw a dead 90 year old granny with a tattoo that says "Scene 4 life" on her neck.

    I think tattoos are beautiful when NICELY and cautiously done. For the people who do them out of sheer one-moment happiness, without thought...kinda sucks for them.


    And how rude to the person who said you stole that owl design. Every indie artsy girl loves to draw owls and stuff like that. Including me! I just did an owl painting a couple weeks back.

    Sorry this was really long. I just had a few cups of coffee. Lotta work to do.

  6. Rae, i totally see your point about certain tattoos. i felt the same way, too, really. and still do but i've VERY recently started really enjoying neo-traditional work like that.. i think about it all the time, how my kids will view my tattoos and how those people will explain them, but i'm slowly but surely starting to enjoy that. who knows!

    as long as you get something for YOU, i think you're safe :D i also think about what if my kids are more of a preppy style and grow to hate tattoos. it'll be interesting!


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