Holiday Giveaway! a Big Ol' Package!

It's the season of giving, so in honor of the holiday festivities I'm giving away a big ol' package of knicky-knacky things! Yes, i realize that sooo isn't a word. whatever! :) This contest will run until 11pm CST/12 midnight EST Monday night! It'll be a relatively quick one! But this is so I can have things mailed off TUESDAY MORNING at the absolute latest! So you'll *possibly* receive it before Christmas (if you're not 2,000+ miles away, at least).

Here's what you'll be receiving!
+ Keep Calm And Carry On journal
+ Multi-color Sequin beret
+ 3 large Belly Button tattoos (weird, right?!)
+ One White Oversize Bow Headband
+ One Gold Metal Chain-Link Headband
+ One Vintage Silver Wild Cat Brooch
+ One Hello Kitty Hologram Spiral Mini-Notebook
+ One Hello Kitty Ribbon Reporter Notepad
+ One Japanese-inspired Character Pencil Holder

Phew! that was a lot of stuff. Okay.. so HERE is how you win!

+ You get 1 entry for Following my blog. (Just click "Follow" in the top toolbar)
+ You get 1 entry for posting about this giveaway on your Twitter.
+ You get 1 entry for posting about this giveaway in YOUR blog.
+ You get 2 entries for adding my blog button to the side of your blog, myspace, or livejournal profile.

So with that being said, you have the chance to enter FIVE TIMES! Please provide links (or screenshots if your twitter is protected) for each of the entries! (I'll be able to look and see if you follow me, so that doesn't require a link!)

Anyway, good luck!

And Seletha, your bracelets are on their way to you!

Thanks for playing everyone!



  1. the tweet is in there =]


    link to my blog post about your contest

    [im also following your blog]

  3. I twittered

    I blogged and put your button on my tumblr

    annnd I am following you! ;)


    and your button is on my myspace =]

    good luck to everyone who enters<3

  5. oops!

  6. i've been following your blog since NYC :)
    (i retweeted you)

    I couldn't figure out how to add your blog button to my profile :( but i did add you to "people i follow", so idk if that counts as one entry or something.

  7. I don't use twitter anymore..but I do follow you here on blogspot, and have you listed on my sidebar...If I knew how to post the buttons I would! I feel like I just listed 40 excuses, but they are all legit! Now I'll just have to repost this on my blog :)

  8. 1) i follow you! :D
    2) twitter:
    your banner is on the side!

  9. OHMYGOSH I want that hat! [and everything else, of course!]

    1. I follow your blog
    2. I tweeted -
    3. I mentioned your giveaway on my blog -
    4. Your button is on my blog

    Yay for 5 entries! :] Thanks so much for having this giveaway!

  10. I would follow you, but I don't have a blog on here, so I just have you bookmarked, lol.

    1st entry - retweeted @

    2nd entry - blogged @

    3rd & 4th entry -

  11. Your blog is sooo cute and this is an amazing giveaway!

    1. I follow your blog
    2. I tweeted-
    3. I added your blog button-

    Eck! So excited!


  12. i follow you! ps: i saw rodarte in store today and i fell in love! i need to find that dress that you got! and i also linked you in my blog for this giveaway :o)

  13. I follow you :)
    I added your blog button.
    I will be back when I tweet and blog it!!
    i die for that beret!!

  14. ok, tweeted it :)

  15. i seriously almost died when i saw the hello kitty notebooks. i'm the biggest hello kitty fan:)
    i follow your blog
    i tweeted....tamziejanzie
    i added your button to my blog

    good luck everyone

  16. i am a new blog follower....a new twitter follower and i re-tweeted!
    soo excited!! what a great giveaway, just in time for the holidays!!

  17. Im following your blog and the tweet is here @_nique do i get extra points cause im your style school classmate? Lol, just kidding. Take care :)

  18. 1. I follow your blog :D
    2. I tweeted about your giveaway :D
    3. I added your button to my blog :)

    I'm having a giveaway too! Check it out :)


  19. cute giveaway I about following now!

  20. I tweeted about it!

  21. I'm already subbed to your blog, and I shall post about it now. :)


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  24. I follow you and would love to enter. I have a couple giveaways going on now too if you'd like to check in.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Gah! I am just a mess today sorry.

    I know I posted two other blog links for the banner thing before, but I ended up changing the name (and URL) of my blog, so I deleted those comments for this one.

    Sorry :)

  27. I would love to win these things. I've been following you before you even started this blog. I followed you on myspace, how stalkerish... :/ But, yeah, regardless, I hope you have an amazing christmas and good luck with your new year. Thanks for all of your advice you've given me within my relaitionship with my very own Adam. I'll never forget the things you said.

    xoxo <3

    here's the proof of the post via my twitter:

    as well as the proof, that i'm following you on here:

    i don't have a personal blog, but i posted one on my myspace:

    AND, last but not least, I've had this on my myspace, for almost 5 months. But, here's the proof of me advertising your blog on my myspace:

    we're friends on myspace, so you should see it in my "who i'd like to meet" section :)

    My fingers are crossed <3

  28. -i already follow you :)

    -link to screenshot of my twitter post

    -posted on blog:

    -livejournal profile:


    i re-tweeted you!

  30. retweeted ::
    & blog post:


  31. when will you announce the winner?


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